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  1. Yes -- thanks for all the above -- and the point about the credits reinforces my point that the producers are not trying to be ambiguous -- they expect everyone to know it is Jorah -- the only secret is how bad he actually will look when we get to see him.
  2. I am pretty sure that Arya ends up at Winterfell and not KL this season.
  3. Quite a few topics being addressed that I want to briefly touch on a few: 1. Sansa/Jon dispute -- Sansa would have a better point (ignoring morality and only being strategic) if the North were not surrounded on both sides by enemies. Jon needs all people in the North on his side so that they fight against the WW and do not join Cersei in any war she might mount against the North. So I think in this case, Sansa was being short-sighted. 2. Valonqar -- Tyrion is not the valonqar -- in the books or the show. In the books Cersei clearly believes Tyrion is the valonqar so Tyrion must be the red herring. I am fairly confident that Jaime will be the valonqar on both the show and the books.All the clues point in his direction (see threads dedicated to this issue for more details regarding these clues). 3. Jorah in the cell -- I am 100% certain that Jorah is the person is the cell. He is the only person we know who has grayscale. We could see the scales progressing down his arm -- they just have not gotten to his hand yet. And he asked about Dany. I don't think the producers were trying to be subtle. I think they were letting any viewers who have watched past seasons know that Jorah is in that cell. It would be pointless for anyone else to be that person.
  4. Yes, but his claim was in part based on being the son of Ned. If he is instead the son of Lyanna, his claim becomes much weaker as long as any other child of Ned lives (such as Sansa and obviously Bran who really would be first in line over Jon in any event).
  5. I had basically the same thought. And the show even had Euron state to Cersei that Yara and Theon took his best ships -- but made no attempt to explain how he got some many good ships to travel to KL.
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