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  1. And how are you going to take out the stores at Winterfell, the dreadfort or last hearth since they are inland where you can not get to them without being cut to pieces. You also know that the North does not actually import food they grow it, inland that is so starving them out is impossible.
  2. Not necessarily the horesface thing could also be a generic trait of houses of first men decent making it a red herring, so even if it does not change what you say may still not apply. The bolded part i do not agree with since the Brandon she came for died at they age of three his father would have remarried as soon as possible, so within a year of his sons dead is assume is most likely. She came somewhere before 226 going by the current information, it could be an inconsistency but it does not have to be.
  3. And how exactly do you count men that are spread out over a city like the goldcloaks, or count the part of the army that is marching to duskendale with Randyll Tarly. No Tyrion was exaggeration the numbers all evidence points to this.
  4. I am all for this.
  5. Your theories don't change they expand based on people adding more headcanon stuff of there own to it which you then adopt. Having said that i do enjoy reading your treads, i am a sucker for good crackpot the less likely the better.
  6. And you lost it to, you never provide the evidence you ask others for and when you are challenged suddenly everybody is biased. You are not interested in a discussion, from all your treads it is clear you only want to be patted on the back and told how great your theory's are.
  7. said the guy who fell of that slope long ago. And while you say its possible she is on Dragonstone i have a question for you why would she as a handmaiden to Elia go to Dragonstone when Elia stays in Kingslanding. As for the timeline it takes 9 months for stannis to build his ships, in that time Ned goed to Storms end then the tower of joy and on to starfall which only takes a month at most in time Ashara then kills herself after he leaves. So Ashara is actually about 8 months dead by the time Dany is born.
  8. Its not a biased wish, without changing that part the yeses are no's, bias has nothing to do with it. You should be careful with accusations. Also they are still all no's because Ashara killed herself at Starfall before Stannis sails to Dragonstone, and he sails shortly after the storm which raiged during dany's birth. So Ashara and any child of hers would have been nowhere neer dragonstone at the time.
  9. Ashara was not on Dragonstone and neither was Elia so all your yeses are actually no's
  10. Ah okay, but the point still stands Roland does not necessarily have to be younger then 25 he could also be older. It is a hint the horseface, but only one and from a sample chapter that is still subject to change. I would like it to be true because it would be very interesting for Sansa to find out Anya may be related to her. But i think that for now counting the horseface thing as a trait inherited from Jocelyn is to uncertain to call. As to old Nan we actually do not know when her children are born all we know is that at least one was born before she came because otherwise she could not serve as wet nurse, but her other children could well have been born in Winterfell. If her sons where among her youngest children it would not be much of an inconsistency, also her sons could have served as veteran serjeant's and already have been older when they died.
  11. Then why not give there exact number? I will tell you why, he is exaggerating them on purpose. I could argue that just because you can not find them it does not mean they are not there, but i could not find them either so i concede this point to you. The number is indeed probably lower. But by how much we do not know so i still put it above 19000.
  12. Its a nice calculation but as i said you are working with minimums, in most marriages we see in the books the brides are 16 or older, so while it might work working with these minimums, the likelihood of both Anya and Morton marrying below the average age and having children young is a stretch. It is possible do i will give you that. This is a good calculation and makes it more likely but only if you still work with the bare minimum for Anya and the maximum for Jocelyn. How does this make a case for Roland being younger? Your example is about someone thinking you younger then you are, so if anything this is proof that he may be older because he may look younger then he actually is. Again i am not saying its impossible, i am saying you can't be sure because it only works if you use the bare minimums for Anya and Morton and the maximum for Jocelyn.
  13. And why not? you said he most likely had 19000 men give or take, and i said that you should not assume a lower number it could very well be 19600 for all we know. both would still rounded up to near 20000 as we see happen latter in the books multiple times. You assume here that Robb's 18000 could be lower but as i said it could very well be higher to, and i know that numbers get rounded up most of the time but we do not know if that is the case here, thus my cautioning against assuming a lower number. As you can see all i am saying here is that you should not put the number lower then 19500 because we do not know if the 18000 is a exact number a higher number or a lower number. I am glad we agree on the Stormlanders being counted as roses. As to the Goldcloaks why would Tyrion making there number higher be any different from his statements about the roses and his fathers army?
  14. yes it is, even in the best case scenario she is a minimum of 55 and that is already to old be a descendant of Jocelyn
  15. I am not disputing that numbers get rounded up, i never did. That is just what you somehow pulled out of the conversation much to my surprise. What i was disputing was the idea that Tyrions numbers where actual numbers that can be used to calculate the remaining strength of the Lannisters, Tyrells and the city watch of Kingslanding. Not just because he exaggerates the numbers but also because part of the men he counts as roses are actually from the Stormlands and therefore not necessarily loyal to either the Lannisters or the Tyrells.