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  1. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Lord Walder's Punctuality

    To quote William Munny in Unforgiven "Deserve's got nothing to do with it" The fact is that Walder Frey sealed the doom of his household and it will be extinguished because of his actions. The ones that literally DON'T deserve what's going to happen are all the smallfolk of the Riverlands, especially those that were Frey smallfolk.
  2. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Lord Walder's Punctuality

    Better take small sips too....
  3. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Lord Walder's Punctuality

    That's potentially a one-way trip to alcohol poisoning...
  4. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Lord Walder's Punctuality

    He's going to be forever known as the "Late Lord Frey" because his ass is gonna murdered hardcore and his entire house extinguished. "Late" as in "deader than a door nail".....
  5. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Red Wedding: Robb's fate

    The blowback from the Red Wedding has already spun completely out of control. Walder Frey stupidly let that genie out of the bottle because he's a near-sighted, grasping weasel and the likelihood of it being stuffed back into the bottle is remote at best (if not impossible). As it is, he's doomed his entire house which will likely be completely extinguished in the male line during The Winds of Winter. Question is will revocation of Guest Right spread outside The Riverlands?
  6. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Gun Control

    Okay, fine. Universal Background Checks DON'T WORK. Its not rocket science. Criminals will just find ANOTHER WAY to bypass said checks and obtain weapons. Again, collective punishment is bullshit authoritarianism.
  7. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Gun Control

    Wow, let's just toss the whole concept of Mens Rea out the window while we're at it... If its illegal for ME to do it, then its (by any stretch of logic) illegal for the government to do it. Your rights end where someone else's begins. You have no right to prevent the self-defense of another person. Most firearms are stored since you only keep 1 or 2 for self defense (most common home defense is a pump-action 12-guage shotgun and a pistol). Plenty of people have Conceal/Carry Permits, so they carry 1 or 2 on them at all time in a holster, concealed. "Reasonable gun control" is a bullshit euphemism dreamed up by authoritarians that want disarmament. Its a form of gaslighting gun owners with claims of "No one wants to take your guns!" But hey, I'll give up my guns when the USGov and every state LEO organization disarms themselves. We USED to have that, it was called Militia Duty. However, too many asshole authoritarians poisoned that well a long time ago.
  8. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Gun Control

    Bet you don't hold the government to that same standard. Fast & Furious ring a bell? You've obviously never sold a firearm (or probably even bought one). Again, you've never purchased a firearm if you think this is remotely true. Giving a fireram to a known felon is a FELONY. Furthermore, the capability of producing firearms is a technology going on close to 800 years old now. Its impossible to control and any/all kinds of prohibitions to deal with these "problems" create all kinds of unintended consequences. Look up the War on Drugs and Alcohol Prohibition if you're unfamiliar with cases where the "cure" was 100x deadlier than the "crime". I dunno, maybe teach your kids not to point a firearm at anyone when they're old enough to understand "Don't touch this!"? Maybe be a better parent and make sure your crotch goblins aren't screwing around with your firearms? Its people who fear firearms and either don't own them or have never even handled one that are the danger to the rest of us. These are people for whom the phrase "Keep your booger hook off the bang switch" was invented. And "storing" you firearm (I assume you mean in a safe or locked cabinet and the like) makes it useless for home defense when you maybe have seconds to respond to a life-threatening situation. And furthermore, I am only culpable for MY ACTIONS. This bullshit of collective punishment for the actions of dumbasses is properly considered (and recognized) as a war crime according to the Geneva Convention. Why the fuck should I made into a criminal for actions that fall within my Natural Rights? We USED to have a "civic virtue" in training with firearms when the Militiia System was still in effect. Nowadays, you say the word "militia" and the media has everyone screaming about "white supremacists" or other BS scare narratives to get the public whipped up into a good old fashioned moral panic.
  9. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Gun Control

    Umm, gun owners are ALREADY liable when they're careless. Seriously, do you understand the term "Negligent Discharge"? Well, I don't have to store shit on my own property because its MY PROPERTY. But if someone actually STEALS my firearms/ammo, I'm no longer culpable for what happens with them. The douchebag that stole them is now responsible.
  10. Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: Associated Press Sees 'Hundreds' Where Pictures Show Millions We need to keep our eyes on the ball in the Middle East, where the doofuses in charge (regardless of whether they have an R or a D next to their names) are trying to reignite The Gulf War (Gulf War IV this time). There is literally no reason for us to remain in Iraq and the Iraqis are making that plainly clear. As it is, we've pivoted so many times, betrayed so many of our "allies" ( ie - local forces like the Shiites in 2006/7 and then the Sunnis in 2014) and made an absolute shit show of a situation into one that is well beyond a clusterfuck. ISIS has been crushed, repeatedly, and is also NOT our problem, so now we're about to pivot AGAIN and probably attack Muqtada al-Sadr's Madhi Army, who are (by the way) Iraq's actual National Guard. I don't know whether to laugh hysterically at the stupidity of the people in Mordor on the Potomac (ie - Washington, DC) or weep for the future of humanity because we're continuing the more than 70 year policy of setting fire to the region and then wondering WHY we get burned in retaliation. A quorum of the Iraqi parliament wants us gone and even though it was a non-binding resolution, its time to di di mau. We supposedly liberated Iraq to "give the Iraqi people a chance at self-determination". Well, the majority population (who are Shia) told us "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!"
  11. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Gun Control

    Not really as the recipe for smokeless gunpowder is pretty old, same with the primer. Good luck controlling copper (for the jacket and making the brass), lead (for the bullet) and zinc (for the brass). I mean, the French Resistance got the necessary materials when they were under Nazi occupation.
  12. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Gun Control

    Gun control is a nonsensical pipe dream of authoritarians, many of whom don't even know how to properly handle a firearm. Each new iteration of CNC milling machines, 3D Printers and Plasma Cutting Tables is going to drive that home more and more because eventually you will have a relatively cheap way to produce your own firearms. The real losers will be the douchebags in the Military-Industrial Complex as their civilian market will mostly dry up. Eventually casting for cartridges will become widespread enough that ammo production will also begin to shift away from the big producers.
  13. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Nuclear weapons

    Thing is the initial thermal pulse (the fireball) is only going to get up to about 1.5-2.5km at the very most (still gonna suck, but its not like a 20km fireball). People usually don't understand that nuclear weapons simply don't scale the way they think since a 1mT bomb isn't really 1000% stronger than a 1kT tactical bomb. Its why they developed the MIRV instead of going the Tsar Bomba route. Sure, the hurricane force winds and other associated secondary effects can reach outwards of 30km from ground zero (on perfectly flat terrain). Of course, fallout spread depends on the detonation: ground bursts create lots of fallout while air bursts not nearly as much. Given where I live in the US, it doesn't matter if its a 500-device exchange or a 2000-device exchange (IIRC, those are the 2 basic scenarios put out by FEMA), I'm dead. I live close enough to 7 bullseyes, including a hub airport only a mile away. However, it would be nice if the USGov and the rest scaled down to about 300 devices (which is more than enough to wipe out large scale military forces and targets of any nation-state that currently exists).
  14. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    [Spoilers] Rant & Rave without Repercussion, Final edition

    I dunno....Martin promised that The Winds of Winter is going to have a massive reaping of characters....but who knows. Maybe he'll really have to do A Time for Wolves in-between so that A Dream of Spring is the final book....
  15. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    US Politics: Show Trials & Tribulations

    Its a testament to how messed up our government is and how much it doesn't give a hoot in hell about the Constitution. Obama SHOULD have been impeached for the extra-judicial assassination of 6 US citizens by drone strike, one of whom was a 16-yr old young man from Colorado who had the audacity to be related to someone the USGov declared was a terrorist. That's Treason via Corruption of Blood which is specifically BANNED in Article III of the US Constitution. The fact the a POTUS ordered the murder of a US citizen without so much as a show trial and then tried to justify it with a rationale that is absolutely proscribed in its founding document shows just how much the US is broken beyond repair. As for Drumpf, he's a symptom, not a cause, of the dysfunction.