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  1. Bran can make his capital anywhere in the Six kingdoms. They all have godswoods except for Dragonstone.
  2. The ending is entirely consistent with the books. It was always very clear that Jon was likely to Nyssa-Nyssa Danny. Which meant that he would probably not be the one to kill the NK. It is also clear that Jamie is going to strangle Danny to fulfill the Valonquar prophecy which means that they probably die when the red keep is on fire and he is saving her from the flames.Which in turn means that it really has to be Arya who kills the NK because that is the only payoff available for all that ninja training and the mad queen plot doesn't work as well if Jon killed the NK as well as being the legitimate heir. The reason to read the books was never to find out the end. What is much more interesting is the beginning. We have not seen a third of the true backstory to Roberts rebellion for a start. Why did Aerys go mad? Why did Jamie sit on the Iron throne after killing him? What was the prophecy that drove Rheagar?
  3. Possible. But I rather get the feeling that Fake Aegon is a bit more important than just a shaggy dog story in the books.
  4. They might unfuck back again. And it makes no difference because Jon gives up his birthright as king when he joins the NW. Bran knows full well that he has in fact made Jon King beyond the wall. I thought the previous goodbye strongly suggested that it would not be the last. All the Starks got an opportunity for a spin off you mean. Yup. I have been predicting that for a while. The tell was 'why we don't know'. The gift is south of the wall and they are going north. Well there is the whole doom of valyria to sort out... Greyworm can't do anything without orders. There is no nights watch left. Jon is the only member. That is because it would be a spoiler for the book. Try Aegon Sand. Brandon Stark's son. A Dayne/Stark, not a Targarean at all.
  5. Christine Spinoff Show. This was the one ending I was certain of. HBO would insist no matter what GRRM wanted.
  6. Myers-Briggs is no more grounded in science than the decisions made by the sorting hat. I did a different one when I was with DEC. Fact is that you can learn many of the traits. They are not innate, they are learned. The Chairman role is very much a learned skill which is what Sandringham and West Point are for. There is some value to knowing categories because it is useful when assembling teams. I am not a completer-finisher unless I need to be. But I can assign people who are. The idea of the tests is that teams are supposed to work best with a balance of the skill types. But it doesn't work like that in real life because the plant group really enjoy working with each other and most will kick down to their secondary skills as needed.
  7. The way that bullying works is that a person can raise their social status within certain social groups by being unpleasant or cruel to others. What I see a lot of in this group is people who want to raise their status by telling us what morons they think D&D are for producing the most successful television series in history. Insulting D&D and their supporters is their attempt to raise their social status by gaslighting everyone else into supporting their conclusion. It happens quite a lot in social media generally of course. This is a story about a boy and a girl, an army of zombies and three fire breathing dragons. Who on earth ever expected Checkoff or Shakespere? Come to that, Shakespere isn't exactly known for unimpeachable plot consistency or character motivations either. If you didn't spot the signs that Danny might turn out like Vicerion, you haven't been paying attention. just like people weren't paying attention when Shireen burned despite GRRM telling us it would happen in the very first chapter Shireen appears in. It is pretty obvious that there is a Night King in the books and that Arya kills him. Take careful note of the precise wording used in the reveal, 'we have known that Arya is going to be the one...'. Not 'we decided'. They didn't say GRRM told them but that means no more than they are not going to tread on the books if they don't need to. People could really do everyone a favor by not trying to make themselves look bigger by running down what is at the end of the day an entertainment.
  8. Astrology isn't even pseudo-science. Its pseudo-mysticism at best. The star charts they use haven't been updated for centuries.
  9. Danny could have let the civilians leave the city and take the golden company prisoner. She might need some more soldiers and they are sellswords after all. She didn't want the surrender, she wanted to burn the city. And as a result she is going to find the city impossible to govern. Only half? Is there anyone left alive at this point? Apart from Danny, there really isn't any villain left. Jon doesn't want the throne but is it now clear that he can't let Danny keep it. So Danny is going to die at either Jon's hand or Arya's. Of course the problem with Jon killing Danny is that he was only sent back by the Red God for a purpose and his time will be up once that purpose is complete. So Jon will die as soon as Danny is dead.
  10. I had a friend, now an acquaintance at Oxford who studied classics. He has no experience of studying science whatsoever, never showed the slightest interest in it. I was working on a doctorate in physics, he never once asked about my work. These days he has a job for one of the numerous Koch funded propaganda factories that present themselves as academic institutions publishing non partisan policy studies. He specializes in telling lies about climate change. When you see a graph that has been cleverly edited to show the exact opposite of the truth, that is probably his work. It is not difficult to show he is lying. Just follow the citations in any of his papers and you will quickly discover he is a liar. But people believe him because they want to and facts won't convince them otherwise. And very few people have the moral conscience to say to people like him that they see no reason to call people who lie for a living friends or treat them with anything other than contempt. And of course, you do realize that GoT is all about climate change from start to finish. The WWs are an allegory of the real threat that we face..
  11. Hot Pie is outside Cersei's sphere of influence for a start. Take a look at how people refused to believe that the 'little green men' who invaded Crimea were Russian soldiers despite the obvious fact that they were. Some people continued to deny the obvious right up to the point where Putin admitted he had been lying. People can be very stupid and they can spread what they know are lies for the sheer fun of feeling they are on the dictator's side. There will be enough people going round gaslighting the population of KL with memes saying 'Cersei! Cersei! Cersei!' that are supposed to dismiss people telling the truth about who blew up the sept as cranks.
  12. Why would they believe Cersei did it? All Cersei needs is to tell them that Danny blew up the sept and many would believe them. That is exactly how propaganda works in the real world.
  13. Of course Tyrion is telling Jamie to save their sister. But that isn't why he is letting Jamie go. That is the reason he is giving for Jamie to tell Cersei to give up. Tyrion is guilty because he has caused the death of Varys and he is completing what Varys set out to do.
  14. The horse only arrives after Arya is safe and has no need of it to escape. And it is pretty clearly sent with a purpose which is probably Bran's doing. Tyrion isn't trying to save his siter, he is trying to save the city. Big difference. Again, Arya and the Hound go off to kill Cersei so that there is no need for the battle. She says exactly that to the troops. At the point Arya changes her mind, Cersei is clearly defeated and as good as dead. Someone is going to kill her. It doesn't have to be her. She doesn't have to die. The reason she agrees not to go on is that the Hound begs her not to. He knows he is going to his death but he desperately doesn't want Arya to die with him or for that matter for her to save him.
  15. Maybe but she has to catch him. And she may not even know Jamie is released. I think Tyrion has other plans. Because they were caught offguard. The scorpions were deadly as a surprise. Not deadly when their locations are known in advance. Exactly. Jon is going to turn... Show Euron is clearly a composite of multiple book characters. The scorpions only worked as a surprise weapon and Drogon was bigger than the other two in any case. It was only the first shot that was deadly.
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