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  1. Yep he has done nothing to deserve escaping the noose and there is nothing he can do to make up for what he has cost Westeros.
  2. Yeah it was a pretty stupid post by Crona like literally the entire scene is about someone feeling extreme grief and falling into the lowest of depressions.
  3. Yep Eddard baiting Tywin into breaking the King's Peace was a masterstroke of realpolitik. There's not much more of that kind of maneuvering outside of Eddard that makes any sort of sense without author weighing the scales.
  4. No one in the books has killed more innocents than these two deciding to bone each other while cucking a King. I find the idea of Jaimes redemption to be repellant in the extreme the man is responsible for the devastation of the Riverlands and has the audacity to talk about bringing justice or such tripe to the lands. That path is closed to him after causing the lawlessness.
  5. Careful he's about to blow us away with his textual evidence of mental illness.
  6. I doubt that is going to happen it's always been a pretty garbage take on what will happen to the Skin changers of House Stark if they die.
  7. Nope it's a mix of plate and mail, the Northmen have plate as well. Roose Boltons weirdo nipple muscle armor and the Manderly heavy Calvary?
  8. Are you comparing wanting to go fight in battle and possibly die in defense of your family with deserting your brothers in Braavos? Hell if Dareon had paid their way to leave Braavos instead of what he did you might have an argument but that is not what he was doing.
  9. I don't think that has anything to do with this topic and kind of feels like a derail as it's asking for a hypothetical. But people would be justified in killing Jon if he had deserted at that time with his only reprieve being getting to Robb and being pardoned by his Brother. Arya as his sibling would not be doing it or any member of House Stark for that matter.
  10. Dude you disproved your whole point by showing someone in the middle of deep grieving and depression from it. You don't feel those things without empathy.
  11. Didn't Yoren cover Arya's eyes stopping her from seeing her fathers death?
  12. Why would anyone regret killing Raff, that's a public service. It would feel great to know he's never going to be around to kill another innocent.
  13. Yep like 3,000,000 at the least if I remember right it's 1% that is normally sent to War and I doubt the North is even sending that. Ignoring the silly people who think the north is constantly starving the population should be huge.
  14. Eddard helps secure it and grows richer for the taxes he receives from said mines, that is about it. This wouldn't be a huge thing as House Flint is already related to Eddard they could easily ask him for help. The Mountain Clans would grow rich and they'd have to deal with their younger generation which has been wanting to settle and not roam. As for the Southern Kingdoms, they do not get involved this is none of their business and would be a huge over step for them to even get that deep into the North for something that would take this much time to do. So the North is busy dealing with this internally and Eddard probably down the road has to decide if one his second sons will be going to the Mountain clans to make a claim through marriage.
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