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  1. And besides. You know, I am kinda required to cheer for Celtic and by default dislike Sevco. A bit superficial, but for the purpose of answering ljkeane's question it should suffice.
  2. Needless to say, I am siding with Spocky's family (apparently), when it comes to Scottish football.
  3. Where's your patriotism mate. Those were Scotland's finest.
  4. Phew, my left hoof was wrong. But denying Sevco a title, even if it means Frankfurt winning one, I'll take that any day of the week.
  5. Nah, one howler to decide it before penalties. I can feel it in my left hoof.
  6. Dude, you had to mention those, didn't you? Ty, totally forgot about those. Next round of wildfires in California is on you.
  7. Well, sorta in similar situation regarding Frankfurt. Very few games, I am cheering that lot on. But in this game, I picking the way lesser of two evils.
  8. Your faith in humanity, or the intelligence of the average voter is higher than mine. Who cares about the shitty product, when the marketing is good? Always remember Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 239.
  9. Yeah, pretty much. In the federal election last year, they also did some micro targeting shenanigans on Sugarhill#s misinformation platform. Where they selective were the no speedlimit, no tax freedumb party (which they are) or the climate friendly party of the future (which they are not) depending on who they were targeting. I think that was a big reason how they went to second place among young voters.
  10. I think he will bugger off after the WC.
  11. 5 minutes of internet suggests somebody, who would not only raise red flags (according to his wikipedia page).
  12. No. Brexit is this fabulous promised land of unicorns and streams of honey. Any problems are the fault of spiteful foreigners (namely the EU not wanting Brexit to succeed), inept politicians, who didn't believe hard enough in aforementioned unicorns, and internal saboteurs. Anything short of the fabled land of unicorns and streams of honey is obviously not the Brexit they voted for, the real Brexit obviously for which they'd gladly vote again.
  13. All true, but tbf, I think he wanted to play in the US before ending his career in Argentina all along, if I am not mistaken.
  14. President Fetterman delivering the State of the Union address in shorts. That's the kinda world I want to live in. Look on the bright side, the dress code for your State of the Union address will then be so much more casual than it is now.
  15. I see, Joel almost as good as Maguire Matip, has put Liverpool ahead.
  16. Brexit can never fail, it can only be failed. That's the mindset you have to understand.
  17. Which race are you in to get your presidential ambitions started? I mean, we know you generously let Fetterman have a go at the US Senate, but what office are you running for. Please do tell.
  18. Agree to disagree. Arsenal have shown vast improvement on the pitch, so that team is on an upwards trajectory. With their pretty young squad that should provide grounds for optimism. So decent is underselling them. Would be curious how our resident gooner rate this season.
  19. Depends on how you look at it. Compared to pre-season expectations, where they'd finish, it was strong season. Nobody expected them to challenge for CL spot. EL was about as high as expectations went. They are doing a rebuild and have atm the youngest team in the league. So if you put all this into considerations qualifying for the EL sounds like a good season. Chelsea is the team with the mixed season. They will finish third, with a higher number of points than last season. If they were to win their final games, they could get as many as 76 points (United finished second last season with 74 points), They qualified for two cup finals and were Liverpool's equal in both of them. So basically an improvement over last season on almost all fronts. But compared to pre-season expectations, their season still feels rather meh at best. They were considered to be in a good position to challenge City for the league and they are still a good way off a title challenge.
  20. May I reiterate what I told @Spockydog Nothing better than being a gooner and masochist. At least spocky, can't say I didn't warn him. But in all seriousness. It was good season for Arsenal. Whether it'll be CL or EL. Youngest team in the league, much improved over last season. It really was a fairly succesful season for Arsenal. If you still feel bad. May I point you to another Red club, with a rich tradition from Manchester.
  21. Happy Birthday. Altho, it was more the veiled question about that potential job in Florida, you didn't want. Magic Kingdom College, or Mickey Mouse University, can't remember what exactly it was (altho, I vaguely recall it wasn't academia in the narrow sense)
  22. On that Newcastle is rumoredly linked to Kalajdzic... ...but so are Bayern, PSG and Benfica.
  23. Well, mindwalker mentioned on the previous page. Just above, where you lauded mcdrunski for the insight that GOP voters are stupid. Dude, you have to read the entire thread not just highlights. This isn't the Magic Kingdom College in Florida.
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