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  1. I think Ned is more his own thing. It's frustrating to me that the Arryns seem to be so insular during all of this trouble when their Lady was responsible for so much in the beginning of the story, but maybe that is actually a mark in their favor. If they don't rush off to war, that isn't a bad thing.
  2. Okay I'm not trying to be the hipster here, but I'm going to say House Arryn. What I want to do is to avoid fixating on single personalities like Tywin or Ned or whoever and look more at the characteristics of the House. Now we don't know that much about house Arryn other than that it places a premium on honor and that (from my perception) they have the most serious knightly order in Westeros, which would imply a lot of things including military code and discipline. They are the closest thing in Westeros to a house that patterns itself closer to the ideals of that society, and that manifests itself with the last head of the house, Jon Arryn, getting himself killed because he believes in truth and transparency, even for royalty. Also, am I the only one who gets the impression that Ned Stark's own personal code is more of an Arryn thing that he picked up while a ward? Not saying the Stark way is bad, just that he was a product of both environments. In my estimation, the Stark way is more blunt and good at keeping primitive or unruly people in line. The North is still a bit more wild and that is why Starks deal with things in a more direct fashion, because it is what their subjects understand.
  3. sad to say most people don't read what you put down, and only half of that do they get. sorry to say. ):
  4. Just adding my $0.02 about Catelyn in the show. She is much more likeable. It's not that she is hard to sympathize with in the books but they completely removed the Lady Macbeth aspect from her character in Season 1. If anything, I think Catelyn is sort of hard to like in the books. Mostly it's because she was a bitch to Jon but she just seems a little less smart throughout her chapters. Again credit to the actress. I prefer the books and I normally don't go for serialized TV but I am a film lover, and I give props to an actor who can add a greater deal of depth to a character that the writer didn't consider. Like Tywin, Cersei in the show is an exception to the rest of the shows where the characters are quite dumbed down. Credit the actors - the writers dumb them down because they think we're stupid and they aren't very subtle in their own right.
  5. Maybe but I think there is a limit to this. I can name some true rule by fear historical figures but they still knew now to inspire loyalty. Even in a modern, professional military with endless rules and regulations, there are limits to what people will do for you. Tywin, as portrayed on screen, is believable as a man who would have reversed the fortunes of a great house, consolidated power, and managed to hold off superior numbers of the enemy. Humanizing him helps but the actor plays it so well that he pulls it off without making him appear weak. Not lying, Tywin is one of my least favorite characters in the book but one of the best characters on the show. Overall a vast improvement. Contrast is Stannis. I loke the character in the show but he's done so poorly it irritates me. A great performance from the actor, but totally the wrong role and the way they did "Stannis the Mannis" either shows that they didn't like the character as he was or thought that audiences are too stupid to understand him. The whole point of Stannis is that he is a bad leader. I don't want to derail by talking about how TV Stannis is done so wrong, but he both a good commander AND an inspiring leader in the show...but plot has him unpopular because that's the plot. Another improvement I just remembered: Tyrion's trial at the end of Book Three. He was flippant all through it even thouh his words were quite reasonable and obviously true. The show is much better though - the scene is played in total seriousness and not at all of the humorous tone of his trial in the Vale.
  6. Tywin is a much better character in the Show. To be honest book Tywin isn't someone I think men would follow. He's just a little too extreme. Show Tywin still has gravitas and an air of powerful authority, but the actor does such a good job with him that he becomes a better character. I think it's also just luck, but his introduction in the series was perfect as well - a great decision for the director to have him cleaning a deer. (A lot fuckin smarter than sexposition - wish the rest of the jackasses understood that) Bronn is more sympathetic and interesting too, but I don't know if it's an improvement overall to the character's role or whether it just makes up for other small characters getting absorbed. Also have to agree with whoever pointed out the Hound vs Brienne fight. That was an awesome fight!
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    I would bet money the Shade of the Evening Tree does this...

    It's a great theory! One of the rare ones I actually endorse. More than that, whether it is true or not, this was a good read. Thanks for drawing something interesting out of the books like this.
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    Hi, I had an account here years ago but haven't posted since then. Then I was giant squirrel or something. Anyway I'm here again and I look forward to talking with you all.