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  1. I know the place. You say 'crazy' they ask 'how much?'
  2. She's in Illinois, right? How long until one of these states (say, Texas) passes a law that encourages their abortion bounty hunters to... persuade... doctors in neighboring states who have provided medical services for women in to report and be charged for commiting murder? You think that sounds crazy, I have an ascendant political party to introduce you to.
  3. Great season, the best one so far. But unfortunately the last episode was the worst of any season, as far as I recall. That said, it wasn't THAT bad. Pretty bad, but Stranger Things' finale was worse than this one. Way worse. I also kinda got the impression that Homelander didn't want to kill Maeve (forced mother and all that) but the episode was so jank they never properly set that (or a bunch of other shit) up.
  4. I'm not a master debater, but I don't think that's what I did. Maybe if I'd only written the first paragraph, where I admittedly detoured to take a shot at the pathetic pathetic pathetic idea that some kind of popular groundswell is in the offing... A concept held very very dear by people who douse themselves in useless statistics assessing popular will or whatever while the enemy uses the same information to assess political will and then does something with the knowledge beyond use it to generate clicks on their fucking webzones. But I then immediately returned to the track at hand, regarding Manchin and the complete insanity of expecting to accomplish anything worthwhile with this man as your fulcrum. I don't think that's a straw man. In fact, I kinda feel like you can't point to any reasonable explanation for maintaining this precious HOPE you people are still trying to smoke through your stoma so, uh, you did a little straw manning of your own. That's right, I'm breaking out the "No I didn't, you did it!" defense. I think it applies here. Yo, I ain't posting to break people down out of malice towards y'all, but you folks need to wake up. My rage is directed at my declared enemies, who have who have who HAVE already taken from me rights of my person that I was born with. That's not fallacious. That's not a cynicism or a teary eyed projection based in hopelessness, that happened. And that right ain't coming back. No matter what lame ass bills get introduced or EOs get dispensed or stupid fucking obvious evidence is admitted against an explicit traitor, it ain't coming back because we already lost these battles for democratic actionability. We all sat around praying at the altar of progress thinking that it was some inevitable triumph that we were smart enough to recognize early, but if you haven't noticed we fucking lost. Not losing, not not winning yet. We fucking lost. One party gets to commit political violence, murders MURDERS, and transparently move to make irrelevant the act of voting for people they don't want. Oh, and they also achieved their lifeslong dream of reducing the personal autonomy of women up to and including now arguing they have the right to decide where THEIR women go if they might be capable of carrying another soldier in the war against democracy. If democracy, if representative government theoretically beholden to the people, is something you consider foundational to your way of life; there are people who believe the opposite and they will kill you and be absolved by the courts. They are real. They are armed. They are coordinated. And the police are on their side. So are all the courts that matter. With all due respect, Mormont. And remember I'm saying with all due respect: Whatever, man
  5. I legitimately don't know how to answer that. What the Fuck am I supposed to do? Bury my head in the sand and pretend a 2 point shift (within the margin of error) in polls means... Something, something, hope from a dead Carrie Fisher? Y'all have been kicking at this football of hope for YEARS. At what point are you gonna realize that rightness and goodness aren't something that wins out by the magic of friendship and belief in common love defeating the forces of hate and greed. Joe Manchin is your enemy. He will never give what is needed to save this country, even if that power was his to share. I know this because he keeps telling me with his actions. You say cynic like it's some kind of foolishness. So be it, optimist.
  6. At what point does it stop being reflexive and become learned cynicism?
  7. Query: what is the basis for your totalist non-sanctified sanctification of life of any nature? I don't want to dog pile on you, I'm curious. Why do you think that a human's life is intrinsically... let's say worthy of the severity of your stance on its defense against (almost) any occurrence?
  8. Why would I begrudge them their faps? They got what they wanted. They deserve a good jerking off. I see an acknowledgement that Democrats are utterly powerless to actually hold the perpetrators of violence accountable and want to put up a new coat of paint instead. Just as soon as the fascists 'iron out' the language that lets them do what the Fuck they want anyway
  9. But what makes that change? What action that can be undertaken could arrest our fall into that end point? Facts, truth, video evidence and recorded statements have only served to further empower the drivers of minority rule and anti-democracy. I keep hearing about the polls and the majority, the majority, the majority of Americans like it fucking matters what they want. The majority doesn't give a fuck. In fact, they have proven that. We matched for women, they marched against Congress -and got their anti-women ends realized-. We matched against police violence, they fucking killed police and us and are still going to be rewarded with the levers of power again. One side acts. The other side jerks off to polling data and congratulates itself for being 'right'. Righter all the time, it's starting to seem to me in this country.
  10. You people still don't understand what you're fighting against. Police, corporations, politicians, and now the very 'justice' department itself implicitly (at LEAST) condone the use of political violence towards objectives explicitly subversive to the concept of shared democratic institutions and traditions. They will not be punished for this. They support such practices towards the purpose of removing individual autonomy and diluting the capacity for popular will to be enacted through peaceful means. You're in a war and you're losing so badly that you still think you're in one country.
  11. Ah, the old "it's too dangerous to charge him for treason, maybe we can get him for tax fraud" stage of the democratic grief process. Depression is right around the corner, and that'll be hard. But by November we will all have transferred gracefully to Acceptance. I wonder if Trump will promise to pardon all the traitors before or after the midterms. Y'know, when he announces he's winning in 2024.
  12. I look backwards from where I stand today. Most recently it was known as Rakis.
  13. Do as you please, but I wonder what the reward is for these imaginings. Are you to conceive of -then spoil for- a Rogue One-ish profligation (call it Prime One [brought to you by Amazon]) to fill in the "plot hole" -it is not a plot hole- regarding the unexplored destruction or failed deployment of Atreides air assets over their influential sphere? Because I support your right to do such things but please don't. You're worth more than fanish obsession into intellectual cul de sacs. Leave that to the Trekkers and the people who popped erections when Darth Vader turned on his red lightsaber and killed all those idiot rebels. IMO or whatever.
  14. Or completely immaterial to the story. The planet Rakis was attacked by Harkonnen-Sardukar coalition; achieved surprise and victory against the grandfather of the God Emperor Leto. The text is clear on this. Duke Leto's defenses were insufficient to debilitate and dispel attacking forces. What is the confusion?
  15. It's not a plot hole, it's just the way the story unfolded. The same as there being an exhaust vent on the Death Star isn't a plot hole. It's not real. There's no answer to glean from these inquiries. There was no air patrol because the author didn't write one -nay that, he just didn't specifically describe one and it's activities/demise- because that's not what was important in the story.
  16. Because the author prescribed a sneak attack and that's what happened. There is no other answer to your... question.
  17. This is why there's nothing good to be gained by declaring some victory in the field of immigration prosecutions: We've lost everywhere else
  18. Sorry, we were looking for "And Luck never made it at all." Thanks for playing, though, and make sure you the viewers tune in next week for Shittalk Showdowns!
  19. 'sawesome. Y'all're all trippin'. Tower world is way in the future, after Halores has killed all the humans and Bernarnold wakes up in the dusty motel. It's gonna be great.
  20. Advanced botany?? Read some real shit before you get all set on leaving that lame earf behind forever. Start with Kim Stanley Robinson and work your way forward to Neal Stephenson. I love The Expanse too, but anyone who calls it hard or realistic science fiction doesn't read enough science fiction.
  21. Fetish for extraterrestrial residency is proof positive that the person in question has never read a sci-fi novel. Star Trek and Warhammer 40,000K stories don't count. And watching Matt Damon make potatoes in his own shit doesn't count as reading either.
  22. We've had our disagreements, but I think this is accurate. The thing I fear most is (selfishly) that individual rights for Americans who aren't wealthy will be eviscerated further but the living standards won't decrease very much at all besides more and more random acts of violence as the decades drag on. I see this coming because the outrageous American military capacity is going to make insisting on terms of trade agreements very easy. And there will be so much violence involved in getting your groceries that nobody's gonna care what country we're bombing as long as the avocado and Disney+ content keeps rolling in. In this way the descent to fascistic Empire is already well begun.
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