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  1. Mods, I recommend an IQ test instead of which house has a ____ sigil to admit fellas into the forum. Even a bot would read the book before posting sth dumb af like that. I reverse my opinion, these are not hate alt bots. Just hate alts. Human stupidity and the universe are infinite. Not sure about the latter tho.
  2. I think it had sth to do with a turned back
  3. Well, here the whole ticket never crosses 3 USD, unless IMAX or some snob mall.
  4. Shit https://youtu.be/zGA3YMquv9g Political affliated distributors making a scene
  5. Punishment? What these minor lords value over money and their dwindling might (in the face of someone like Tywin)? His Valyrian Steel Sword He shall live to see it torn from his house or at least not pass on to his Dickson whatever. Or maybe to a child born of incest (in his eyes...), a certain Steelsong...
  6. Darn online booking platforms charging half the ticket extra for 'convenience' while the nearest decent theatre is 20 klicks away from my dorms, fucking forest. And it's not even April yet. Got at least 15 on my big screen list o'er da next 9 months... Only so much one can squirrel away
  7. Arya Unchained The f is silent hillbilly
  8. Finally! Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon gets Oct 6 limited release flwd by 20th wide then unspecified Apple streaming
  9. Got exactly 365 days to wrap up his affairs if he's to keep his word
  10. John Wick 4 is why we still go to the cinema
  11. Adding to the badassery of the man's legend. But honestly there was no one more suited to this particular feminine VS blade. After all the author wanted to kill off any other worthy potential bearers in the near future. And so it could reach the Wall...
  12. Not sure but read somewhere that Knight's very loong unbeaten streak broke with 5 consecutive losses with classic RCB And that Devine 99
  13. Punishment? Lay her across the knees and give her a good spanking.
  14. Binge rewatched the Wick trilogy for my Sunday movie date. The reviews for Chapter 4 raising expectations... And just realized this franchise has not just kept the true action genre alive in an age of cgi shite, but also given it some of its best of all time easily.
  15. Coming to think of the age it came out, what you say makes perfect sense. It tore down what was held kinda taboo with nonchalance.
  16. Agreed. But Leone's films had relatively more realism compared to, say, High Noon. Not more gore or violence but the way they dropped dead more convincingly. And it was grittier. But Peckinpah defined violence for masters of the (can't say genre) type like Scorsese and Tarantino.
  17. Peckinpah'd like to haffa word about the apparent violence in Leone's films
  18. @Zorral Sequel premiere around a month away, promotions have started
  19. Is that Ronaldo insta shit fr? The puns are ruthless Manh
  20. He compensated for it today though And RBCatering must have some really juicy steaks. Max was in a class of his own.
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