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  1. Well to start off Donella Hornwood. Lost her husband and her son, then was forced to marry Ramsay Snow and chewed off her fingers to alleviate starvation... which failed anyway.
  2. If it were that easy both Kings Aerys would have annulled their marriages, Aerys I because he'd rather take books to bed and Aerys II because he hated Rhaella and didn't want to marry her in the first place. Renly might not care, but Mace might. It's abundantly clear that Mace wanted a grandchild on the Iron Throne and Joffrey is an obstacle to that, an obstacle who carves up pregnant cats and wouldn't think twice about doing so to an infant. If Robert takes Margaery as his mistress he's no closer to having his grandkids on the Iron Throne.
  3. And how was Renly going to do that? It isn't as if Robert is going to divorce Cersei since that's almost unheard of (the only King known to divorce his queen was Baelor the Blessed), and Joffrey would likely murder any kids Robert had with Margaery. If Robert takes Margaery as his mistress that's still a no gain since they would only be bastards, they wouldn't be able to sit the Iron Throne even if Robert declared his "children" with Cersei illegitimate via annulment (ie Henry VIII declaring Mary illegitimate after annulling his his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, or Rhaegar annuling his marriage with Elia in the show).
  4. I think Jaime actually points that out in the show; it looks dreadfully convenient that Stannis, the man who has the most to gain from such allegations (admittedly true though I'm surprised Cersei didn't deny them) about Cersei and her children, would be the one to figure it out/make the news known.
  5. Granted Tywin's way isn't shown to be incorrect by the events of the story; quite the opposite since no amount of love saves the Starks, in fact it causes more trouble (read: Catelyn's motherly love for Bran being the match to the powder keg).
  6. Yeah, I'd totally trust the guy who challenged my brother to a duel for my now wife.
  7. It's more along the line of "I wouldn't be surprised if it happened." On the other hand isn't plenty of ASOIAF subverting expectations? Quentyn's story is one long subversion of the Hero's Journey: half his band is killed off before we meet him, the queen he was supposed to marry marries somebody else, he tries to prove himself worthy by taming a wild beast... which roasts him alive. His father and uncle are subversions of the revenge quest: Oberyn is the hot-blooded type whose thirst to gets him brutally killed while Doran's indolence in his plans leads to others killing his targets and because pawns have minds of their own.
  8. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if Martin would subvert our expectations about Jaime's story being about redemption.
  9. The North having no coastal defense system against the Ironborn at all. You'd think they'd have something more than the efforts of individual castles.
  10. If Brandon has children. Plus for all we know Robert would have taken care of his (illegitimate) children if Cersei didn't threaten them, he did want to bring Mya up to King's Landing before Cersei said it would be a shame if something bad happened to her (byword for threat).
  11. I wouldn't put it past George to have nothing that Jaime can do to save him from Lady Stoneheart. His name's already mud by giving Brienne Oathkeeper, a sword made from her husband's sword, decorated with Lannister symbols.
  12. Maybe the fact that they'd be hostages puts people off. Think of Sansa getting beaten by Joffrey.
  13. I think you mean Wylis; Wyman, Lord of White Harbor didn't ride to war.
  14. What was Tyrion going to be doing at Castle Black? While he can fight it isn't ideal for him so being a Ranger is out, and I don't think Tywin would have allowed him access to his custom saddles. A builder? Doesn't seem his type of work. Would he be any good as a steward, and what type? Plus Cersei would probably have sent a Kettleblack to murder Tyrion if she was willing to do something similar to Jon Snow. Meanwhile, why didn't Tywin think of sending him to the Night's Watch, or the citadel for that matter? He would have jumped at the chance to get rid of Tyrion.
  15. But Ned didn't. Not at any point after the war, he could have done that much out of respect.
  16. I meant it as a reference to Darkstar.
  17. That scene is a weird one, which somewhat flies in the face of what we know about Joffrey as a character, particularly regarding his cowardice.
  18. Arya the Darkheart... does that make her of the night?
  19. My guess is that there's a high turnover rate; Cersei doesn't seem like an ideal employer. Then there's whether or not they get killed for seeing Cersei and Jaime... together.
  20. Evidently. Unless he knew about the Lannincest, which makes him look like more of a hypocrite.
  21. That's been on my mind as well; why of all places hide Lyanna in the homeland of the wife he was putting aside? Unless Elia consented? And how would one know about that? Unless Rhaegar intended to annul his marriage to Elia...
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