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  1. hallam

    What was the point of r+l=j

    The wall would have fallen in a different way. Even in the books they know the wall won't hold. Not only that, it shows that Danny is full tyrant. She is conquering knowing that Jon has the right, not her. And that in turn reminds us that the only basis for Targ rule in the first place was the threat of mass murder by dragon. The books will certainly go deeper into the backstory of Robert's rebellion than the show has. And I am certain it is more complex than R+L=J. The three heads prophecy is obviously significant. There is obviously more to Areys 'madness'. It is implied Lyanna dies from childbirth but I suspect it is not that. Jon doesn't get a throne in the end because he has no valid claim to either. He is not a Stark and has no claim to be King in the North because Sansa (and Bran) have precedence over him. He is the Targarean heir but he doesn't have a dragon and their only claim on the throne was based on the threat of mass destruction. Drogon destroys the Iron Throne because he is not putting Jon on it. The resulting settlement is essentially the same as the one when the US was created after the revolution. The six kingdoms establish a federation to avoid falling into further warfare between them. The North becomes Canada. This is actually very close to what happened in Britain in the middle ages after the Vikings were ejected. The Dukes were powers in their own right, some maintained that status till the black death disrupted everything.
  2. hallam

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    I doubt that is an issue when the dwarf in question is the Lord of the Rock.
  3. hallam

    Jaime's Trial

    I am pretty sure that the answer to that is that is one of the key reveals that GRRM is keeping for the books. Show Jamie has told us that he did it to save King's Landing. Which is probably a part of the book explanation but not all of it.
  4. hallam

    Independent North

    It is actually a clever move by Sansa here. Particularly if she remarries Tyrion. It would be a dynastic marriage of convenience and Tyrion would not appear too often at Winterfell to cram her style. As queen in the north, Sansa has complete autonomy. Which is probably better than trying to rule in the South. Tyrion has that headache. He is effectively Prime Minister and Bran is little more than a figurehead. Marrying Tyrion would give her descendants the North and the Rock making two out of the eight votes for the next king. They would undoubtedly have the necessary quorum through dynastic marriages by the time Bran passed on and it is quite possible that the next King would also be a greenseer and 3ER. Meanwhile, Jon is in effect King beyond the wall. To the extent the title has any meaning at all. Quite likely a majority of the Watch are wildings at this point. With the NK gone, there is no need for the wall.
  5. hallam

    Castrating Jon (Literally)

    Hasn't there been more than enough castration in the show as it is?
  6. hallam

    Castrating Jon (Literally)

    Arya is the slayer of the Night King and thus the first blade of Westeros. I am pretty sure Book Arya is the Night King Killer as well because Arya is essentially a younger Lyanna.
  7. I was thinking that since it was Arya Stark who singlehandedly murdered the entire Frey clan and baked them in a pie for Walder, that would make her the natural lord of the Riverlands by right of conquest. She found Edmure in a dungeon, remember.
  8. hallam

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    Thinking through the ending, it occurs to me that Sansa actually wins far more than people seem to realize. In fact she has a very clear path to becoming the effective high king of the whole of Westeros in all but name. The starting point here is that Bran is essentially a constitutional monarch. He has no particular authority beyond the ability to hire and fire members of the small council. Tyrion exercises the executive authority as Hand. It is also logical to assume that he is Lord of Casterly Rock. It is not clear if the marriage between Tyrion and Sansa has been dissolved at this point. What is clear is that as Queen in the North, Sansa will need to make a political marriage. Marriage to Tyrion would be ideal as he is the lord of the rock, and prime minister of the six kingdoms. So he will be abroad most of the time which probably suits Sansa fine. So assuming that they re-marry and Tyrion nips up to Winterfell for a month or two every so often for purposes of fertilization, who inherits what? One could imagine a situation in which the sons get first chance at the Rock and the girls get first chance at the north. There was a very similar situation between England and France under the Normans where the Plantagenet Kings were simultaneously Kings in their own right in England and Dukes nominally subordinate to the French crown.
  9. The book characters are irrelevant as far as the show is concerned. Sansa is Sansa plus Jayne Poole. Rosalynde is three characters from the books. Edmure isn't even the most senior member of House Stark. He is a minor bannerman to Sansa as lady of the North. It is utterly nonsensical for him to propose himself.
  10. hallam

    The heartless subtext thread...

    One prediction that looks pretty good for the books is that we find out much more about OldTown and the citadel. Another is that there will always be two more books to come.
  11. Arya killed the Night King and can slit any of their throats if she chooses. So she gets a seat at any table she wants. Brienne led the army in the field against the AoD. Davos is going to be needed as he is the only one there with naval experience. Which is pretty important when your primary concern is how to ship the Dothraki and Unsullied somewhere else. Tyrion did more than that. The very first thing he does is to establish that the monarchy will be elective from this point on. Greyworm is accustomed to following orders. He is not someone who is skilled in strategy or formulating long term plans. Also Greyworm wants out of Westeros as soon as possible. He is looking for someone to tell him what to do so he can do it.
  12. hallam

    The heartless subtext thread...

    It seems that the title Grandmaester is effectively in the hands of the King. It is traditional for it to go to a highly accomplished Maester of the citadel but he can nominate anyone he chooses. Since Bran knows everything in time... his need of an actual maester is somewhat different.
  13. hallam

    The heartless subtext thread...

    One thing is certain, Jon is going to find it real hard finding a third date after what happened to his first two.
  14. The North is the only kingdom that is defined geographically by a defensive position. The borders between Dorne, Reach, Stormlands, etc. are like Europe: fungible. The North is like the UK, only it is almost rather than completely a separate island.
  15. I am mighty pleased by the ending of GoT. Danny got the comeuppance she deserved and Jon was reappointed Lord Commander of the Knight's Watch on the Peter principle of rising to the exact level of his incompetence. But there is much more to the last episode than meets the eye: Drogon is basically a dinosaur which means he has the brain of a pigeon and he has basically flown off to find somewhere to turn into oil. Jon basically mansplains Dannerys and stabs her after she calls him on it. Someone must have spent the past two weeks doing some panicked CGI to add Ghost to the last episode despite the cost because you all whined so much. Servicey! Folk complaining because the show didn't explain the ending of the sub plots not even mentioned in the show need to have a hard think. Ask not how Sam Tarly came by his Maester's chain or if Gilly will be OK with the requisite vow of chastity, he is also AWOL from the Nights Watch (if there is one).