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  1. This to me is what happens when you take the magic and prophecy out of the story. -No talk of the Valonquar so Cersei and Jaime can have their little love ending -No consistency with Azor Ahai so Arya can kill the NK, and an 8000 yr old entity is just snuffed out like that -No consistency with Bran's powers and training, or who the Bloodraven really is Plus, what happens with the Dothraki? What happens with the cities Daenerys liberated in the East? How are all the kingdoms of with the North being given special treatment? No talk of Jon being the rightful heir? Way too many questions lefts, way too many inconsistencies...just nonsense And does anyone think maybe Bran is really Bloodraven who just using his magic and tricks to mess with everyone?
  2. Convenient Sansa demands for the North to be free and shes Queen
  3. I know, but hes trying to give her a chance
  4. Hes like Ned when he gave Cersei a chance
  5. She should not have that many soldiers
  6. The Queen of Ashes, what she said she didnt come to be
  7. Right?! And her dad is Jon’s grandad. Wouldn’t he go crazy too possibly? But let’s ignore that
  8. I think if this wasn’t 6 episodes I wouldn’t feel like this is trash. But we’ve got what we got, and this episode might’ve been the worst ever. And all those people whining about the writers and how they did Sansa last episode should recognize they turned Dany crazy so Jon would be justified in killing her. I think what we’ll get in the books will be very different thank goodness
  9. Dany is a mad queen now, but it’s justifiable, not like her father just going crazy. It will be a shame for her to be viewed as that from everyone, like “See she’s crazy!” And that she could possibly reinforce that by setting KL on fire. I think she’ll surprise everyone and burn the fleet at least and start taking things away from Cersei to make her go crazy and then it would be Cersei setting KL ablaze. I’m so irritated that D&D let the connection of the Direwolves and the Starks go to the wayside, but I guess it’s good if they didn’t care to do it right. I can’t believe he’s let Ghost go, but maybe it’s like, this is his child and he wants him to live. Got a kick out of Gendry getting a Lordship out of nowhere! Too bad he got his heart broken. But Arya is right, that isn’t her. I like Sansa and Sandor getting a moment too..that was nice Of course Sansa has to tell the secret, but I think she definitely did it purposely, she knew who Tyrion would tell and she would get that roundabout way to get rid of Dany I am confused on who would be running Riverrun and The Twins if the Freys are dead. Shouldn’t Edmure Tully have been released from his cell by who’s left? Like his wife? And he’d be the Lord of the Twins I guess...maybe there’s random Lannister soldiers holding Riverrun I was so shocked by Rhaegal getting killed like that, but I like it happened like that. This story isn’t waiting for anybody now, they brought death to Dany now and showed her how vulnerable she is, and that she should’ve listened to others to wait
  10. I couldn't stand this part. He's on trial for nothing that can be proven, and because everyone hates him or thinks Bran is a seer he gets the axe. I was more for LF making an attempt on Arya's life. Then you've got some real justification. I cant stand Sansa going on and on about being sold to the Boltons. She went into that with open eyes; he essentially gave her a choice she could've backed out on, or taken a dagger to Roose and Ramsay while LF was still there. A shame for him to go out like that
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