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  1. Salome Sand Witch

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Hey - sometimes there are people you just resonate with, and they "feel right". I guess that's what some people call chemistry. It's awesome when you find people like that!
  2. Salome Sand Witch

    Men. Men. Men.

    Genuinely, I am passionate about the subject of social and personal empowerment - all told. My husband, who is doing tons of exploration and research around "men's issues" has come in several times to this thread, and left it because he felt that the disingenuous debate, martyred victimization, and manufactured "us vs. them" mentality degrades a subject which is vastly important. Yes, generally speaking, men have not had to question the infrastructure and social systems because they were (superficially) benefitting from how those systems were set up. What we are seeing now is that, when you get to the heart of it, those systems are just as destructive to those men - just not in the ways one originally would have thought. It is not (collectively) women's fault that men do not feel they have safe space to talk with each other about real issues. It is what has been set up expectation wise within the systems. The whole socialization of boys not showing or processing emotions other than anger, individualist competition, "weakness" silliness is what we call "toxic masculinity" for short hand. That's NOT what (collectively) women set up - it's a rejection of what is considered "feminine" and reviled. YET, that systemic infrastructure has also meant that we have lost "initiation rites" from child into adulthood (for both the adult "masculine" and "feminine" - and I won't even go into the Jungian archetypes of the "anima" and the "animus" - which means we all have aspects of the masculine and feminine within us - and our journey is to try to best balance them - kinda like yin yang, etc.) Point being - there is tons of phenomenal work out there of men genuinely trying to address the desperate needs that are felt by "the average guy". The first book I gifted my husband when we were married was Fire in the Belly by Sam Keen. 25 years old now, so a bit dated, but speaking about the importance of authentic, genuine male relationships and connection. There is also the Good Men Project, a site to initiate international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. There's a newer site specifically dedicated to men connecting with other men in North America ManTalks to develop self-aware, high-performing, and impactful men. And if you're not into all that reading stuff, Trip Lannier has The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp I feel, if you were being genuine in this topic, @Eggegg, you actually WOULD be talking about the support systems helping the "average guy" to get his needs met rather than turn it into several diatribes against "feminists" who want what you say you want - "equality".
  3. Salome Sand Witch

    Now I've Found Thee, And The World Shall Know Thy Glory...

    I have my "oh so cuuuuuute" squee going on over here. I see heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea, And thy name is like a prayer An angel whispers... Dulcinea... Dulcinea!
  4. Salome Sand Witch

    Men. Men. Men.

    Is it only me that finds the irony of @mankytoes whitesplaining Japanese culture on the 76th anniversary (to the day) of the Pearl Harbour attack delicious? Anyone? Bueller? Just me? Alrighty then.
  5. Salome Sand Witch

    Now I've Found Thee, And The World Shall Know Thy Glory...

    OMIGOODNESS!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!! *squee* So jealous right now. Get some extra cuddles in so I can live vicariously through you please.
  6. Salome Sand Witch

    X-Ray Appreciation thread

    Because this thread should always be on the front page I'm bumping it - especially considering some mods who shall remain nameless (... ahem @Stubby ) haven't gotten around to pinning it yet.) AN ODE TO XRAY She's a wonderful person, it's often been said. She's intelligent, witty - exceptionally well-read. She wields a banhammer as if it's made of lead. But the best thing about her is she's great in................. dealing with all us miscreants and douches who derail threads and create drama all over this damn forum!
  7. Salome Sand Witch

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Hanging out over coffee is always fun - whether it's just as friends or not. But, I'm only now realizing how out of touch I am because I always assume absolutely everything is platonic when (apparently) others don't necessarily see it that way.
  8. Salome Sand Witch

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Gee, how did all the "good" ones let you slip through their fingers?
  9. Salome Sand Witch

    Well-Fitting Foundation Garments

    But clearly, hands of Angels are just manly enough.
  10. Salome Sand Witch

    Vegas Shooting

    Dr. Pepper - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I send good vibes to your BIL as he heals, and I rejoice with you in the news of the well-being of your missing family members. I got nothin'. I can only quote Jimmy Fallon. "It feels like someone has opened a window into hell."
  11. Salome Sand Witch

    Well-Fitting Foundation Garments

    Ladies - my one recommendation. Never buy your spouse (if you have a male significant other) SAX underwear. The fit with the extra ball sack pouch has been described as "The hands of Angels cradling your balls." Each pair is a small fortune, but Hubby will never go back to whatever uncomfortable rags he was wearing before.
  12. Salome Sand Witch

    help! i can't stop cheating!

    @Yukle - You are cold. Perhaps even evil. We could be such good friends.
  13. Salome Sand Witch

    Holiday in Ireland

    Now that the WorldCon 2019 is in Ireland - you can hold off for the year, and then party for 2 weeks - one week for the sister and the 2nd week for the cool kids!
  14. Salome Sand Witch

    help! i can't stop cheating!

    Risk has been known to end marriages. You might want to consider taking a step back focusing on the fundamentals. Getting back to you and her time with something a little more vanilla until you get your groove back. Perhaps a card game like fish, or a nice game of cribbage.
  15. Salome Sand Witch

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    He was always one of the posters I enjoyed reading and interacting with. He will be missed.