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  1. Sorry for the late response i was away for a few days and then i got sick after i came home. "A thousand years ago" is a generic frase for "a very long time nobody realy remembers how long it is". wheras "near a hundred" is a aproximation of age, so they are not frases of the same order its like comparing appels to oranges. I agree that it is possible for Dreamfyre and Cannibal to be older, but the point i was arguing was that it might just as easily be perfectly true that Vermithor is they oldest. As to Sheepstealer, since Vermithor seems to have been born pryor or in the same year as Jaehaerys while Sheepstealer was born when he was young (so after Jaehaerys was born) i do not agree that Sheepstealer might be older then Vermithor.
  2. Actually he does, not just in ASIOF but in all his other work as well, so i am pretty certain about this one. No we don't but that does not mean he is older then Vermithor. And whats more Yandel actually calls out the rumors of the smallfolk citing Munkin and Barth, so the educated who studied dragons actually don't believe them, meaning that such tales as there are of Cannibal should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt. The World of Ice and Fire - The Targaryen Kings: Aegon II the Cannibal, said by the smallfolk to have lurked on Dragonstone even before the Targaryens came (though Munkun and Barth are dubious of this claim);
  3. he is really only called they oldest of the wild dragons and with Vermithor probably born around or before Jaehaerys and Sheepstealer when Jaehaerys was young meaning at minimum few years after his birth Cannibal might really not be older then Vermithor. The rumors don't mean anything really just some smallfolk talking about the dragon that eats his own kind and from one mouth to an another embelisments creep in. actually its Archmaester Gyldayn who tells us this he is the (fictional) writer of tPatQ and may well be as misinformed as Yandel about certain things Anyway its one of those things that you can endlessly debate butt that we probably wont be able to resolve without further information, personnaly i think Vermithor was they oldest but thats just a personall feeling i could well be wrong. Like i told colonel green He is called this right before his dead in 130 AC so even at the minimum Vermithor is born in 34 AC at the latest.
  4. Actually you would use the frase "over ninety" or "wel over ninety" wen you are closer to ninety then you are to a hundred so "almost a hundred years old" means a minimum of 96 years of age.
  5. So did some looking into this and in 130 AC Vermithor is said to be almost a 100 years old meaning he was born at the earliest in 31 AC and and probably no latter then 35 AC. So he is probably not one of 37AC dragons. As to Sheepstealer "born when they old king was young" well that means he was born at they earliest in 34 AC the birth-year of the old king, but probably a little later and thus younger then Vermithor. The Cannibal wel that is more difficult to say he is called they eldest of the wild dragons so he is older then Sheepstealer but wheter that is 1 or 10 years we simply do not know. So yes he may be of similar age to Vermithor. Vermithor being they oldest is still possible, but between Dreamfyre and Cannibal probably being at least of a similar age and possibly older not the certainty whe once thought it was. But hey for al we know its one of those things where Yandel's comments in tWoIaF is simply bullshit after all he is our only source for Vermithor being they oldest.
  6. Got my copy today Vermitor is called "A great bronze and tan beast" so apparantly he was already quite big, therefore i am not sure you are correct in your assumption. Altough one has to wonder how Vermitor was kept hidden if he was big, al i can think of is the cavern under Storms End that Davos rowed mellisandre to and that apparantly was big enough to house a ship since its where Davos brought his ship into when he brought supplies during the siege in RB. I think both Dreanfyre and Vermitor are probably from amongst the six hatchlings that where at one point offered as possible dragons to Maegor, and are thus probably of comparible age.
  7. Actually all of the houses you mentioned are from the riverlands, this is odd. Perhaps the reach thing is a mistake.
  8. Some minor nitpicks. The Fyrd is something from pre-Norman England, and was only used as a basis for taxation after the Norman invasion and conquest, so was not a means of raising an army during the War of the Roses. Next the Fyrd was divided into a full and a narrow Fyrd, the full Fyrd was actually one man per Hide of land who where to have shield and spear. The narrow Fyrd is the one you are speaking of with one much better equipped man per five Hides of land. But even the narrow Fyrd was only used for the defense of England, for assaults they only brought 1/3 of they actual Fyrd although these where strengthened by the Huscarls the professional soldiers who had no other job then to fight and protect there Lord/King and who are not part of the Fyrd. Again just some minor nitpicks, but i thought you might find it useful for your calculations.
  9. In tWoIaF the house Manderly is already mentioned as using that name long before they went to the North (there feud with house Peake was quite famous) So while it is still possible they named themselves for the river it would have to have happened before they were driven from the Reach to the North.
  10. Again thanks
  11. Errr- no Dany was 5 when he became sick and 6 when he finally died after slowly having wasted away. a toddler is a child between 12 and 36 months so 1 to 3 years old. And between the Facts of Roberts rebellion being well known and the date of the storm that raged when she was born she need not have gotten the information from anyone she could have figured it out on her own.
  12. Hmm that's interesting, in your quote he says just like on earth. But on earth its not 12 moon turns to a solar year but 12 and a half moon turns to one solar year. I guess GRRM simply did not know this, but it does mean that a moon is equal to a month in Westeros. Thanks for the information and the trouble of looking up the SSM.
  13. Actually since she was born on the day of that massive storm and the events of Roberts rebellion being well known, Dany can very easily check for herself if the story's are true. And she would have heard the story from Willem Darry not Visery's. But really it was in response to the post by TheSeason above mine maybe you should read that if you want to know what the problem with the timeline is. My own post was meant as additional information for him/her.
  14. Daenerys I, Game She had been born on Dragonstone nine moons after their flight, while a raging summer storm threatened to rip the island fastness apart. They said that storm was terrible. The Targaryen fleet was smashed while it lay at anchor, and huge stone blocks were ripped from the parapets and sent hurtling into the wild waters of the narrow sea. Her motherhad died birthing her, and for that her brother Viserys had never forgiven her. Nine moons is not the same as nine months, a moon is four weeks while a month is four weeks and two or three days. Thus nine moons is only 36 weeks instead of the 39 that make up nine months. Also a pregnancy is actually 40 to 42 weeks so if Dany was born nine moons after the flight, Rhaella should already have been pregnant for a couple of weeks already. so the timeline not matching up is actually even more complicated then you thought. Not helpful in solving your issue i know but is just wanted to give you a heads up that the situation is actually even more complex then you thought.