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  1. Snarky, snarky Florida Pol-Sci guy. To give you a cheery thought for the day. Try imagine the absolute freakshow, that's the next GOP primary.
  2. Broken clock, something something even Florida etc. I really don't care who put the nail in the proverbial coffin of Manchin's shitty proposal, as long as it's dead. I am sure he will try to revive as bargaining chip during reconcelliation or at some other point.
  3. So Manchin's shitty backroom deal amendments are dead. Good.
  4. Hum, that doesn't really square with the time line tho, does it? He was brought on, after they filed this ridiculous motion for the SM. So my reading is, that with the Special Master basically saying: Put up or shut up with their conspiracy theories. 45 is not going to either of those things, and the client might be insistent on actions that would put the lawyers in serious danger of getting disbarred (if applied). So I think this is him, seeing the writing on the wall and hitting the emergency brakes, before he gets in too deep.Or he realized that 45 is lying through his teeth to his lawyers, and that would also put their legal licenses in jeopardy. I think Bobb, who signed off on that statement, that there all the documents have been returned, should be worried about her license (at the very least). Ofc, she is not working as a lawyer but as that rallye reporter/fluffer girl for 45 fans on one of those deranged right wing propaganda networks (so not really practicing law), thus her law license might be not as dear to her as to, well, lawyers.
  5. My guess is, China's concerns are more practical. Touched on it in the US thread. China must be very nervously looking at outstanding international loans. Now with quite a few of its debtors needing the cash to buy food and energy (we are not talking about spending on infrastructure or white elephants) China really has a vital interest in that shitshow ending rather sooner than later and at least restoring some stability to international markets. High energy and food prices increase the likelihood for defaults on their loans, and that could get very dificult for China. Not even they can write off several hundreds of bilions of dollars.
  6. Nah eventually they have to lose a game. Then the fail and sun will have a go at a scapegoat, particularly if they play well, and fail during the k.o. stage. So just tank it, and divide the blame evenly among the player and let Southgate take majority of the heat. Remember there's no season break after this edition, so they have play in front of those fail agitated for another half a season before they can bugger off on holiday.
  7. I am still waiting for Karjakin to put the Kalashnikov where his mouth is and volunteer. That dickhead is way higher on my should perish in combat list than Snowden.
  8. Traditionally that is precisely the problem. The North shitting on the poorer and more rural areas in the south. Lega Nord not wanting to send money south to those corrupt peasents, who don't know how to run an economy. Small excourse into the world of football. Diego Maradona is still revered as a god in Napoli, partly because Napoli won the league and showed those arrogant prick in the north who's boss. And during the WC semi-final clash in Napoli between Diego's Argentina and Italy, the home fans were not exactly rooting for the squadra azzurra. A good portion of them cheered for Argentina. So that North-South divide is real. On top of that, Italy never really properly dealt with their fascist past. Mussolini's fucking granddaughter was an MEP a few years ago. And let's just say, she didn't exactly distance herself from her grandfather's legacy. But I think actual Italian posters are better equipped to answer that question.
  9. You are all missing the bigger picture. You really do. Nobody wants to see England win a tournament - not even that cursed Sport Washing WC in the desert. 1. Spare a thought for the Scots, last thing they need is an annoying English football fan neighbour/coworker in their lives. Situation is bad enough already with out that additional nuisance. 2. Who would welcome a victorious squad back home? PM Liz fucking Truss. Even when she manages to trigger a new Leadership challenge within the next few weeks, that would take time. Nobody needs that blinkered idiot sunbathing in the teams success. Spare a thought for Southgate and the players here. The propsect having listening to one of her incoherent speeches on the new Pork markets in Qatar, the players have opened there and their team as the symbol of a free Britain... It'S one thing to watch her on your PC as an internet challenge or for a drinking game, but just quitting and turning her mute, or drinking yourself into a drunken stupor is not an option there. And they won't even get knighted or receive the CBE or whateffs by Grandma Flodder, it's Chuck now. You don't want to put them thought this, do you? Overall the only logical conclusion for the team is to tank at the World Cup to avoid those calamities.
  10. Oh right, that match is tonight. As for pundits at least you have no former City players luading their owners as role models, so stop moaning, or Micah Richards will pop up on your tv screen.
  11. Oh right, forgot about the Chinese. They have given out loans left and right for infrastructure projects, mainly for their silk road 2.0 project. A lot of those debts look like a bigger than 50% chance of default (quite bit of that is down to Covid hitting the global economies), or need serious restructuring by Chinese banks. The total number of Chinese loans we are talking about is close to 1 trilion. And that'd be a huge problem, for obvious reasons, as China's domestic economy is also being hit due to their zero covid strategy.
  12. FWIW I think this has the potential to be quite a bit worse, globally. Supply lines are still disrupted/recovering from Covid. Russian war against Ukraine created problems with the food supply (Ukraine being a grain exporter), and with the (neccessary) sanctions on Russia driving up energy prices. Throw the good old capitalist greed is good mantra. Personally, I think the question is when things will blow up, not if.
  13. That's very optimistic, to think it'll take longer than next summer to trash the UK. If you ever end up doing the right thing, don't forget to record pencil neck's last words when you drag him to the chopping block... I am not saying I have a bet running on it being in Latin.
  14. Very likely not true. Russian police has been very quick to disperse protesters. 20 people show up to protest in Moscow, first arrests are made. Tough to gather a significant mass for protest this way.
  15. In the unlikely scenario/crackpot theory world. Putin announces the results of the referendum and the occupied territories reject to be part of Russia. Thus he has built himself an offramp and he can pull out without losing too much face. Ofc, that amount of 4d chess seems to be beyond the Russian political apparatus. But still an amusing thought.
  16. Uff. This is tough to watch. And when BFC said, that they are having trouble recruiting qualified people. Those Colorado cops most certainly are dumb, even by US police standard.
  17. So who wants to open the next thread? Probably the last one before that inexplainable black hole in the league's calendar.
  18. Pro Tip. Cooking is sorta art, means you have a bit more freedom with the receipe and ingredients (a bit more or less doesn't spoil anything), and how you use and prepare them. Means you can be a bit sloppy with the execution and still more or less get the dish you wanted to make. Baking in contrast is more of science. You really, really should stick to the receipe rather slavishly. You rarely can fix any screw ups.
  19. I didn't say you did vote. Just wanted to rip a bit on America's Nursery Home turned state. Anyway... Long post short, even Canadians do no longer want get caught dead in Florida. So there virtually no point for the ongoing existence of that state. How bad must a place be, that Canadians, North America's social workers basically (), give upon it.
  20. Les Papillons Noirs (Black Butterflies) TV show (mini series; six episodes). Coproduction between Arte and Netflix. Dark but pretty enjoyable. And I mean proper dark.
  21. Hum, know. I acknowledge, that whoever wins the World Cup is the reigning Wolrd Champion. I mean, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was after the annexation of Crimea and France are the reigning Champions. I will not watch the games, but I will acknowledge the results. Otherwise I will be torn between moaning about the season being disrupted, and being glad the season being disrupted giving us the chance to add 1-2 needed players for the offense. Preferably Max after he gets released by Wolfsburg.
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