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  1. That part might be consistent; doesn't Cersei wear a lot of green dresses to accentuate her eyes (the ones on her head that is)? As far as adding it to the list, why not?
  2. 6. Personally I think there was another Kingsguard before Arys Oakheart since he was mentioned as only being on the Kingsguard for about 10 years at the time of AFFC, seven years after Robert began his rule. 7. Maybe Renly has turquoise eyes or his eyes appear different colors under different light.
  3. Unless he's already on the way there (my headcanon is that he's received lead poisoning for years).
  4. He could have just chosen Eddard, Gordyn, and Henry for all I care.
  5. I think there should have been a bit more of variance with languages or vernacular, just think of different words to describe the same thing in the US alone, to say nothing of bobbies and cops on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. Harry has to gain her trust first. Easy enough for Joffrey, but Sansa's already wary of him.
  7. It did happen a lot to be sure; Margaret Beaufort for example was not yet 14 when she gave birth to Henry VII. Isabella of France, the daughter of Phillip the Fair whose troubles as a monarch were adapted into the book The Accursed Kings which was a big inspiration for A Song of Ice and Fire, was no more than 13 when she was married to Edward II.
  8. Well, in the case of the Unsullied, that's the whole idea; they are physically weaker than the average soldier thanks to their castration and aren't particularly good fighters on their own. What makes them a force on the battlefield is being in a phalanx and their robotic loyalty... which also makes them useless off the battlefield as guards when they're only in small groups and their weapons are ill suited for fighting in close quarters.
  9. As far as the slave trade is concerned, isn't the Dothraki raid in AGOT (the one where Drogo gets an infected wound) part of that? In this case, they take slaves so they can get supplies for the trip westward?
  10. I have a book at home about regional dialects in the US alone, i.e. various words for soda.
  11. Well apparently anyone who declares themselves king would qualify. Isn't that why Jon has Mance's son spirited away by Gilly?
  12. Well, I guess the idea by that point is, to quote a certain show, "They don't get to choose."
  13. Well in at least one case it's supposed to be a parody of 300 (the 100 muscular soldiers who only wear breechclouts and cloaks, carrying bronze shields).
  14. I guess with Martin, his emphasis on realism in his storytelling makes it more obvious when it's ignored.
  15. And right now Daenerys is spewing out green bile and pooping out liquid. Plus, how is she going to get more soldiers? Would she have the heart to make more Unsullied? How well can she control her dragons?
  16. Have they now? So where were they after Viserys and Daenerys were turfed out and wandered the continent for a decade? Doran supposedly had them in his pocket (along with the Archon of Tyrosh but that's another matter) yet neither of them lifts a finger to help the exiled royals (and made Viserys an uncontrollable spanner).
  17. Why would Essos support her? She has support among the masses, but not from those with the means.
  18. Well, hopefully Unsullied tactics will work better than running light cavalry into the equivalent of a brick wall.
  19. Surprised that Martin would ignore logistics like that given his emphasis on realism.
  20. Something that nobody should forget. Take the origin story of the master hacker Root in Person of Interest. Root, originally named Samantha, was a teenager who watched her friend Hannah get kidnapped by a respected man in town who murdered Hannah. The librarian forced Samantha to stay quiet... but she didn't. Two years later, Samantha hacked a drug lord's accounts and wired them to the murderer so that the drug lord thought the man stole from him. Murderer gets whacked in the street and for the next 20 years until Hannah's body is found, Samantha sends a copy of Flowers for Algernon, the book Hannah borrowed from the library that day, to the librarian to remind her of what she allowed to happen.
  21. She's gotta get there first, what with being stuck in the middle of the Dothraki Sea and suffering from whatever's ailing her digestive tract.
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