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  1. For a superhero team-up movie, apparently there is no actual team-up in Madame Web where they all use spider powers. All the bait and switch shots in the trailer of the various spider-women in costume are from a few minutes of flashforwards. Fun fact: The director S. J. Clarkson also directed the Blood Moon GOT spinoff.
  2. Just in time for climate change to fuck it completely.
  3. That's not really believed any more, new research says the Arrow was just outdated for the job once the USSR switched from bombers to ballistic missiles in the 50s. https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/what-really-happened-with-the-fabled-avro-arrow-long-secret-information-revealed-1.6567690
  4. The music at the end reminded me of the score of Loki. Not the same composer though.
  5. I don't know where it started, rumours or pure speculation, but seen lots of people saying Adamantium is made from dead Celestials, and Tiamut's corpse will be fought for at some point in Captain America: Brave New World. That probably would lead right to Armour Wars, if factions are making Iron Men suits from Adamantium. Saw a New Rockstars video theorizing that Sentry is in BNW to be the original source of the super soldier serum, and he won't have his powers. In the comics apparently he's an amnesiac and unaware of his origins. Making his blood or whatever the secret ingredient for the super soldier formulas seems like a good bet to me.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/C3JOsvttjcX/ As far as I can tell it's not based on a book.
  7. Many plans to put commercial space stations in LEO, this one appears to be the only one intending to put a whole space station in a single launch.
  8. *oops never mind* stupid fan made trailer.
  9. This thing is in HIMARS range of the Finnish border. Maybe Putin's planning to flee to Helsinki if there is a coup.
  10. Japanese Lunar lander SLIM landed wrong way up....
  11. Mike Judge does stop motion Starts today.
  12. Jon Stewart returns as host of the Daily Show on Monday nights, overseeing the whole week as EP.
  13. Maybe it's a Mandela effect but I thought I heard the original creators wanted more changes because they didn't want to do the same thing and Netflix didn't want to risk that. But more likely Nickelodean offered them a great deal to start their own stuido and produce new Avatar series.
  14. I think maybe Zhao could be Azula's mentor, to parallel Iroh and Zuko. Zhao's anger and ambition she eats up as the only mentorship she'll ever receive from anyone would be different and probably better than the anime where she's just naturally evil and selfish.
  15. I heard that those 8 episodes are actually total run time longer than the original. 480 minutes vs 460.
  16. Does Hamlet need an excuse to make new versions of it? I don't think ATLA does either. Great stories should be retold.
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