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  1. yes, however my point is that how can you say it’s isn’t actually him doing his duty as intended? He says this is my duty, then does the action. If he feels it IS his duty then he’s doing that, if he is just saying that it’s his duty but actually feels it’s just what he wants, we can’t tell the difference. But if he’s to be king, and more than that, Azor ahai, then all his actions ARE his duty and he’s doing them, even when they suck.
  2. I’d agree but did he not inform Robert? My understanding was that he had informed Robert or attempted to with Jon Arryn. Arryn died and stannis lost the chance or felt that the message could not get through and his best course of action was to prepare to return with force. What you suggest is just as possible though and it’s a good point to question if he did all he could to inform Robert. I say that based on results of him informing the realm of the big secret and how that turned out for his integrity, that he did what was wise and then prepared a force to take action against cersei and Jaime. My opinion.
  3. Prove what? Stoneheart isn’t letting them go, but brienne seemingly has agreed to bring Jaime to spare herself and companions. She’s brought Jaime. Jaime isn’t going to let anyone kill him. Stoneheart isn’t going to accept any rational explanation. There has to be a fight and while the two of them are outnumbered, it’s plausible that the conversation combined with brienne’s honourabke actions, convince Thoros and others that killing the pair is not justifiable and the brotherhood turns on itself and is divided. I see Jaime and brienne surviving the encounter as they’re capable and important characters while Stoneheart serves little other purpose outside of killing Jaime (not that I can’t see her involved with other facets of the story) as she’s stuck on revenge for the red wedding and killing more Frey’s is fine but not necessary exclusively by her (and stannis/Manderly). Jaime was the last name she heard before dying and once this is resolved, I think Jaime AND brienne have plenty of more story to be a part of rather than this small but interesting character.
  4. I don’t disagree with any particular points but I’d say that duty is enough. Want or not, all his actions can be justified if he feels it’s his duty to be king. Duty comes first to him it seems in all things, and so he would do any questionable thing or immoral thing from another perspective to be king because it’s justified. It’s possible he just plain wants it, but as he’s stated it’s his duty and he is shown to be dutiful with lots of evidence, it’s enough for me to say his desires are irrelevant.
  5. You really think Jaime is getting hanged? By Stoneheart? They’ll get out of it. Brienne brought him, fulfilled her promise. Now it’s game on and the brotherhood has SOME honorable dudes left.
  6. I don’t disagree. I think he could join Dany though he’s probably enjoying pirate life now with his new fleet and feeling over confident. Likely to attack or try to raid Dany when she comes not realizing their full strength or dragons and if he’s wise he will join, if young and full of cum, he’ll add to her legend…I doubt Victarian, if he’s still around at this point will suffer Aurane to join. this reminds me that Dany might already have her master of ships at this point if Victarian lived to sail home.
  7. My opinion is that Egg would still be king though maybe a different path would have happened. The reason being, that bloodraven seemingly has made the bloodline follow its path to this point to meet with the prophecy of the prince that was promised. So it might have been that bloodraven would find another way to have Baelor die and Egg ascend…or maybe baelor would have been more ideal and it goes that way, dunno it had to be egg or if he just survived best. Anyway, bloodraven seems to be the real catalyst for moving things forward.
  8. Pretty sure they’re going down with the upcoming Jaime encounter. However it plays out, I don’t see Jaime and brienne dying, and so I think it will end there. And if they’re all dead and or dispersed, there’s no organization that has to pay back any debts (a joke anyway), and any characters left living will be of enough worth to join up and merge with another worthy group.
  9. After some time pondering where Aurane Waters might end up in the story, I’m fairly confident that he will be fodder for someone to take the pretty newly made toys from him and add them to their own (danaerys on the way back is most likely). I think redwyne and Euron are already matched up and will meet in the oldtown region, if aurane is in the stepstones, I think either saladin saan takes him out in an amusing way to recover from his losses as a side story, or the iron fleet absorbs him and his inexperienced fleet on the way to kings landing to help emphasize their strength. either way, I don’t see him being a headliner. I think the ships have value and will be used against cersei sans Aurane, or they will be sunk to show the strength of a greater force and threat.
  10. Well firstly, I thought this was a fantastic read. So many years after the last book and I’m still being introduced to new finds (even if the original post was awhile back, respect to both original poster and new analysis from you). I want to comment more bit I need to let this sink in and see if any thoughts bubble up. Thanks for the new perspective and intelligent post.
  11. extra note, Marwyn has a noted mask. interesting coincidence.
  12. Just had a thought jump in my poor excuse for a brain and I haven't looked into plausibility at all, so apologies if this has been looked at before, but is there any matching up of information that could suggest Marwyn and Quaith are one and the same? All we get from Quaith are projections and who's to say that Marwyn isn't altering his appearance while projecting his communication with Dany through a glass candle. He seems fully aware of what is going on with Dany, has a direct connection to Mazz who may have used opportunity and sacrifice to set Dany moving on her journey. I'm curious if this has been explored or if it's an easy cut-off (I know many want this to be Sheirra or someone else).
  13. I just finished this chapter in my reread this morning so fresh in my mind, was just thinking to post something to do it’s been great to read people’s minds on it. I believe Holly just fell down where she was standing as it says she fell “reaching for the nearest merlon” and the snow fell on top of her and soon turned red. If she fell off the wall they wouldn’t be able to see it and she’d have been buried farther down. Beside the point though. Holly is for sure dead since she is bloody, buried, and not trying to get up. frenya is heard fighting half a dozen guards and if she’s lucky she was killed, otherwise she’d be caught and put to the question. Squirrel is the most likely to have escaped but the room’s windows were barred and frozen shut and two guards out the door with more downstairs. Maybe they knew she was likely to be caught from the start and just hoped… the other 3 went to see Mance who was playing for Roose directly when they left. Even if the 3 wives found him, he can’t excuse himself from the main hall while Roose is entertaining, they’d all be in the hall when the crap hit the fan and while they might not have been nabbed immediately, it would not take long at all for a lockdown and frenya to be identified as one of the women, nor Holly since she didn’t go over the wall (pretty sure), not Theon to be reported with F’arya. So Abel and the ladies would very quickly be caught. even if they learned of the crypts location from Theon, they don’t know any way out, so again, i had more hope before this reread for them, but doesn’t look good. Even Mance would be talking after enough time with the Boltons. I don’t care how honourable, tough, or badass, flaying is flaying. if anyone did anything to stop it, fight back, help, etc we won’t know until winds, but not George’s style to make an unintelligent scenario for escape like the show (ex. Jaime falling into a lake and next scene a mile away and safe). bowen penning the pink letter isn’t even good enough for a joke. He doesn’t know anything. He can’t give half of the details even if he wanted to. Only a couple people know all of the details given in the pink letter and Ramsay COULD be one, but circumstantial evidences doesn’t seem to match up with it being him, but I have a bad feeling ol Mance is caught and while he serves a purpose to keep alive, none of the spear wives do, nor do they know enough to be worth keeping alive for long.
  14. I enjoy her insight and perspective on things. Considering her view of Stannis and his physical deterioration, it’s surprising most of us who wrote on his threads are so bullish on his chances. His grip on his men is fierce and they’re loyal due to his strength and their own cost of buying into his cause, but they’re falling apart and suffering so badly, it’s a wonder there’s any hope at all despite strategy. Ashas read on Stannis’ forces is great. Individuals like the northern clans men and southron lords alike. as for how Asha will make out, it’s hard to say. If Stannis wins, her story continues and she may find herself leading the white harbour fleet (I didn’t even consider it until writing this), maybe for Stannis or maybe for a Stark? Dunno. I can see her facing off on the sea against any one of the various seaborne forces including Euron, Victarion, redwyn, waters, pirates, etc. im thinking now this is the way
  15. Nice find. I believe it’s a continuity error from Martin’s first book in the series much earlier in a distinguished career. He had no idea this would grow like it did. That being said, I do realize the point of these forums and the fun of it is to discuss in the spirit that what is written had a purpose and was completely and omnipotently created. so I’m that being, I do not believe anyone could approach the gate and be let through in castle black whether it’s by a buddy doing a solid or otherwise as the horn blows before you can see who is at the gate. And Gared would have been in jo state of mind to be strategizing his desertion, was in a panic. So, it must have been through a different route or method. that’s my opinion on it of course, wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong with it. Would be interesting to hear Martin’s take of course.
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