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  1. purple-eyes

    Gerold Dayne

    GRRM tried his best to lead us to think that Darkstar might have dragon/Targ blood. He put as many hints as he can. and too much. This made me feel that Darkstar is actually just who he is. A Dayne of High Hermitage. Nothing else. House Dayne is just GRRM’s largest red herring.
  2. purple-eyes

    What if Ned never met up with Lyanna

    I assume in this case (Ned did not show up, Lyanna died, Jon was born) KGs will just take the baby to places like Starfall or Essos, then at some point they will bring him to meet and stay with Viserys and Dany.
  3. purple-eyes

    elia flee kings landing

    It is totally different thing to tolerate your royal husband having a paramour from your husband having another queen.
  4. purple-eyes

    elia flee kings landing

    I am afraid this type of theory was proposed only to whitewash Rhaegar and Lyanna, not to empower Elia. Why would Elia (or any other woman if you can name one) want to support her husband cheating on her, humiliating her in public and putting their children's safety and birth rights at risk? And since when we were told that Dornishwomen are OK with this?
  5. purple-eyes

    elia flee kings landing

    Elia sucessfully fled to Dorne with her children after Rhaegar eloped with Lyanna? Well, more than likely Elia went to Tower of Joy with Oberyn and kicked Rhaegar and Lyanna out of her home country.
  6. purple-eyes

    What if Catelyn Stark survived the Red Wedding?

    why would she most likely want to kill herself even some of her family died? By the way Sansa and Arya (as far as she know) are still alive. Her sister and brother too. Cat is a strong-willed woman and also relatively young and beautiful. She could recover, remarry, have more children, and have a better new life which she deserves.
  7. purple-eyes

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    Not all the close brothers and sisters are into incest. If you feel like you can say Oberyn and Elia are lovers based on what we have in the books, then we can also say Jon Snow is son of Lyanna and Brandon Stark. Otherwise why Brandon was so mad over Rhaegar having his way with his sister? This can not even be called tinfoil. This is just totally baseless.
  8. purple-eyes

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    there is no doubt that Rhaegar and Lyanna sparked war. They lighted the fire, Brandon poured more fuel, then Aerys added wildfire. Then boom! there is a war.
  9. If Rickon dies and Bran somehow becomes a god, Sansa is very likely the first Lady of Winterfell and Wardeness of North. Depending on her marriage, she might also be Lady of Casterly Rock (Tyrion), or Lady of Vale (Harry or Robin), or even Lady of Stormlands (Edric Storm?).
  10. purple-eyes

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    Brandon is not an idiot. He is just a brother who was extremely shocked by the kidnapping of his beloved child-woman (according to Ned) sister by a group of fully armed and adult men. A kidnapping can mean raping and murdering, these things often happen pretty quickly after the kidnapping too. And as a brother, it is very easy for him to only think about the worst, not to analyze and decide what is the wisest thing to do. It is almost impossible for him to think wisely and calmly in this situation. And it is very normal and common for people to make mistakes during panic. His love in Lyanna drove him to do so in this case. Not everybody decided Aerys sent rhaegar right away. At least not me. In fact, anyone who has read the book carefully knew that Rhaegar did not go to do this immediately after Mystery knight left. Mystery knight showed up and defeated three knights near the end of the day, then the day is over. Then the next morning, this mystery knight is supposed to show up but he did not. So Aerys sent Rhaegar to investigate (so there was at least 12 hours between). All Rhaegar can do is to talk with those three knights, figure out about three squire boys, talked with these three boys, heard about Lyanna and Howland Reed, then searched for Lyanna and Howland Reed, then Lyanna told him what happened, then Rhaegar felt he should just help her hide from Aerys' wrath, then he brought back that shield as a proof to show his dad he has tried and only found this shield. That is the whole thing. I am not sure why this can importantly hint that Rhaegar and Lyanna knew each other before the HH tourney.
  11. purple-eyes

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    in this case Rhaegar probably did not know about Arthur and Elia’s affair. Arthur of course will feel guilty to betray his friend, his prince and his holy vow. But you know, love is the death of honor. And Arthur and Elia might love each other since they were young at Dorne, or even in watergarden. Because he had to obey Rhaegar to guard Tower of Joy, he could not go back to protect his lover and children. This is absolutely a sad thing for him plus he might already know the death of Elia and his two children. He might already give up the will for living, thus was killed by Ned and Howland. As for Rhaenys, she is three years old and quite recognizable so kind of hard to swap. and Elia seems to love young children (she wanted to take care of baby Tyrion) and it is not surprising she would fight for him. Plus this baby saved her son’s life.
  12. purple-eyes

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    Brandon is hotheaded and wolfblooded but not idiot. He is the heir to the North and a well trained and educated man. If he was told that Lyanna willingly eloped with Rhaegar, he might still be pissed off but would not do what he did. There is nothing in the book hinting R and L knew each other before tourney. By the way Lyanna was only 13-14 years old during tourney. And very likely HH tourney is the first time she came to the south after a harsh winter of a few years. Rhaegar hooked up with her before that? How? And if so, it sounds very bad anyway. Think about Tyrion’s atttitude on Sansa.
  13. purple-eyes

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    Honestly this song always reminds me about Arthur Dayne, Elia and a Kingswood brother (mixture of Ulmer and smiling knight). Somebody (ulmer) stole a kiss from a dornish princess. Then a dornishman (arthur) with a magic dangerous blade (dawn) killed him (smiling knight) . If you combine ulmer and smiling knight, then everything fits. In the song, that guy even “smiled” becore he dies. I would not be surprised if one day GRRM reveals that Arthur and Elia are lovers and Aegon is a bastard son with Dayne blood. He can not only whitewash Rhaegar and Lyanna, but also shows us all men are flawed including Arthur Dayne. Plus young griff can work with Gerold Dayne and use Dawn. Think about this, we know every Dayne’s hair color and eye color, Ashara’s dark hair and violet eyes, Ned’s blond hair and deep blue eyes, Gerold’s silver hair with black streak and dark purple eyes. But we know nothing about famous Arthur Dayne’s hair colorand eye color? suspicious.
  14. purple-eyes

    Is there any way at all to prove Gendry is Bobby B son?

    Real world probably no because even Robert did not acknowledge him. but in their world, Bran can prove it by checking on the “video” of Robert sleeping with Gendry’s mom and then borth of gendry.
  15. purple-eyes

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    That comment on Lyanna was from her brother who loved her extremely. I would say it is biased. Lyanna should be a pretty girl, but not a stricking beauty like Cersei or Ashara.