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  1. Stefon Baratheon and his shipmates were offered to the Drowned God. Somebody on that ship carried the greyplague.
  2. Jon is a repeat of Ned. Ned sends the king's son to Essos and keeps the son of his sister around. Jon unknowingly repeats when he sent the son of King Mance away while keeping the Stark around. The Stark boys who remained are possibly the result of brother-sister and brother-daughter marriage.
  3. Euron will take back all the territories which once belonged to the House of Hoare. He will not disappoint because his campaign of terror will kill thousands in the Riverlands, Reach, West, and Dorne.
  4. She was looking for her knight in shining armor to save her honor. I can see now. The behavior makes sense if she was pregnant. The baby was said to have died. Aegon to me is a Blackfyre from Essos. Jon was conceived at Starfall when Ned paid his visit.
  5. He should but it looks like the story has already set him up to become the next Coldhands. He'll be called Coldheart for what he will do and the atrocities he will be guilty of. Arya will be Darkheart.
  6. Dany will come to Westeros because the people will beg for her help. She is the only one who can heal and unite the people. She will be well-informed about the conditions in Westeros before she ever sets sail to reclaim her inheritance. Westeros will have very few people left alive. The people who were once the slaves of the Ghiscari will be the ones to repopulate Westeros.
  7. Walder and the Freys will make sure their future brother-in-law doesn't die on the battlefield. They did just that and made sure he was safe. Robb dying on the battlefield would lose them the benefit of the marriage. It gives the Freys an out clause. But if they were tied by marriage, no such thing. The Freys will be bound to support Catelyn and her children. Walder saw no need to distrust the Starks. He was dealing with Cateyn whom he knew. He had reasons to trust the words of Catelyn. Most mothers could control their sons. The deal was made with Catelyn before he met Robb Stark. He didn't know anything about Robb and assumed he was a reasonably intelligent young man. Which Robb was not. Walder is not an evil man nor overly distrustful. He knew he could trust Catelyn. Catelyn gave her word and Robb swore an oath. It was as good as done. Except Robb was an idiot and broke the deal.
  8. Lord Torrhen obviously didn't believe it could be done and ignored his stupid kin. He did what was needed and knelt to the Valyrian Dragonlords. It wasn't much of an insult on his pride because he was not submitting to anotherGreat Lord who he considered an equal. The Targaryens stood far above the Starks and so the sting of the kneeling was not so bad. If he had knelt to Loren, yes, it would hurt. But this was the Targaryens he knelt to.
  9. The kingdom of Westeros is nearing the peak of its misery as the result of ineptitude from the Baratheons, Starks, Greyjoys, and Lannisters. The Sand Snakes will stir up trouble even more as the cold winds from the north chill the south. The people will start wondering why they ever gave their hard won coppers to the nobles and the church. The people will rebel against government and church. Bands like the BWBs will be leading the rebellion. We can expect the Defenestration of Kingslanding when the people start tossing their leaders from the roofs and windows. I do not think Dany will get caught up in the religious wars. Aegon will have to face that problem. He will be successful to some degree in putting down the rebellion and squashing the militant arm of the faith but he does not have an answer for the White Walkers and the ice barbarians from the north. I am thinking this is when Dany and Company make their arrival in answer to the plea from Westeros. Noble families will send envoys to Dany and ask for help. We know the rest. Dany and Drogon will meet Jon's army of ice on The Trident and turn them back into liquid water.
  10. The North is pretty backwards and the little information reaching Lord Torrhen failed to adequately convey the majesty of the dragons. (Reading printed descriptions of nuclear weapons is not the same as seeing footage of a nuclear explosion). More accurate and complete information reached him regarding the magnificence of the dragons as he marched to the south. He realized he was out of his league, his foes had superior power, and he did the smart thing for a Stark and surrendered.
  11. And if the Sealord had them all along? He was part of the pact to return the Targaryens to rule Westeros.
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