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  1. ARYa_Nym

    [Spoiler] EP603

    This episode wasn't bad but I remember having to remind people that the Kindly Man hit Arya meaning it was barely mentioned in the books. Her training seemed to be more observing the people of Braavos and learning languages than learning how not to get her ass beat. In the books she really used warging a cat as a means of getting better but I didn't expect them to portray that.
  2. I was one of those who believed in the Mel is going to burn Shireen and Stannis will allow it theory. Maybe in the books it will go down differently but I'm even more convinced now that she will die.
  3. ARYa_Nym

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    LOL, but she thinks almost everything is stupid. It's not much different than when Sansa failed to keep her mouth shut when Jon was brought up in the Vale.
  4. ARYa_Nym

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    In ADWD something similar happened. I'd have to recheck if it the same thing was in AFFC too.
  5. ARYa_Nym

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    That's the first time I've seen someone complain because the KM does hit and beat her in the books on different occasions. Anyways, TBH I'm not that surprised by the scene because the reasoning as to why it wouldn't happen didn't make sense to me. That Sansa is a great player and she'll manipulate him into doing what she wants and he won't hurt her. IMO that's not logical with a character such as Ramsay. I admit I laughed when either Roose or LF said that Ramsay was smitten with her. So her storyline already came off as ridiculous to me before this especially with as I said the belief that she would coax him into liking her like Margaery did Tommen.
  6. I've made this observation before but both Hot Pie and Gendry wanted to leave Weasel alone in the woods. If Arya had been the one who wanted to leave them behind instead of them she would have been called all kinds of evil for it.
  7. I don't think he has. Psychologically- It's debatable when she was at her worst. Some may think it was when she was with the Hound. She was most depressed after the Twins and she snapped during the fight with the Tickler. He's never seen her like that. Others might think it's her latest chapter and she's going to get worse. Morally-When he was around her kills could be justified much easier and they aren't as predatory as she is now. It can be argued that she wasn't a murderer until she went to Braavos starting with Dareon. He did have a problem though with the weasel soup. Outwardly, we know Hot Pie had a serious problem with the Bolton guard but we don't know how Gendry felt. Whatever he felt he kept it internally. To me character development shows she is not the same now as she was when she was Arry. But that would also be simple maturation IRL. Knowing someone as a child is not necessarily the same as knowing them as an adult or older as we see with LF and Cat or even Lysa and Cat. Oh, and for some or many the latest chapter was a shock. So even going from the Ugly Girl, Beth, or Cat to that there was a difference. He knew her as Arry but that doesn't mean he would know she was capable of what she did. ETA: As for Gendry's behavior there has been moments when he was rude-to Ned and to Brienne. Both of whom are much higher station than him. Comparably, Val is seen as regal but she's disrespectful and lacks tact quite a few times. I don't see them as any better than Arya's lack of lady like manner. Arya fits Varys' speech more than Gendry does what with the speaking several tongues. She just misses the poetry and law and she hasn't received knightly training. She studied history but I doubt she paid much attention. She has lived with the fisherfolk in Braavos and she cooks with Umma. Gendry hasn't studied all those things. He hasn't been trained in arms. I don't think he reads and writes. I'm guessing no on the Faith. Although I don't think fitting the speech means much. I'm skeptical Aegon even fits it and you can fit it and not be what would be best for the realm.
  8. There is a mention of giant which could refer to both but... Not quite a dwarf- Tyrion is a dwarf. Petyr is very short but he could be said to be not quite a dwarf. Tripping over the bird armor could refer to Sansa. LF makes more sense than Tyrion.
  9. She does not have all ferocity and no technique. When she kills it's not with ferocity except for the OOC Tickler and she does have technique since she has been trained. For example I doubt it's Ramsay but he's one who would fit that description. Timett was proposed but I'm not sure on that. ETA: Plus, Arya being a sheep or mouse in Harrenhal refers to her state of being at the time. By TWoW she is no longer a sheep or a mouse.
  10. I'm thinking neither kill him. Ser Wun Wun caught this: Arya does not fit the description. LF previously said:
  11. So in this chapter she fixes the Stranger's horn and of course the Stranger is similar to Moqorro in description. Anyways, I was reading the Victarion transcript and I noticed: That the horn was likened to a serpent. This chapter has serpent/snake references as mentioned as well as her earlier ones when she was in the Riverlands.
  12. I don't find that relevant in the grand scheme of things unlike say killing Aegon or Dany. It doesn't significantly advance or change the plot. It would be better that by the end she killed at least one person that was important instead of random Freys, a NW deserter, Lannister guards who weren't in charge, etc. If we get to the end of series and ask what did she do that was important killing random Freys wouldn't help her case especially if you compare that with the things that say Bran will be capable of doing or the things that Dany, Jon, or Tyrion have done. I also think with the dragon references that points to Aegon or Dany or both. IMO she will have a chance to get involved in something important. Before she really hasn't.
  13. The poison line might be getting readers ready for the FM arc considering the FM we've seen so far mainly kill with poison. Just so the readers know that she's not opposed to killing with other methods and to get ready for her to use different ones.