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  1. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Another quote I missed.
  2. No. He went to the Wall and beyond because he wants to. He was sentenced to the Wall because of Dany's army. They're gone. There's no reason why he can't just stay in the North unbothered and Sansa can claim she has jurisdiction over those lands since Bran let her be independent.
  3. To me, this means that Bran has no army. When Jon was fighting with Dany to claim KL, the Northmen was his army. All of a sudden they become Sansa's. That leaves Bran with.... Who is in Bran's army? If other regions want freedom as would make logical sense who does he have that would stop them?
  4. I bet the realm doesn't believe Jon's claim. Book theory was based on Howland Reed telling people. But Stannis who holds much more weight wasn't able to convince the realm about Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella's claim.
  5. Why did Bran keep saying he's something else now for so long but when Tyrion proposes him for king he's all of a sudden Brandon Stark now?
  6. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Winter comes late in the books and she was seen as a danger by lords in the Riverlands from the second book. Bran has barely made any decisions lately except to carefully reveal Jon's parentage which is later used to drive Jon and Dany apart and knocks those two off the chess board. The whole time he seems to sit back and wait. I can see him doing the usual what do you think Tyrion or it's your choice. He's very indiffierent now. I honestly see his kingdom going into rebellion within 6 months since Sansa declared independence and took what would have been his army with her. He has no army should Dorne and the Iron Lands rebel for freedom unless he's looking for Drogon so he can use him as a weapon.
  7. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    The ending made it seem like Tyrion is really the one who rules so I don't know about that. Bran was disinterested as usual and didn't even attend his own council meeting. Hunting is a problem considering that Nymeria has been killing cattle and farmers not just soldiers. It would be much easier to hold Arya responsible.
  8. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Living in the forest your source of revenue is going to be limited. I don't see how that's more loyal to the Starks. Arya goes West successfully she could find ways to help Bran get more money by making contact with eastern countries.
  9. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Wenda was an outlaw so she was a criminal who made trouble for the crown. Bran is king now and he needs money. His sister being an outlaw would create political problems for him. He already looks like he favors nepotism by letting Sansa alone be independent.
  10. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Jon, Bran, and Sansa didn't ask her to stay so she's not abandoning them. They're all off doing their own things. They could have had Jon stay in the North with Sansa since the Unsullied didn't stay so how would they know where Jon is. But I suspect Jon is mad at Sansa since he didn't tell her she could visit and didn't say he forgave her. Book Jon probably chooses to isolate himself. Jon only asked Arya to visit him not live with him. Bran is more interested in Tyrion, which helps explain why he kept weirdly staring at him earlier on in the seasons. If going West leads to certain death based on past tries surely Bran would know but he said nothing. He could have said Arya has a more important role in Westeros but he said nothing.
  11. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    She is still true to her house as the boat had Stark banners. At sea, she can still have relationships with people as we see with Asha and Qarl. She could also end up in some eastern country and meet people there.
  12. ARYa_Nym

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Maybe it would have made more sense if Tyrion had been true to his character. He's far more likely to tell her to burn down KL than save peasants.
  13. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Why are you jumping to that? Her ending, (which makes sense to me) doesn't even amount to asexual and dying with a needle in her hand. Whether he's a lord or not I think Arya will reject him. They're on different paths. I just think giving him lordship makes sense as a reward. A lot of people are going to die since there's way more miscellaneous characters, which makes room for unlikely people to rise to some type of position. The only other possible option I see is knighthood.
  14. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    I wasn't referring to either. I mean that Jon and Dany will see him as useful because they will need weapons. Furthermore, him crafting a helmet for himself indicates that he will have a fighting role, which he previewed in Brienne's chapter. Now yes, after that it makes sense that he would be rewarded for his role.
  15. ARYa_Nym

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I wonder if the Dornish prince is supposed to be a stand-in for Arianne's little brother in the books.