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  1. I can't wait for Ted Lasso season 2 as well. The humor is witty and the drama is sincere. Vulnerable and down right hilarious from the stars to the side characters. Outlandish and grounded. I can't get enough of this show.
  2. I thought the same. I hope they bring back the daring season 1 kind of storytelling and no holds barred visuals. Grow some balls and put the "Love" back in the stories. They also toned down on the story telling and like someone else said, a lot of the episodes are pointless. Unlike season 1 where you get a sense of satisfaction at the ending with a something to say.
  3. The Witcher season 2 first-look footage drops hints about Ciri's storyline
  4. This show definitely kept me interested throughout & it made me want to see what happened next every episode! Definitely an interesting take on this kind of genre. I say it's worth the watch. But shame it was canceled. Why netflix why?!!
  5. Those giants! Those mammoths! Definitely one of the most entertaining and visually impressive episodes to date!!
  6. I'm still halfway through season 2 and I've been enjoying this show so far. Wow. It's quite dark yet fun twist which is unusual for superhero genre. Karl Urban steals the show everytime he appears on each episode. Absolutely love it!
  7. Just watched the whole season! Every episode so far has been great, not a dull moment. I don't understand with the poor reviews by the critics.
  8. finally they're filming season 6! Imma hundred years old now.
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