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  1. purple-eyes

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    That comment on Lyanna was from her brother who loved her extremely. I would say it is biased. Lyanna should be a pretty girl, but not a stricking beauty like Cersei or Ashara.
  2. purple-eyes

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    I think this is just an extra reason for Rhaena to surrend to Maegor peacefully. She did not want Maegor to destory House Farman.
  3. purple-eyes

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Maybe first quarrel of jaehaerys and alysanne was that J wanted to marry rhaena as second wife and took Aerea as step daughter and maybe future daughter in law to strengthen his claim. but alysanne got angry and said no.
  4. purple-eyes

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    My two cents: 1. Jaehaerys stole iron throne from his niece Aerea. 2. House Dayne often produces lovely ladies who can be candidate for queen
  5. The problem is that if Lyanna simply disappeared mysteriously, how did people think it was Rhaegar kidnapped her? somebody must have seen R and L were together and also this person had to see something to decide it was a kidnapping not a voluntarily eloping. History book said that Rhaegar and his companions carried off Lyanna at the location of around 10 leagues outside Harrenhal. This sounds like an account from witness.
  6. Why would Lyanna want to send a message to her family? She is eloping and trying to get married with Rhaegar. she needs to keep this as a secret and this is why they hid in a broken deserted tower in the red mountain. If she sent any format of message to her family, they would be able to track her location and take her back home and marry her off to Robert immediately. Lyanna absolutelt did not want this to happen.
  7. Lots of people believed Rhaegar kidnaped and raped Lyanna, yet the truth was that R and L were in deep love and they married happily and secretly. It was a honeymoon, not a crime. So obviously there was a lie, but made by whom? 1. Little finger. He seems to know something when he talked with Sansa before statue of Lyanna. He loved Cat and felt jealous towards Brandon. He was badly injured by Brandon too. So when a teenager (15?), badly-injured Little finger stayed in a litter on his way back to fingers, he somehow saw Lyanna and Rhaegar ran off together like two lovebirds. Then later he somehow informed Brandon that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. Then Brandon believed and got angry and ran to KL. 2. Robert. Since Rhaegar bravely annulled his marriage to make himself single again to marry Lyanna, Lyanna decided to send a letter to Robert her future-husband to break up and tell him she chose Rhaegar over him. Yet Robert was angry and insulted so he sent a message to Brandon that Lyanna was kidnapped. Rest is the same. 3. Rhaegar and Lyanna. Lyanna loved Rhaegar and wanted to elope, but she is still a honorable Stark. She did not want people to say house Stark broke their holy betroth because their defiant daughter ran off with crown prince. She did not want Robert to make trouble with House Stark either. she and Rhaegar planned this "kidnapping on swordpoint", so that she would look like an innocent victim. Rhaegar would take all the blame yet Lyanna and Stark's honor is still intact. Then her companion of course will tell Brandon and everybody she was "kidnapped". Rest is the same. What is your opinion?
  8. Sorry but I have to repeat what other people have said but you chose refusing to listen to. You are using knowledge of book Rhaegar to explain show Rhaegar. This is totally wrong. In the show, there is no information about Elia can not have third child. There is no information about Rhaegar needs a third "head". There is no information about Rhaegar is very into prophecy. So all of you opinion are baseless and invalid. In the show, Rhaegar is a handsome and gentle prince who likes to sing. That is it. he did what he did to get into Lyanna's pants. Simple and straightforward. I do not understand why you feel Rhaegar has to have a special reason (other than his love and desire in Lyanna) to do what he did.
  9. purple-eyes

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    I am wondering about AJT theory. did the new season make it more likely or less likely? It would be boring to see another hidden Targ. But there are indeed three dragons around to be claimed. Dany and Jon, and who should be the third?
  10. purple-eyes

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    i have s question about Falia Flowers. Euron promised to marry her as his second wife, and she was pregnant, and she obviously loved Euron deeply. She was also quite beautiful. so what made Euron change his mind and try to kill her?
  11. purple-eyes

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    nobody mentioned about Lady Nym's olive skin and white skin?
  12. purple-eyes

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    True, Lyanna is a strong link to bind Tully, Stark and Baratheon together. If Ned is a girl, then probably Ned will be this link. (Robert will happily marry Ned, I guess) The friendship between Ned and Robert is not enough to build this alliance, it had to be marriage bonding then the blood bonding. Can you imagine Daenyres eloped and remained hidden with Daemon Blackfyre before marring to Prince of Dorne? I bet they were also in love, not less than Lyanna's precious love. For North and Stromland and house tully and house Arryn, yes, Lyanna is similarly important as Daenyres. Her union would bind everything together. She enjoyed all the benefits as a spoiled "princess" of the north (crying proudly "this is our bannerman" for Howland reed, the heir of the grey watch) but when she needs to take responsibility for it and give people peace as well as the ability to fight the mad king, she yelled for true love and eloped and brought doom to the whole westeros. Is this a heroic action?
  13. purple-eyes

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    There are two things we need to clarify here: 1. Many people cheat. But this does not mean people think cheating is good and correct. most of them people do it in a more secret way to protect their reputation and children born from these unions were called bastards thus were not recognized. When a king publicly cheat, people think this is a scandal, not a brave and heroic action for true love. Why did rhaegar need to elope and hide? If it is so good right, he should do it in public. 2. Did rhaegar cheat for true love? GRRM went as far as to tell us Elia can not have the third child. Then after that, rhaegar eloped. If Elia can provide a third child, apparently he would not do what he did. He may have love in lyanna. But that is not enough or worthy for him to take action, until he lost the possibility to get a third child from his wife. And his love in lyanna did not stop him from going back to fight rebellion (including her brother ned) either. If he was so mad in love, he should have stayed in TOJ to accompany Lyanna, not leaving her in that broken tower with only three bodyguards. Lyanna probably would not happy to see him back to fight with Ned either. Rhaegar did not even try to negotiate or contact ned. He only brought a 40000 men army to fight with them. Do you think he gave an special order to his army that they must let the rebellion leader Ned Stark alive? Highly unlikely.
  14. purple-eyes

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Can not edit, display is not complete. Like robb, he decided to marry a frey girl, so frey gave him army and fought for him. However, he abandoned this due to his true love, then this is not good and even himself knew this is wrong. Why? Because this marriage is associated with the benefits of both sides, you do not have freedom to follow your heart and destroy it. He can choose to refuse the marriage of frey, try to work out by himself, then pursue his love marriage, nobody can blame him. But he can not enjoy the benefits of arranged marriage and abandon it due to his "true love" at the same time. You accept this marriage, you also accept responsibilies. So you do not have right to marry for your true love.
  15. purple-eyes

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    that was love marriage. My iPad automatically adjusted that and I had a problem to fix it because the window can not show everything. But anyway, about the job, surely you can quit and move to a job you like. Just like rhaegar can certainly try to set aside his wife and then do whatever with lyanna. Then this is morally correct. But if you are in the job, even you hate this job, you should not secretly work for another company. Which is like the cheating within marriage. I would like to mention that marriage did not appear for love or passion. It appeared as an social and economical unit to let the human beings grow and continue: for example, man and woman work together to raise their common child thus human beings can be passed. This is the basic function. That is why thousands of years arranged marriages worked fine and love based marriages only appeared in much later time. Even nowadays, people still prefer to marry somebody with more money and higher social status, not because rich people have more true love, but they can have a better life. To be able to fulfil this function in Middle Ages, marriage is like a strong contract. Thus needs faithfulness and responsibility. So those who cheated were thought as improper, because it damages the basis of marriage bonding, hurt the benefits of both sides and cause instability. What you said, it is your natural right to cheat during an arranged marriage, is not correct for that time. Robert was called whoremonger king. Aegon was called unworthy. Their behavior was disliked although they were certainly in arranged loveless marriage. Why did ned feel ashamed by having bastard at home? He had an arranged marriage for sure. Why was cersei punished for her affairs even after Robert died? Why Aerys did a shame walk and swore to be faithful to his loveless wife? You may feel it is totally fine to cheat if in an arranged marriage, but people in westeros certainly disagree with you. That is how marriage worked in that time.