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  1. The events narrated in AGOT Ned V are occurring past the middle of 298 AC. Barristan became the champion of the KL’s tournament in 294 AC before his birthday of that year. At that time he was still 57, and later that year he turned 58. Barristan was dismissed from the Kingsguard in the late 298, sometime after his 61st birthday. Thus, the year of his birth is 236 AC, and he was born near the end of the year. Let’s compare this conclusion with the other known information about Barristan’s age at certain events in his life. Your calculations are off - the phrase “in his Nth year” covers the year from his (N-1)th birthday until the day before Nth birthday, so his 57th year covers 56th birthday up to day before 57, and 61st year is 60th until 61-1 day. Put another way, a baby’s first year of life starts day of birth and goes just up until 1st birthday. Accordingly, Barristan was born in 237AC, and so, Barristan’s birth, twin or solo, occurred after and as such was not related to the onset the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion. Without any textual support for Barristan having a twin, I would say it is far more likely that Barristan the Bold targeted Maelys I Blackfyre, last known male of the Blackfyre Pretenders, in order to put an end to the decades-long threat to the realm. With a sample size of two known entries, we have no way of knowing which style was more common for the White Book. For all we know, Aerys ordered Joanna’s inclusion as an additional slight to Tywin and all other entries list only the fathers, if any parent is listed at all (several bastards have served as Kingsguard). Seems like a bit of a stretch to say no mother listed, clearly she was a Blackfyre. Barristan’s ex-fiancée married with his cousin, not his brother. Which means that by the time when Barristan became a Kingsguard, in late 260 AC, his younger brother, Daemon, was already dead and Lyonel had no other sons. Thus, the girl instead married one of Lyonel’s nephews. Or, Lyonel’s second son was already married (similar to Garlan Tyrell marrying before Willas), and so was unavailable. Once again, seems like a bit of a leap to say the brother being unavailable means the brother is a (dead) Blackfyre.
  2. Rather than events, there are two characters I am the most interested in reading more about: Barbrey Dustin and Hoster Blackwood. Barbrey has been discussed a lot, there is no question she is going to play a major role in TWOW, but Hos the Hostage seems to stay below radar. We have a ton of information about him given his apparent position in the story, and almost as soon as we meet him, his link to the story disappears into the woods with Brienne. To me, it seems like he is being setup to be part of something big.
  3. He’s talking about others dwarves, it’s a call back to an earlier conversation the two of them had: ”What do you know of being a bastard?” ”All dwarfs are bastards in their father's eyes.” He’s talking about everyone: Rodrik, Theon, Reek I, the Bastard’s Boy who was injured during the Manderly-Frey melee at Winterfell. Anyone who thinks Ramsay is a friend will be shown to have been mistaken, and probably in pretty short order.
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