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  1. hallam

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    I was certain Shireen was going to end up on a bonfire when they burned the idols of the seven back before they left Dragonstone. The idea that Stannis was going to end up a hero was always ridiculous as far as I am concerned. Shireen's death must be both significant and futile. Stannis must be forced but to play his last card before he is written out. It will be his third use of witchcraft and it must therefore be the end of him. It will allow him to get to Winterfell but not take it. Having his army desert him seems like the likely score. Winterfell must fall to Jon but not soon since Jon is dead. The north remembers subplot is giving a strong indication that the Boltons won't lose it in a set piece battle.
  2. hallam

    Casterly Rock Why?

    All off base. The original plan was for the unsullied to take Casterly Rock while the ships carried the Dornish forces and supplies round by sea. Tyrion did not know about the size of Euron's forces Holding the rock would have all but knocked Cersei out of the war. Which it has in effect until Euron returns. Jamie's attack on Highgarden cost Cersei her army.
  3. hallam

    Casterly Rock Why?

    Tyrion's strategy was to use the attack on Casterly Rock to force Cersei out of Kings Landing. Makes sense. The loss of Highgarden was the result of Sam's father being a turncoat. The queen of thorns didn't have her bannermen behind her.
  4. If GRRM stuck to his original plot then Arya and Jon are not related by blood. Lyanna probably didn't exist at all until mid way through the first draft. R+L=J is only proven in the show, the books may be different and even if the show is following the books, the books are not following the outline. Jamie was originally the mad king pretty much. Tyrion may be upset at the idea that if Jon and Danny have children, the wheel will turn again. Cersei is going to get a shock then because Jamie is off to warn Jon and Danny of Cersei's treachery. And I bet that he gets to Winterfell first so that Arya and the assassin's team can head south to finish off his evil sister. I can't see any need for Cersei to know anything for this plot. Arguably she did for the previous moves against Dorne and Highgarden but that is in the past now. I am pretty sure that Tyrion understands his sister is likely to by lying but they all know that they have to go north and then fight Cersei after.
  5. Once for love in the show would be surely Doreah who betrays her to Xaro Xhoan Daxos. The empty vault bit. I suspected at the time that had been put in because in the books, the other betrayal involved a character that was cut. In the books, Danny hasn't left Essos yet. Plenty of other opportunities for betrayal. Well there is that. But also, how about we have to tell Jon so he knows he can ride dragons.
  6. Bran knows he has to tell Jon because the Three Eyed Crow showed him who Jon was at the ToJ. Obviously the TEC had a reason. Besides, Jon should know his parentage or he might end up boinking his aunt or something.
  7. We are obviously done with backstory in the show. That is all you are going to get unless HBO decides to make a show on Robert's Rebellion after the books finally come out. As far as the books go, I think it is clear that Tywin orchestrated Roberts rebellion in the same way LF orchestrated the war of five kings. And he got what he wanted. His motive being believing Aerys cuckolded him and Tyrion is his son. My suspicion is that Tyrion is his only legitimate son and it is Jamie and Cersei that are Targ bastards and that this will be the reason Jamie sits of the throne after killing the mad king, the prophecy being that the son will murder the king. Looks like we are now getting a Jamie redemption arc. Faced with a choice between his sister and fighting a zombie hoard, he chooses the latter.
  8. D&D are also about making a TV series and they clearly recognize that the plot is complex enough without additional complications. Not showing the details of Roberts rebellion means that GRRM has a huge amount of material that will be new in the books. Exactly, Gilly was proof-reading the copy Sam made. Yup, there are all sorts of reasons why R+L=J is a silly solution. It is far too obvious for a start. There is no suspense or surprise. We are pretty much told about it in book 1 in the fever dream. It is a solution that is entirely based on modern 21st century ideas. And that is what D&D are serving up. There are a whole sequence of missing pieces in the TV series, all of which are obviously important in the books.
  9. I am certain that we will get an extensive backstory on all that in the books. Further, I think that Tywin plays the LF role in causing Robert's rebellion, setting Areys against Rhegar and then the Starks and Baratheons, all to put his grandchildren on the Iron throne. But D&D are probably right not to go there. At least not now. I think the book will be very different and tie everything together in a very different way. All we have got in the show is we know that Robert's rebellion was based on a lie. But we did not get the prophecy that drove Rheagar.
  10. I think it likely D&D don't want to get into the backstory any more than they have to. There are plenty of signs that the book story is a lot more complex than the show. By the time show Jon is born, Rheagar is dead and so are his other two children. So calling the new child Aegon is not really replacing the others.
  11. Well it could be because Tyrion has betrayed Danny to Cersei. But I think it more likely that he knows that his sister cannot be trusted and will break her word. I seem to recall that she was engaged and then called it off. Was Gilly reading the original manuscript or Sam's copy?
  12. From the show. First thing that the TEC says to Bran in the cave is that he has been waiting for him. Then the series of interactions make it clear that he knows that Bran's arrival will lead to his death.
  13. We have seen several trials in the series. The North pretty much goes for the summary justice method. Baelish admitted one murder, that was enough. The Lords of the Vale hate him, they know what he did to Sansa. It is clear that the old three eyed crow could see the future. The issue for Bran would be that if he sees the future, it becomes fixed and cannot be changed. So it is a big risk to do that.
  14. I thought so. But there is so little Valyrian steel that maybe not worth mentioning. The hound would have known the mountain was Cersei's zombie guard ahead of the meeting. I don't think so because Baelish was trying to murder Arya at the time. Maybe. I doubt there is much left for their plot arcs. Stannis was killed on screen. We saw Brienne swing the sword. Even then people would not believe that he was dead.