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  1. Josette DuPres

    Quaithe Farman?

    I'm sold. The two are one and the same. There are material reasons to sail east rather than taking the more direct route. The element of surprise for one. But I do not feel Qaithe is interested in saving Westeros. Daenerys must pass beneath the shadow in order to see the light again. That's explicitly saying she will endure the long night before she sees the return of Spring and Summer. What Qaithe is basically saying is to explore first and see the world. The more of the world one sees the more informed they become. Qaithe saw something important and she wants Dany to see the same. Whatever it was gave her perspective to see the bigger picture. Dany being young wants to take a more direct route. If I look back, I am lost. She wants to continue to move forward. Qaithe is telling her to take her time and see the world. A future ruler who has seen the world will have a better perspective and will be better able to reconstruct what's left after the long night has passed. Qaithe is looking ahead to prepare Dany to lead the survivors in the aftermath of winter. It's not about taking the iron throne now. It is about waiting and preparing to rebuild after the long winter has passed.
  2. Josette DuPres

    Glass Candles - Questions

    https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/150476-daenerys-is-azor-ahai/&tab=comments#comment-8137799 That link will lead you to a really good discussion of the glass candles. My opinion, they are Martin's homage to Sting. They glow now because they react to the Others. Drogo's sacrifice gave birth to the dragons because he is the Nissa Nissa of this age. The return of the dragons and the rebirth of Daenerys into Azor Ahai increased the magic on Planetos. The candles are drawing their power from this magic.
  3. Josette DuPres

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Euron, Samwell, Daario, Meera, Arya. The Damphair is mentally strong. He wins over Euron. Each people must defeat the demons among them and this is what Damphair will do for the IB. No godless man may sit the seastone chair. Samwell and Daario are obviously in danger being in the hands of the enemy. Arya disobeyed when she killed for personal reasons. Her cult is not going to let that go unpunished. Meera's death will send Bran into despair and lead him towards the path of darkness.
  4. Josette DuPres

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    They are not. Daario is currently a hostage of the Yunkai. Euron is in the south seas of Westeros menacing the coast.
  5. Josette DuPres

    ASOIAF Jokes

  6. Josette DuPres

    Name the Parents

  7. Josette DuPres

    Summer vs. Jaime Lannister

    Bran will know the truth and it's going to be bloody. Bran is getting ever darker. Maybe he takes control of Sandor and sends him on to fight Gregor.
  8. Ramsay's purpose for the letter is rather basic. He wants his bride back and the people listed for political reasons. It's better to ask for them. He doesn't want to travel hundreds of miles in deep snow to get to Castle Black and then have to fight for them. Even a madman like the lord commander who sent a wildling king to steal his sister from her husband might listen to reason and comply. Ramsay wrote the letter and hoped Jon Snow would see the light and comply.
  9. Josette DuPres

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Thank you for your comment. You brought much needed reason. I absolutely agree.
  10. Josette DuPres

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    I'm in Team Jon Should Die and Remain Dead. Dany's queendom is in Essos. She will fulfill the prophecy of the stallion who will mount the world and unite all of the Dothraki khalasars into one mighty nation. Only instead of stallion it will be the Dragon Who Will Unite the khalasars into one nation. Slaves make up the greater portion of the population in most areas of Essos. They will choose her to lead them. Volantis will fall to the slave revolution and choose Dany to be their queen. She will become an empress before the end of tWoW. Westeros will be a frozen wasteland of walking zombies by then.
  11. Jon died in the last book and should stay dead. He's not going to come back. George Martin said on numerous interviews that Gandalf should have stayed dead. I don't think will come back to life. And even if he did, he will be the one who is a threat to the kingdom. All the crimes he committed at the Wall to get Arya will be the big event that the White Walkers are waiting for. It's the opening they needed. An unsteady Lord Commander Jon Snow who betrayed the Night's Watch and whose actions weakened the defenses of the Wall. Jon will be a hero to the White Walkers. He is the hero who will save Westeros but he is the hero who unintentionally opened the gates for the Others to come in.
  12. Josette DuPres

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    I like the analogy to the tempering of metal. Definitely. This is something new to the table and I like it. Old kings wearing worn out clothing and carrying around glowing swords. That they were living through the long night is a very good explanation. Agreed Agreed. Any theories on what happens when the maiden made of light and the lion of the night are in the same sky at the same time? An eclipse. They birth dragons. Which can explain the Lyseni dragon origin story as told by Dany's handmaidens.