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  1. Darksnider05

    Was Robert's Rebellion justified ?

    No, you have no evidence of this that's just your head canon which has no bearing on anything unless you can produce something that gives a single hint towards that.
  2. Darksnider05

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    I'm not sure Sansa Jon shippers wanna hear that, they need for them to have been close and have chemistry.
  3. Darksnider05

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Ya'll seem to not understand the King calls a witness they do not get to defer to someone else.
  4. Darksnider05

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    What do you think Eddard should of done in the face of a direct order from his King? What was his recourse in that situation?
  5. Darksnider05

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Most likely Ashara Dayne told him, which led to the death of her brother and she may have killed herself afterwards along with her miscarriage. Or she snuck off to be Septa Lemore.
  6. Darksnider05

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    That's not what the war was about though and Lyanna had zero ability to effect it on any level once she's gone with Rhaegar, kidnapped or otherwise. The moment Aerys called for the heads Robert and Eddard the War was on. There was no coming back from that.
  7. Darksnider05

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    What makes you think Lyanna had access to a Raven? Or that she would be allowed to possibly contact anyone?
  8. Darksnider05

    So it never occurred for anyone to use Arya?

    They toasted her at the Dinner did they not?
  9. Darksnider05

    Sansa stark have no reasons to like Dany

    You do understand Tyrion is a member of House Lannister and thus her enemy no matter what he says in that situation. There can be no true kindness in that situation for her as she's a prisoner regardless of his intent.
  10. Darksnider05

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    That shit was right up there with Star Trek Discoverys "Yum Yum" line. Completely took you out of the scene while you wonder what the fuck was just said. Sansa isn't even top 3 in smarts of the Stark family.
  11. Darksnider05

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Is it really first 30 seconds he says Arya is fine after getting rammed into a wall when her being concussed is a huge part of the next segment of the show.
  12. Darksnider05

    Arya's Weapon

    It's just a double headed spear as Arya had trained with staffs at the House of Black and white, It also had the ability to separate into two. That was all there was nothing overly special about it. Yep that's basically what that scene was a way for Arya and Gendry to talk.
  13. Darksnider05

    Faceless Men and Iron Bank

    Yeah easily but in the sense that they would destroy the armies ability to function as an army. The leadership would be decapitated on every major level to the point that you'd just be left with a mob not an army.
  14. Darksnider05

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. 29 2. Male 3. Arya Stark 4. Jaime Lannister