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  1. Darksnider05

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Sansa has other options in House Royce she's been actively choosing Petyr for a while. But the text is clear about her feelings on SweetRobin her kin.
  2. Darksnider05

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Not really sure I agree with that.
  3. Darksnider05

    powerhouse north

    You are Martin is just really bad at Math and doesn't understand how much wildlife would be in the North. We have some places with similar climates to the North and it'd be Karibu by the million up there.
  4. Darksnider05

    How far will Arya go to kill her enemies?

    You do know there is direct text evidence against this with Arya saying herself she doesn't know who among the Freys were involved with the murder of her family.
  5. Darksnider05

    How far will Arya go to kill her enemies?

    Arya get's these weird hate threads and they always tend to have very little to do with the text just feels before reals non stop. That or really bad trolling.
  6. Darksnider05

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    I've got none of this from seeing Lady Stoneheart in action. The message your trying to spread doesn't work as the entire series is people fighting over revenge and it hasn't stopped anyone. Stoneheart is just the first to have an actual credible mass target for it.
  7. Darksnider05

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    Bit of sexism there you'll encounter a lot of the females of House Frey get a pass even though a lot of them were in the know.
  8. Darksnider05

    Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    Your not wrong really, it's survival has been baffling considering where's she's been and who among.
  9. Darksnider05

    Why is Arya so boring?

    What does that have to do with Arya who traveled through a Warzone to get back to her family only to arrive to have them die not a hundred feet from her. Literally Arya's family is the past for her their gone as far as she knew or beyond her reach.
  10. Yeah it's not Sansa but here's a clue.
  11. Darksnider05

    If Robb Stark Did Not Worship The Old Gods...

    Yep, that's basically how that would go.
  12. He hid the truth about her not being a whore which still wouldn't justify the whole thing. Jaime was complicit as far as that goes he was involved.
  13. I didn't specify you but are you not one who started out speaking of peoples "Delusions"? But even ignoring that if you work in law and you don't think someone who orchestrates and enables all of these crimes is just as bad I don't know what to tell you. Because you mentioned raping an eleven year old girl with a dog and that one tracks back to Littlefinger as he had said girl trained in the sex trade after holding her prisoner from the slaughtered retainers of House Stark and delivers her to said dog rapist and flayer of people.
  14. This isn't delusion it's people having short term memories and not being able to track causation. Do you think because he's not out there raping and personally murdering smallfolk he's not directly responsible for the wot5k by killing Jon Arryn and pointing his finger(Lysa) at house Lannister? Do you not understand the function of a pimp it's basically a slaver of women in the sex trade, gonna stick to show evidence but if say a certain Kingsguard wanted a young girl he'd go to Petyr Baelish while in King's Landing.
  15. Darksnider05

    Fickle Characters

    Dude I don't care about Preston Jacobs or anyone who does reviews on youtube. Literally by the standards of Westeros she's normal and that's actually what's bad Sandor explained Westeros years ago in the books and in the show. It's run by killers and ruled by killers.