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  1. Lucky Ducky

    Prediction: Jon will become a direwolf

    Jon, Arya, and Rickon will become wolves.
  2. Lucky Ducky

    Aerea Targaryen

  3. Lucky Ducky

    Best line of E01

    Dany needs to put Sansa in her place. Below the dragon.
  4. They have a strict pecking order. The lady above told them to stay and protect little Lord Robin.
  5. Lucky Ducky

    ASOIAF Book Awards

  6. Lucky Ducky

    Tender side of Tywin, Roose, And Walder.

    Most of the opinion we got of Walder came from a Tully. Cat was not objective. She inherited some of that opinion from her father. The text itself shows a man who takes care of his family. Walder is a good family patriarch. He's also a good businessman who manages his income producing assets very well.
  7. Lucky Ducky

    Walder Frey’s Ambitions For House Frey?

    Safety and security. Same as any house.
  8. You're right about everyone who isn't a Northerner forming negative opinions of Robb Stark. They won the war and they get to write the history books. Northern opinion won't matter much though. They are a beaten people who will soon starve. The young wolf will not be remembered long.
  9. Lucky Ducky

    For the watch

    The pink letter rattled Jon is all. Bowen Marsh is a man who follows rules. He would not conspire against his lord commander unless it was a matter of protecting everybody. The situation only rose to that level of seriousness after the pink letter was read in the shield hall. Wun Wun and Ser Patrek were victims of the quarrel between Jon and Ramsay. I suppose Ser Patrek wanted to pay Val a visit and the giant became aggressive. I am guessing but maybe he wanted to take his promised prize before she could be turned over to Ramsay. Ghost is locked away. Alliser was sent away by Jon. Probably dead.
  10. Lucky Ducky

    Jaime Lannister and Guest Rights

    Jaime put his family on the line. Morals should never take a back seat to family. It was Jaime's immorality that created that unfortunate situation. There is no defense for Jaime in this. He was as wrong as wrong can be. You might as well give Ramsay Bolton a chance at redemption because he deserves it as much as Jaime does. You really think most people would do as Jaime did? I have more respect for humanity than that. But if you are right, then humans deserve to perish as a species.
  11. Lucky Ducky

    Tommen's fate

    This. The Sand Snakes are out for blood and they won't care that he's a child.
  12. Lucky Ducky

    Duncan saved Rhaegar despite Aegon V?

    A lot of people with king's blood died that day and not a single egg hatched. One more would not make a difference. Aegon V was not Azor Ahai. He was not destined to hatch petrified dragon eggs. Dragons hatched their own eggs and had no need for human intervention in the past. But the dragons became progressively less healthy and their reproduction weakened. It took the chosen one to bring them back from extinction.