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  1. 27 minutes ago, mcbigski said:

    More of a head fake.  And still mid field, not a yard to gain situation.   And not a sideline stop the clock.  

    Convincing the tackler that you're going to ground without actually going to ground and then extending the play, I don't have an issue with.  Just another juke.  

    So how do the defenders ever know when it's ok to hit the player? If they slide you can't touch them so you have to ease off, then they keep running? That thinking is just asking for QB's to get drilled when they are really sliding, leading to even more injuries.

  2. 12 minutes ago, mcbigski said:

    I don't remember the fake slide play but there's a clear difference between giving your  self up and advancing the ball.

    And as a dolphins fan, I hope cincy holds on.  Nice to worry about seeding instead of In the Hunt for a change.

    My bad, it was two years ago, Kenny Pickett, it was replayed over and over on sports shows and they actually changed a rule in the off season to make it a personal foul to do it. He faked a slide, the defenders eased up and he took off and got a 58 yard td run out of it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWSCsNWqsPE

  3. Saw Napoleon over the weekend. Enjoyed it but wasn't awed by it. I wish that they had gone more into his military strategy and less into the politics, and that is just a personal preference and I don't care about historical accuracies. A couple I know saw it opening weekend and walked out because "it was too dark, spousal abuse etc".  Kind of worried me going into it but I didn't think that was over done at all.  I'll watch this again at home but mostly for the battle scenes.

    Finished Bodies on Netflix this weekend. It was a mostly decent time travel movie. One problem I have is one of the lead males, I always see him as Capone from Boardwalk Empire!

    Watched Greater, a story about a walk on football player who unlike Rudy, becomes a player. It's a movie about faith and your path in life more than anything else. This feels and looks like a Lifetime movie of the week. Not a bad movie but also not very good.  Big brother spotted. After watching this movie on my tv, and using my phone to look up actors in it on IMDB, tiktok "randomly" showed me a clip of one of the leads, Neal McDonough. It's a clip of him speaking at some conference. He mentions how he is asked repeatedly about playing villains and killing people etc.  He says, I have no problem doing that on screen because it's acting and the people aren't dead or injured in any way, but because of my faith and love for my wife I won't due a love scene or even kiss a woman on screen because I don't want them to see that, it's not pretend, you are really kissing, touching, that person.  I thought that was a strange way of thinking but hey, if it works for him then ok.   


  4. 12 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    That's all good and fine if the runner is fighting for more yards. Mahomes was clearly trying to step out of bounds and the defender blasted him. 

    What you are saying here creates the opportunity for a fake out. QB needs another yard and pretends he is going out of bounds, the defender lets up and then the QB jukes back in and gets the yards he needs. Kinda like the fake slide we saw in college last year.

    He is a ball carrier in the field of play.

  5. Most of us knew once Bama and FSU won that Bama was getting in and FSU was gonna feel screwed, and rightly so. The one just thing is that they get to face Georgia and if FSU was truly deserving then they should beat Georgia and feel some vindication.

    Personally I wanted FSU in, as a Michigan fan I want no part of a battle tested Bama with a coach who knows how to keep his team focused for the MONTH long lay off that we now begin. I also wanted FSU and Texas in because F the sec.

    This is likely the last season of the run Michigan has been on, their schedule next season is just brutal, Texas, USC, Washington, Oregon, and close it out with oHiO sTaTe, so I admittedly wanted what I felt like was an easier route to the champ game. 

  6. Watching Bodies on Netflix. Found out it's exactly what I don't like, multiple time lines. But, it's not too much of a brain drain and only 8 episodes so I'll stick w it just out of curiosity. 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Rhom said:

    But at what cost Kal?  At what cost?!!?

    In all seriousness, I don't know what Nebraska would look like to day if the Big XII had stayed intact.  But there's no way they'd be less irrelevant than they are now in the Big ICANTCOUNT.

    I agree, currently they are an after thought. Northwestern has more credibility as a football school than Nebraska does.

  8. 46 minutes ago, Rhom said:

    They left the Big XII to get out of Texas' shadow... and now here it all goes again for them.

    They pulled a Nebraska to an extent. Left what they knew for something different and it hasn't worked out so well. They have a losing conference record since joining, and they are in the easier west division.

    Be careful what you ask for.

  9. On 11/25/2023 at 7:04 AM, Darryk said:

    Watched The Killer with Michael Fassbender and it was brilliantly made but I felt the story was lacking something. I know that it was part of the intention for there to not be much background to anything going on but I still feel like something was missing.

    Pretty much agree. It wasn't bad but seemed like it was missing something.


    I like how he ended it with the client. Got to him, showed him how easy it was. Then was like, are we good? Yep, ok, adios.  Because it wasn't personal, the client didn't have anything to do with what happened to his girl. That at least felt appropriate to the character.


  10. 24 minutes ago, sifth said:

    I love Paul Rudd and I'll always love that the climax of Ant Man takes place in his daughters bed room. That was very creative. I just hate that we're constantly told how horrible of a person Scott is in that film, but whenever he's on screen he's just friend Paul Rudd. I love Paul Rudd, but has the guy ever played a mean characters, because even when he was playing Leslie Knope's rival on Parks and Rec, he was the most friendly rival character in existence, lol

    Loved that scene for a specific and very different reason.  Playstation games Army Men, Sarge's Heroes etc.  That scene immediately reminded me of the feel of that game and brought back memories of playing w my daughter and nephews.

  11. 3 hours ago, Wilbur said:

    Farewell, Matt Canada.

    I like how all the sports commentators are NOW, now that he is fired, coming out of the woodwork to remark how easy it was to predict the play based on the formation Canada had the Steelers in at the snap.  Thanks, guys, really appreciate the useful insight.

    And yet when Tony Romo calls the play out people give him shit for it. They just don't like him is all.

    Really though, the NFL is a big sorority and they protect each other even when they move to broadcasting. Not normal to call someone out like Payton did in Denver this year about last years coaching job.

  12. Casting has as much to do with success as anything else. Anyone else as Iron Man and I don't think this whole craze ever happens. The X-men movie had several strong actors in it that carried the story. The FF casts have always left something to be desired and really, the heroes are too goody two shoes, for me anyway. Very vanilla powers and story.

    The original Ant Man was fun, the sequels not so much. The original focused more on Rudd and his criminal friends and for me that made the movie. Once they pivoted to Wasp and his daughter it lost me.

  13. 1 minute ago, Rhom said:

    You basically just described me.

    Try one more thing then. I watched a lot of those shows every day, but as an adult, I don't watch any animated stuff. Watched some Simpsons, Toy Story movies but that's really it. Keep trying to watch The Clone Wars or Rebels but just can't do it.

  14. 49 minutes ago, Mexal said:

    Nah. If Burrow is as good as most of us think, the window is as long as he's playing. They need to hit on some picks, make smart FA decisions and rely on young players, but that's nothing new. I don't think Burrow's window was literally his rookie contract because if it was, they should have traded him and tanked for #1 pick.

    I hope they lose every game they have left to do just that.

    There are a couple of supposed can't miss LT's in the top of the draft, one would help Burrow immensely. 

  15. I am a casual superhero fan. Never into the comics, my older brother was, my intro was the afternoon cartoon shows. The shows I liked were X-men, Spiderman, then  Batman, Fantastic Four... and who cares after that. Not counting Thunder Cats, He Man, Transformers in this supe group

    So when a movie w Spiderman comes out, I am automatically interested, X-men, count me in. Even FF as weak as the movies have been, I still watched and somewhat enjoyed them because I know them, grew up w them.  These characters movies have to make me not want to see it, looking at you Dark Pheonix, otherwise they always get the benefit of the doubt.

    I had never heard of Blue Beatle or Capt Marvel growing up...  These other heroes have to earn me wanting to see them, tell others about them, or watch again streaming. So those movies have to be better than Spiderman for me to like it as much as Spiderman, if that makes sense. Iron Man fits this bill. I knew next to nothing about him until the movie came out. It was a great movie, IMO, and I was in, was going to see everything he was in after that.

    Fans like me are built into certain super hero movies and not others.


  16. 8 hours ago, Rhom said:

    Browns beat Niners... Watson out for season

    Vikings beat Niners... Cousins out for season

    Cincy beats Niners...

    Karma is coming for you!!!

    Shhhh.... giving away Dallas' secret. Get destroyed by niners and survive to fight again!  The eggles and niners play in a few weeks and hopefully this trend continues.


    Burrow has sprained right wrist per reports.

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