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    I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Ancient and Classical History, but my main focus is to publish my first novel which is a medieval fantasy. I'm also working a lot with my new Wacom Intuos 5 drawing tablet and attempting to publish a few children's stories. I do IT work for the US military and am about halfway through my career. When it's done, I want to teach history and write books. That's the dream, anyway.

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  1. Steve Stark

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Very underwhelming. The beginning was done....well? Her death was quick. About as abrupt as her going mad. Small council and the vote for king...felt fake/forced/something not right about it all. Jon going north is fine, but it still felt hollow. Overall, for such a great set of books and a series with such promise, it ended poorly, and just left me feeling meh about the whole thing. It's depressing, really, but I suppose I'm glad it's over (and sad it's over at the same time).
  2. Steve Stark

    Are the starks finished?

    Before the final book was named A DREAM OF SPRING (even though it's obviously not published), it was supposed to be titled A TIME FOR WOLVES...so I hardly doubt that the Starks are finished at the end of this story.
  3. Steve Stark

    Prediction for finale

    Jon realizes he allowed this to happen, grabs Daenerys and tells Bran to "Do it", and Bran finally gets off his ass (not literally), wargs into Drogon, and lights them both (Dany and Jon) on fire and then jacks up the unsullied and Dothraki. They in turn kill Bran, and maybe Drogon too, but then the Knights of the Vale come in and finish Dany's forces off with the aid of the Northmen. But wait, Dany is gone, but in the ashes stands Aegon Targaryen, something something of his name, born of blood magic by sacrificing his Queen, who he "loves". He's now King. Sansa takes over the North as the Lady of Winterfell. Everything seems amazing...other than Dany becoming a villain suddenly and dying, of course, but then in the far reaches of the North, a dragonglass dagger sinks into Tormund Giantsbane's chest, and his eyes turn White Walker blue. End Credits, queue epic final music.
  4. I hear you. That actually has me worried he's somehow betrayed Jon and Daenerys. I see no reason for Cersei not to kill him...after all she just murdered someone else important to Daenerys, so why not Tyrion? Something fishy about that, or it could just be the writing. I did think for one moment the show might end with an arrow-riddled Tyrion. Or just go black when the arrows hit, like they tend to do when Tyrion gets struck by anything. Then show his body first thing next episode before all hell breaks loose. Guess that's just my imagination going wild.
  5. 6 or a 7. Not a bad episode, but not the best. Really liked the beginning, which hit me right in the feels. There were a few other great moments too, and a few surprises. I just didn't like the script this episode for Daenerys much, and a few other bits. A lot feels rushed, but still damn good TV. About lost it when Rhaegal died. But I do agree with Gianna...the first three hitting dead on, then about 47 of them missing Drogon a bit later...kind of ridiculous. I guess the argument could me he was just frolicking through the wind on a joyride, and Drogon was aware, and performing combat maneuvers.
  6. Steve Stark

    Speculation for fun: How will Arya be rewarded?

    I can see that, although I think they'll take their place at Storms End. It just fits.
  7. Robert had a great aunt or something that gave him an excuse to have royal Targaryen blood in him. Same crap happened in our own history, people claiming this or that. But what also mattered was having power to back it up. Jon has a dragon. If he says he's a Targaryen, he is. Plus, any of the Starks who hear it are going to say the same thing, and know it to be true. Plus, Sam will probably end up writing it down somewhere, and I'm sure he has the Maester's book somewhere.
  8. I'd bet Jaime goes back and tells them he did his duty, and fought for the living, so let him go and talk some common sense into Cersei. Of course, she won't listen about getting melted by dragon fire, and has a plan. Jaime will have no choice but to stay. He'll stay loyal to her, and his "child", however that plays out, but Cersei will murder Brienne out of jealousy or cut her head off like Joff used to do, and he'll lose his shit. Or maybe, he'll just do it like he did to the Mad King, to prevent a total wild fire massacre from happening again? Arya already killed her big bad guy. I thought she might kill Cersei with Jaime's face, but other than teaming up with the Hound and doing some cool shit there, she's done. Cersei will be taken out by Jaime. Hound and Arya kill the Mountain, and Brienne kills Euron (probably right before the Mountain kills her). In short: Who the hell knows? We shall soon find out!
  9. Steve Stark

    Wild fire

    Yeah, there might be a few wild fire attacks here and there, I'd imagine. But I agree with those above saying it will be used as a last resort. She jumps to her death like Tommen did, and then the explosions take people out with her. Of course, I personally like the idea of Cersei being killed by Jaime. I was a fan of her dying by Arya with the face of Jaime, but...she already got her big kill.
  10. Steve Stark

    Theory about Jamie Brienne and Ice

    You know, I've thought about a lot of stuff...but this never crossed my mind. Now it will probably drive me nuts. Thanks.
  11. Steve Stark

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    A lot has been said here, the good and the bad (sometimes about the same things with different opinions). I think it's funny how different everyone is. Some hate a part, some love it. I'm glad I'm not in charge of the show. People will tear it apart no matter what you do. Top moment: Sansa and Theon. I'm neither in the " Ihate Sansa" or the "love Sansa" club. But Sophie Turner's acting for this scene was on point, as was Alfie's (Allen's one of the top performing actors in the show, in my opinion). I *felt* something in this scene, and for me, that's enough. I realize Jon's reunion with Bran was awkward, but Jon tried to make it meaningful, but Bran...isn't Bran any more. I get that. Still...wish we could have the Starks get together and share a moment like Sansa and Theon did prior to the battle. Low moment: Greyworm. I just didn't like the scene. Felt weak, and like it was just there so he could die and we could have some sort of relationship closure. Missandei is beautiful, but her character seemed more interesting when she was Danny's adviser and linguist. Her intelligence made her an asset for Team Danny, and gave her a reason to be a semi-strong secondary character on the show. Her relationship with Greyworm...not so much. Sometimes I don't mind it, but sometimes, mostly, I just roll my eyes and wish the screentime could be used elsewhere.
  12. I was gone for a good while, and now you're nowhere to be found. I feel a bit lost right now. Did you give up on Season 6 and ASOIAF? Hope all is well man. Let me know when you hop on here or the other site.

  13. Steve Stark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    First time I've been truly impressed this season. Gave it a 9. A few of the lines were weak, and in the beginning Hardhome was a little too "Army of Darkness" for me (don't get me wrong, I love that movie, but it's a B-rated movie for a reason). But once they really started breaking through the gate/wall it got MUCH better and was legitimately badass in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. Thank the gods! Finally got me back into the show this season!! (and yes, I have a few gripes about changes to this and that, but it's some good television)
  14. Steve Stark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Oh, I see. Well I guess that makes sense. Well played Jorah. That's a good point. Millions spent on this show, and the killer wardrobe department, and he's been wearing the same thing for 5 years. Poor guy. I still like the man though, even if he has greyscale. I was kind of hoping he'd "get the girl" one day. Guess that's not gonna happen...
  15. Steve Stark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Double Post. Sorry guys.