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  1. Very underwhelming. The beginning was done....well? Her death was quick. About as abrupt as her going mad. Small council and the vote for king...felt fake/forced/something not right about it all. Jon going north is fine, but it still felt hollow. Overall, for such a great set of books and a series with such promise, it ended poorly, and just left me feeling meh about the whole thing. It's depressing, really, but I suppose I'm glad it's over (and sad it's over at the same time).
  2. I hear you. That actually has me worried he's somehow betrayed Jon and Daenerys. I see no reason for Cersei not to kill him...after all she just murdered someone else important to Daenerys, so why not Tyrion? Something fishy about that, or it could just be the writing. I did think for one moment the show might end with an arrow-riddled Tyrion. Or just go black when the arrows hit, like they tend to do when Tyrion gets struck by anything. Then show his body first thing next episode before all hell breaks loose. Guess that's just my imagination going wild.
  3. 6 or a 7. Not a bad episode, but not the best. Really liked the beginning, which hit me right in the feels. There were a few other great moments too, and a few surprises. I just didn't like the script this episode for Daenerys much, and a few other bits. A lot feels rushed, but still damn good TV. About lost it when Rhaegal died. But I do agree with Gianna...the first three hitting dead on, then about 47 of them missing Drogon a bit later...kind of ridiculous. I guess the argument could me he was just frolicking through the wind on a joyride, and Drogon was aware, and performing combat maneuvers.
  4. I was gone for a good while, and now you're nowhere to be found. I feel a bit lost right now. Did you give up on Season 6 and ASOIAF? Hope all is well man. Let me know when you hop on here or the other site.

  5. First time I've been truly impressed this season. Gave it a 9. A few of the lines were weak, and in the beginning Hardhome was a little too "Army of Darkness" for me (don't get me wrong, I love that movie, but it's a B-rated movie for a reason). But once they really started breaking through the gate/wall it got MUCH better and was legitimately badass in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. Thank the gods! Finally got me back into the show this season!! (and yes, I have a few gripes about changes to this and that, but it's some good television)
  6. Oh, I see. Well I guess that makes sense. Well played Jorah. That's a good point. Millions spent on this show, and the killer wardrobe department, and he's been wearing the same thing for 5 years. Poor guy. I still like the man though, even if he has greyscale. I was kind of hoping he'd "get the girl" one day. Guess that's not gonna happen...
  7. This is a really good point. I thought of it while first watching, but then it must have slipped my mind. I almost thought they must have been going for a, "wait a minute, I recognize the way that guy walks/moves" or whatever, but then if she was wondering if it was him, that theory flies out the window when he removes his helmet and she is disgusted. Maybe she was excited to see a knight from her homeland fight? Either way, sloppy writing, as you said. Great point Pat.
  8. Strongest of the season. 7+ Tommen and Cersei scene dragged and I just wanted it to be over. And the Dorne bit was pretty horrendous as well, although I do like breasts and the actor who plays Bronn. Still...they really need to write better Dorne scenes. It's so disappointing. Overall, even with all the differences, best episode this season.
  9. I liked the scene with her and Myranda too, for the most part. She showed that she wasn't the little fool child that she was when this war first started. She didn't want to take shit from some peasant, and she told her to piss off. Well done, Sansa.
  10. I do agree, however, that there are far too many 1's. Just as I always think there are far too many 9's and 10's. Only the absolute best episodes deserve a 10. There are probably only 2 or so, in my opinion. Several were worth a 9. This episode was bad. Hell, I'd be willing to go as low as 3 or 4, but there is still story, however misguided. There is still plot, no matter how many pointless scenes there have been. And there are still several good actors in the mix. 1s wouldn't be so extreme if those same people weren't constantly putting up 9s and 10s for 95% of the other episodes across all five seasons. I feel like there is a lot of, "They did what?! Blasphemy! My score is 1." If it was that bad, truly, I wouldn't be watching it at all.
  11. I'm not sure what was more painful: the birthmark scene, all of Dorne, or what Sansa had to endure at the end. Probably Sansa...Maybe. Gods this episode was horrid. Alfie can act though. Gave it a 5 but probably should have given it a 4.
  12. Pointless until he gets "bored with her" and he has Sansa skin her alive. Some people have guessed that she'll do something evil to "play along" with the Boltons so that they think she's with them, and that will be one of the "more traumatizing scenes than the Red Wedding" that they keep talking about this season. I don't think it will go that far, but perhaps he'll make her cut her throat or something to put her out of her misery after he's tortured her? Or make her hunt her with his dogs, like Myranda has done with him so many times? I don't know. RW was pretty traumatizing. The things people come up with to one-up the red wedding are pretty insane, but I kind of could see this scenario happening. THEN her jealousy wouldn't be pointless. Guess we'll see. I'm honestly not very excited aboutt he rest of the season, but I'll admit that I'll be watching it.
  13. A part of me wants to say it's a good show, even great when it has its moments. But the love I have for ASOIAF also makes me hate this God damn fucking show...I'm almost to the point of not watching it any more, but I know that's not going to happen. Fuck me, I'm cursed!
  14. I don't understand any 1 ratings either. Or 10s for that matter. Actually, I'm considering dropping mine to a 7, and can't really justify an 8 rating. It was slightly stronger than the first two episodes, but not by much. 10 to me means solid acting the whole way through, solid plot, solid visuals, and that I was on the edge of my seat for damn near the whole thing. There have been 10s in the GoTs series, for sure, and these first 3 eps of season 5 were not, in my opinion, anywhere near deserving of a 10 rating. But to each their own. Honestly, after reviewing all 3 episodes, I think they were all strong 6s.
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