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  1. These petitions are a waste of time. Better off boycotting anything Benioff and Weiss ever put their names to.
  2. What a load of bullshit. Drogon can burn Weiss and Benioff for giving us this load. Those two hacks were given a fucking GIFT with this story and they butchered it.
  3. At his point, Yara should have a battle fleet of Iron made ships to come to their rescue since Kings Landing had the time to arm itself and Euron's ships to the teeth with laser sighted weaponry. Those two hack producers were given a gift. They blew it.
  4. Eve

    Rant and Rave Thread

    I see that D&D are still fucking up A Song of Ice and Fire. What a couple of hacks....
  5. I blame GRRM for the mess this has become. Not finishing up the books and letting Benioff and Weiss have free reign to push it through as fast as they can. As popular as the series is, they must have the money to go more than 7 episodes for this season. Instead they try to fool the audience with dragons. Ohhhhh...DRAGONS! Look there, and forget about the crappy writing viewers!
  6. Eve


    Wow, haven't been here in awhile. Looking good everybody!
  7. RIP Shireen. Stannis, I hope it was worth it. I gave it a 5. I would like to hand over that Red Witch to Ramsey. I would take great pleasure in her torture.
  8. Holy Shit....I am holding out on a 10, but it was close. Solid 9.
  9. Holy Shit....I am holding out on a 10, but it was close. Solid 9.
  10. Since Game of Thrones is no longer must see tv for me, I just now got around to watching it. HBO, I want my money back for you ruining what could have been an epic, EPIC adaptation. I gave it a 5 and that is only for the few seconds of Ghost.
  11. The Queen of Thorns line about smelling shit is what I think of this episode.
  12. The first two episodes I rated 5. This one a six. Jon Snow....Kit Harrington, great job! I am so puzzled by any 10 ratings though...are people not expecting much in coming episodes?
  13. Eve

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    What. The. Fuck. Bullshit on Ghost in a cage and Bran and company getting captured. I miss hating Joffery.
  14. Eve

    How would you rate episode 310?

    That's IT??? I waited all week for THAT? Out with a whimper indeed....