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  1. Nymeria Stone

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    But there are also so many more scenes where Dany clearly states she 'doesn't want to be queen of the ashes', where she cares about people and tries to avoid deaths. Where she shows no signs of going crazy. But sure, ignoring the bells and murdering half a city because yes is totally convincing and I shouldn't complain about it. It's funny how dany haters complained about the show white washing her during all the previous seasons and now they are saying her actions make complete sense 'cause she was a cold blood murderer from the start and no one realized. idk about you, but I strongly believe that if the directors of a show/movie have to come in defense of their choices for characters or writing, something is very wrong. Fictional pieces should speak for themselves and if most of the audience has the 'wrong' impression, then it's not the 'wrong' impression. it's the impression the show gave them and that's pretty much what counts.
  2. Nymeria Stone

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    sure, as long as its done properly
  3. Nymeria Stone

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    to this and to many other similar comments, all I have to say is: FORESHADOWING IS NOT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.
  4. Nymeria Stone

    Dothraki and Unsullied

    There's charging and charging. Charging blindly towards an enemy you can't see and you've never fought before is plain stupid. They could've at least split the troops to attack from the sides idk. Anything but that.
  5. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    I accept there are many reasons one can use to criticize Dany, but none is being mentioned here.
  6. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Having people bend the knee is exactly the process of becoming a queen....................................... And she isn't a nobody, she has a claim to the throne.
  7. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Well, but she made the decision of not attacking, right...? And Jon wasn't in this scene, Tyrion was.
  8. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    You're absolutely assuming this.
  9. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Since you seem to be suffering of selective amnesia, rewatch this clip < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL-B76vX_pw > where Dany decides to NOT ATTACK King's Landing in order to avoid the killing of innocent townsfolk and to make a better impression in the Westerosi. To win their over by loyalty and not simply by force. "Showing up, burning men and supplies was not enough? ". That was the middle of the battle. Was Tyrion guilty of using wildfire against Stannis' fleet? "She had men beheaded and put their heads on spikes.". What? Ned beheaded men, Robb beheaded men, Arya murdered so many people.... You justified the men Jon executed because that's how it worked in that society, but you use "she beheaded men" against dany? Honestly, you're not even trying.
  10. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Weren't Randyll and Dickon guilty of treason? Their actions led to Olenna's death, remember? And as I said, they refused to submit to her, refused to take the black; they were given options. You argue that what Jon did was socially acceptable, but in that society, what Dany did was completely acceptable also.
  11. Nymeria Stone


    You could say that about book Dany (even though I disagree), but you can't say this about show Dany. D&D didn't build her character like that and it's a little too late to change that now. While book Dany refuses to admit her father's crimes, remains stuck to the "Usurper" fairy tale and has shown to be quite arrogant and ruthless, show Dany isn't like that. If anything, she was massively criticized for being 'white-washed' by the show writers. She acknowledged her father's crimes, refused to take King's Landing by force and instead decided to gain the westerosi's trust and siege the city. She abandoned her fight for the throne to help fight against white walkers, dropped everything to save Jon and lost a dragon in doing so. No, she doesn't oppose execution and doesn't have the (in)famous Stark sense of honor, but nothing she has done so far gives any indication of her being mad. You could argue she has acted cruel, but cruelty isn't madness. Tywin was cruel and cold, but no one called him mad. Let's not make light of bipolar disorders, yes?
  12. Nymeria Stone

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Jon executed a child. What is so different about that? Why was it honorable to do it? I don't understand the outrage the Tarlys' execution causes in some people. They refused to bend the knee, refused to take the black, refused to submit to her. If anyone had questioned Jon that way, would he have acted so differently? Oh, wait. He didn't act differently. In the books, he beheaded Janos Slynt, in the show, he did it to Olly and Alliser Throne. He also took a part in the execution of Mance Raider, let's not forget that.
  13. Nymeria Stone

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Yeah, it was so poorly done. They could've cut the 'how to train your dragon' moment a bit and worked on this part a little more.
  14. Nymeria Stone

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Huge let down. Nice reencounters, but other than that nothing really happened. Jon riding the dragon was terrible, Euron and Cersei was terrible, Yara being rescued made no sense. Neither did Sam's reaction over his father and brother being dead. The dialogues between Jon and Dany felt like a scene from Riverdale. The R+L=J revelation felt rushed and could've been done way better imo. I'm really disappointed.
  15. Nymeria Stone

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    the greatest question is: why did the night king just stared at jon's party when he could've easily killed them all by throwing those ice spears? he wouldn't even need to stand up. also, does it make sense for the NK to be so strong?