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  1. Faceless men do not use glamours though what they do is straight up blood magic/soul magic. A glamour is like hologram you can put your hand through it. You touch a Faceless man nothing is going to tell. Not to say Faceless men do not know Glamours but it is not the changing of a face.
  2. That was not the Starks who did that I believe what your thinking of is some slaves they freed who decided to do that after King Brandon Ice Eye's freed them. This was after retaking wolf's den from slavers in the Step Stones.
  3. No because he kills the same amount if not more being one of the main architects of the War of Five Kings. Literally attempts to kill a child to hide his crimes. Jaime is a villain his redemption arc is a joke built on the ashes of his own actions, you do not get to cause untold suffering and benefit from it then double back and speak of justice for a set atrocities that you helped start.
  4. Survives an entire continent in the middle of war based on growing guile, yet your surprised when she has improved at this? Curious why you'd think after Harrenhal guile wasn't Arya's tool of choice?
  5. That doesn't make any sense Long Swords do not weigh a lot they are like 2 or 3lbs.
  6. I think Joffrey was mine he died as he lived in an unsightly fashion.
  7. No the Faces are a completely different thing their not glamours that can be seen through by anyone. A glamour is cheap trick a lesser magic the actual thing with the faces involves some deeper magic. Can't use quotes from the scene that goes into this as it's in Winds.
  8. I thought Mercy was just a face from the room of faces, do people believe the Faceless men run around skinning faces in the field? Like with curing racks and everything? I imagine they could take a face from someone they've killed but I don't think it's the kind of deal you just slap on afterwards.
  9. Yep I like Gendry but dude has so many insecurities about highborns and trust issues. Along with being about as curious as a Brick.
  10. No I'm pretty sure they can pull off an Ice Age if left to their own devices and those can go on for geological time periods.
  11. How do you figure Arya is insane I'd like some example from text if you could provide some? What thought process of hers do you find unreasonable?
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