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  1. purple-eyes

    Gerold Dayne

    GRRM tried his best to lead us to think that Darkstar might have dragon/Targ blood. He put as many hints as he can. and too much. This made me feel that Darkstar is actually just who he is. A Dayne of High Hermitage. Nothing else. House Dayne is just GRRM’s largest red herring.
  2. purple-eyes

    What if Ned never met up with Lyanna

    I assume in this case (Ned did not show up, Lyanna died, Jon was born) KGs will just take the baby to places like Starfall or Essos, then at some point they will bring him to meet and stay with Viserys and Dany.
  3. purple-eyes

    elia flee kings landing

    It is totally different thing to tolerate your royal husband having a paramour from your husband having another queen.
  4. purple-eyes

    elia flee kings landing

    I am afraid this type of theory was proposed only to whitewash Rhaegar and Lyanna, not to empower Elia. Why would Elia (or any other woman if you can name one) want to support her husband cheating on her, humiliating her in public and putting their children's safety and birth rights at risk? And since when we were told that Dornishwomen are OK with this?
  5. purple-eyes

    elia flee kings landing

    Elia sucessfully fled to Dorne with her children after Rhaegar eloped with Lyanna? Well, more than likely Elia went to Tower of Joy with Oberyn and kicked Rhaegar and Lyanna out of her home country.
  6. purple-eyes

    What if Catelyn Stark survived the Red Wedding?

    why would she most likely want to kill herself even some of her family died? By the way Sansa and Arya (as far as she know) are still alive. Her sister and brother too. Cat is a strong-willed woman and also relatively young and beautiful. She could recover, remarry, have more children, and have a better new life which she deserves.
  7. If Rickon dies and Bran somehow becomes a god, Sansa is very likely the first Lady of Winterfell and Wardeness of North. Depending on her marriage, she might also be Lady of Casterly Rock (Tyrion), or Lady of Vale (Harry or Robin), or even Lady of Stormlands (Edric Storm?).
  8. purple-eyes

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    That comment on Lyanna was from her brother who loved her extremely. I would say it is biased. Lyanna should be a pretty girl, but not a stricking beauty like Cersei or Ashara.
  9. purple-eyes

    A few difficult questions about Summerhall.....

    Well, for other people, maybe. But Rhaella is carrying his first great grandchild, and also this baby is from a union which might bring Prince that was promised according to Jenny's witch friend. So I guess even Aegon himself would not want to run this risk.
  10. purple-eyes

    A few difficult questions about Summerhall.....

    King's blood, the more the better, the more the more powerful. It is not that important to know who owns Summerhall, but I just felt that it did not make much sense for rhaella to be there if she lived on Dragonstone or King's landing.
  11. 1. Who lives in Summerhall right before the tragedy? Did anybody own it as what Maekar did before? Summerhall could serve as a place for a younger Targ son. Daeron died years before the tragedy, so it was not him. Is it possible that Aegon gave Summerhall to Duncan and Jenny since he lost Dragonstone? 2. If nobody lives in Summerhall and Targ family came here only for retreat, then why did Rhaella, a heavily pregnant woman who might give birth anytime, travel all the way from KL or Dragonstone to Summerhall? It is not a very short distance and certainly not a good thing to do for a pregnant princess. Is it possible that since Jaehaerys had Dragonstone, elder Prince Duncan was in the court for service, then Aerys was given Summerhall as home after getting married? This could explain why Rhaella was there right before the birth. She lived there and other people came here to visit her (and welcome the new baby). If this is the case, then no wonder Rhaegar is so sad over his life. In order to welcome and see him, Egg decided to meet at Summerhall, then since all blood of Dragon will meet at Summerhall (with their dragon eggs, probably), Egg decided to wake the dragons here. (not saying this Rhaegar's fault, but it is not hard to imagine he would feel sad about this) But still, it is strange that we only heard about death of Aegon V and Duncan, but knew nothing about other Targ family members: Aerys, Jaehaerys, Sherra, Maegor, Vaella, Rhae, Daella, Rhaelle, Jenny, Betha Blackwood, and possibly Daenora, and possibly--------------Sheira Seastar! She is maximally 81 years old and could be pretty as a maiden still. Did she practice some blood magic over there at Summerhall to wake dragons (and failed miserably)? I bet GRRM has not completely decided how to write about them yet So many Targs around.
  12. purple-eyes

    Regarding Lord Rickard Stark’s Southron Ambitions,

    Elbert Arryn should have gotten much more text considering he is the heir of Vale, future overlord just like Brandon Stark or Robert or Jaime. Yet GRRM only said very little about him which made him much less important than what he should be. This made me feel that he was perhaps a later addition and only served as an addtional reason for Jon Arryn to rebel.
  13. purple-eyes

    Regarding Lord Rickard Stark’s Southron Ambitions,

    By the way, Danwell’s wife is a Whent no matter if she is Shella’s daughter. So she should be next in line for Harrenhal right? Is this a bug? Or GRRM simply forgot there is another Whent in Riverlands?
  14. purple-eyes

    Regarding Lord Rickard Stark’s Southron Ambitions,

    Lady Shella is dead. And since she is the last one, so this means all her 4 sons and her daughter died before her too? Pretty tragic.
  15. purple-eyes

    Regarding Lord Rickard Stark’s Southron Ambitions,

    Not only Hoster Tully and his household were absent from tourney, but also Lord Rickard Stark. It is also kind of strange why all four Stark siblings attended tourney, we know northern people are not big fans of this type of event. My explanation is that Hoster Tully and Rickard Stark are both busy in preparing the wedding of Brandon and Catelyn. All four Stark children came to Riverlands because they would need to attend Brandon's wedding shortly after this anyway. Catelyn is the bride and she also served as Lady of Riverrun, so obviously she did not have time to attend the tourney even it was sponsored by her mother's kin. By the way, we do not know if Minisa is the sister of lord Whent. I too believe so but there is no proof from the book saying so. We do not know if Lady Shella Whent is the "fair Whent maid" (queen of love and beauty before Lyanna) in the tourney either. But I also believe so.