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  1. giant snake

    Why Doran's plan is so bad?

    I think he is letting his desire for revenge dictate his decision making. For him, the sack of King's Landing may as well have happened yesterday. He has been cautiously plotting to take down the Lannisters for years...almost as long as we have been waiting for the next book to come out. There is nothing of greater importance and he probably assumes that any Targaryan would be as motivated by revenge as him AND ambitious to retake the Iron Throne. What he didn't take into account is that Dany was still just a baby during the sack and he didn't know that she would end up having her own plans, not to mention that she would be so capricious.
  2. giant snake

    Does Cersei really love Jaime?

    This is basically what I came here to say. Cersei is a narcissist to the extreme. I do think she loves her children but I don't think she is capable of loving another person. For her, sex with fat Robert is repulsive simply because he is beneath her standard, and Osmund Kettleblack because he puts her in the submissive position and she is incapable of dealing with it. All of her personal interactions are about her, whether it's sex, power, or even with intelligence. That's how narcissism works - they don't get validation from within but they have to wreck others to achieve their version of a normal mental state.
  3. giant snake

    Robert Baratheon Surrounding himself with Lannisters

    Gregor is rightly condemned because of the testimony of peasants and probably because of a pattern of behavior. Say what you want about Starks as rulers, they make for good judges. Unfortunately the Lannisters are one step ahead of him the entire time because they are actively working towards a coup against King Robert.
  4. giant snake

    Why did Varys kill Grand Maester Pycelle?

    It's not just Cersei but from Tyrion and Ned too. He seems like the epitome of the flatterer and fool or as someone who holds his position due more to his tractability than because of his talent.
  5. I think Ned is more his own thing. It's frustrating to me that the Arryns seem to be so insular during all of this trouble when their Lady was responsible for so much in the beginning of the story, but maybe that is actually a mark in their favor. If they don't rush off to war, that isn't a bad thing.
  6. giant snake

    Let's Make The North Forget!

    You can't remember when your head is detached rollsafe
  7. giant snake

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    Alrite granted. He is becoming darker as the series progresses and what he did was probably his lowest point. Still doesn't make sense to apply this all to him retroactively.
  8. giant snake

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    It's not about ignoring anything. Seeing as how we can literally read the minds of the main characters, I would say that almost all of these presumptions about unsavory emotional motivations that they supposedly have are just silly edgelord shitposting. If I thought GRRM was actually trying to beat the reader over the head with what we are 'supposed to think' then I wouldn't read his books. When creators try to make their works relevant they usually make them suck. [inappropriate discussion deleted] Tyrion has the potential to be great but he is as held back by thinking with his stomach and his dick almost as much as he is held back by his height. If GRRM called him a villain a long time ago, so what? He mixed up Renley's eye color once and he obviously fired his editor after ACoK. Maybe Tyrion is the villain because he is the one on the wrong side? Maybe it's because he already knew that he would end up with Dany and she is the villain? Maybe GRRM just likes to troll people (this is what is most likely).
  9. giant snake

    Was Tywin justified in killing all the Reynes?

    That's a good point - they apply their justice to each other as they would in their own territory. Then again, the question why they are in each other's territory or at each other's throats to begin with is another one. Presumably you have mediation between the church and the various Kingdoms, to some extent. It never really is explained. It's also noteworthy that the Seven Kingdoms don't appear to have a chief justice or a chief attorney for the realm, which you would expect in a medieval society because those things both existed IRL. I don't think Grand Maester Pycelle is anything close to either of those things btw. It is obviously outside the bounds of a Maester's authority. On that note, I don't see how such a slimy cuck like Pycelle got to be placed so highly when there are so many other Maesters of more reliability.
  10. giant snake

    Was Tywin justified in killing all the Reynes?

    I think that's basically true. I would presume that not all are this way. Dorne, we don't know how the law is practiced but it seems to generally be more lenient. Arryn has its house code and its love of honor. Starks seem justified in applying an iron handed justice because of both the size of their territory and the unruliness of northerners in the world of Westeros. Overall the system is one of those that isn't as bad in theory as in practice. Ned was right to pronounce Gregor Clegane of knighthood and title. In his view, anyone who harmed the people had broken his knightly vows. The same thing for the Hedge Knight in reverse, where Dunk becomes the people's champion because (as Baelor Breakspear tells him), he kept his vows and defended the innocent. So basically apathetic rulers letting their servants get away with transgressions is the problem, and by the time of the novels it is out of hand to where even the Lords Paramount are suspect.
  11. giant snake

    did jaime really mean it when he said he would kill tyrion?

    Even if he meant it, I seriously doubt that he would or will carry through with it. Jaime isn't the type of person to see him years later and say something like "I once swore to kill you, and now I shall" or whatever.
  12. giant snake

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    That's ridiculous. Until the middle and end of book 3, Tyrion is on the side of the Lannister family. Killing enemy without them being able to retaliate isn't a petty matter. There's nothing about Tyrion or even Tywin to indicate that they use any tactics they do because they think it's unnecessary or for personal satisfaction. They are different with what they consider acceptable. We see example after example of Tyrion having humanity towards people who have no choice or no ability to defend themselves. When the "antler men" are exposed, it's regrettable to Tyrion because they picked the wrong side and because it deprives his side of a valuable resource. He understands that people die in wars, especially when they try to secretly support the other side, so he isn't going to lose any sleep over it, but that's not some sort of evil hands rubbing behavior.
  13. giant snake

    Was Tywin justified in killing all the Reynes?

    Well seeing as how Tywin is a pretty poor father figure to his own children in every way, it makes sense that he would be a detached feudal overlord as well. Still not sure if we're debating whether he was morally justified or legally justified. It seems to me that he was legally justified but that he had no moral high ground to speak of.
  14. giant snake

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    Pretty much my thoughts. When I think of Catelyn's quote about the "Knights of Summer" (which I can't quote directly because Kindle won't stop updating my books and erasing all of my quotes - the bastards) I think about people like Ned Stark, Bronn, and Tyrion. For one thing, I get the impression that most of the lords don't have a realistic idea of what a knock down, drag out war is really like. Sure their Maesters do, but do they listen? More credit to the Hedge Knight stories too, for showing the effect of picking sides even generations later down the line. Anyone familiar with Japanese history will see lots of analogies there too. Tyrion and others may have never fought in a war, but they know from spending more time bouncing between the classes how capricious life and death can be. I think someone like Bronn, who presumably has fought in dozens of smaller conflicts, has more perspective on someone like Ser Addam Marbrand, who understands battles, ransoms, and sieges, but who doesn't know or care about everything else that war affects. Even the veterans of Robert's Rebellion have their views colored by their own experiences. For Victarion, it was about losing a single battle. For Balon, it was about losing all of his sons. For Ned, it was always about personal relationships and loss. Somehow I don't think that it ever became a dirty war (like the Riverlands) except for the sack of King's Landing.
  15. giant snake

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    I seriously doubt that Tywin deliberately sought out the lady innkeep but whether he did or not, he is overrated around here in general. As a general, he is first rate. As a ruler, he isn't. If anyone knows who Field Marshal Graf Tilly was in the 30 Years War, that's basically how I see Tywin in this series.