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  1. All of them lie all the time Totally ignored Stannis till Mace picked up Tywin on the side of the road on his way to Blackwater What if he stood on his tippy toes? What do you mean he couldn't reach him? He approved it, didn't orchestrate. He also didn't. Here, even if he stood on a bar stool he couldn't reach. Edumre smacked the hell outta Gregor when they tried. (Unfortunately for the war) Ok, but that's really looking at the scene with rose tints My head canon? Nah bro yours. And of course this shits debatable. Dude Tywin says when they btk let em rise. If he was cool with Robb rejoining the kings peace then he'd be cool with Stannis too Only as Hand could Stannis take the measurements that won't result in Roberts (and Neds) death
  2. The Essosi slavers are all richer then Westeros great lords. "Every one". The Essosi themselves are slaves too, lamb people seem penniless but also hunter gatherers so they don't need money... Point being, Drogo lives lavishly. Mad horses and such. In fact many Dothraki riders have their own horse and steel, compared to smallfolk like we see in Sworn Sword don't. For sure, and while the free cities could use a few smacks (or fire and blood, whatever) theres plenty of land on the Dothraki Sea to cultivate and grow into civilization
  3. Citation? She's their prophet, like her cousin prophet monarch Stannis, shes offering them the chance to serve (and not die lol). But theyre dead regardless, with no buyers their peanuts will start to rot. Serve or starve
  4. I think a large part resides on the Dothraki and what they think the Stallion means. If it's follow Dany to whatever then Slaversbay is done. The Dothraki and the Ghiscari are relatively new, they're not a natural culture but one fused by the outside world specifically the fall of Valayria which changed them from citizens of the empire to slave catcher and slave maker. The other citizens of Valayria became potential slaves, lamb people and the like. Danys stopped Slavers Bay (mostly) so I'm sure the Dothraki are getting kind of antsy around now, unsure of their destiny, let alone their livelihood. If they see Khallisi as the Stallion, Dany will have reversed the effects from the calamity of the fall of the Empire. I think the best chance of the Bay is to become part of the new empire, where Dany can fly across the continents if the need were to arise
  5. Gotta be more. He lived in the woods for like a year and then a boat for 6 months. I'd say closer to 150 (Do we know how average women were treated compared to men in say, the reign of Nefertiti? Or whomever?) For sure, Egypt didn't conquer the world though, just got conquered a few times. If Antony won, who knows? (Probably not) But I do think that if Arianna becomes head boss while Danys around it'll be easier for Sansa (or Arya) to rule, because of the precedent. And with a large chunk of the nation ruled by women perhaps some things may get better Word, the big ones in my mind are the Holy Romen Empire, which is like 75% of the middle ages which is like 75% of our recorded history, which kinda resonates on why Westeros has been in the dark ages for 10k years, so that's not great. The other of course, is the NFL. Where Commander Red Daniel Snyder can just reject a subpoena from the Congress of the United States of America! As if hes like Steve Bannon or something. And Roger Godell, like always (Always) will chose the cowards way out and earn scorn and ridicule, while remaining at the "head" of the powerful and wicked, or as we call them, Jerry Jones.
  6. But that scenario doesn't make sense. Stannis didn't negotiate with Lysa or Robb either, I'm sure that Renlys crown exacerbated the whole situation, but in this scenario, Stannis would still not go to his little brother in homage, asking him to be kingmaker. Renly read the letter, according to Stannis he should drop to one knee now. (Or both, who cares? Stannis isn't about to beg to be proclaimed Aegons successor first day on the job) Besides, Stannis isn't just demanding Renlys fealty, he's demanding his men's too Renly would be the one dropping the ball, not GRRM. Worst case scenario, Renly uses this info to become king himself, usurping bugger he is. Most likely case is he overplays his hand and everyone dies. Jon's death certainly freaked Stannis the fuck out enough to just run to homebase and prepare for war. (Which I'm sure Pete knew) Lannisters lie That'd be in keeping with character, do nothing. He did it with Mance, every other king but Robb, and kind of Robb (Which of course is not what happens) They make vague threats about each other, never more and certainly nothing resembling combat. I mean, Tywin famously says when they btk don't go Aerys, of course it was possible for Tywin to make peace. (Somebody else should do it though, because he does nothing. Like how Tyrion was the one to bring Tyrell arms to Tywins diminished army)
  7. Lannisters like to talk Well Stannis doesn't negotiate and Renly dies like three minutes into the story, but theres talk of negotiations nonetheless Lol that's not clear at all man. Lannister has not special hatred for Baratheon, if anything it's the other way
  8. How fat was this guy? So he shows up for sleep awake camp all ready for arts&crafts or whatever, and is beaten hourly with intervals of death threats. Is this the time for breakfast? Fortunately he soon meets Jon so we can assume he's got like one warm meal in there, until the next morning where he's out hiking like 20 miles a day in the wilderness. He probably had some meals then, albeit they were cold ones. Well, one day the meals ran out and his brothers killed their boss, this didn't produce much meals in the short term but plenty of more hiking in the long term. After walking to the wall, by the wall, under the wall and lastly through the wall he's back in the kitchen ready for breakfast. Until the next morning where friendly Jon shoves him on a boat where he rocks back and forth convulsing hourly reminiscing on the good days of Alliser. One day, finally, he stumbles off the ship. But before his Scooby Doo nose pulls him to the nearest breakfast table he sees Leo, who looks him up and down, and calls him fat. So really, how fat was he?
  9. With Lannister, specifically Tywin, definitely. It's ludicrous to think Tywin will look for enemies while he's knee deep in the Riverlands and Robbs at his home butchering his brother. In fact we see Tywin respond to the real threat of Mance and the compromise with Balon, by doing nothing. This seems to be his strategy with Renly as well, crowned or neutral. Stannis is a different ballgame. (I don't see what more he could have compromised with Renly about, he reaffirmed Renly as lord of Stormsend and heir. Did he want to be hand or something?) Renly must submit or be destroyed, and the only option of not being destroyed (without giving in to Stannis) is to give his men something to fight about. Dragonstone is not enough to conquer seven kingdoms, he needs one of the og kingdoms for that. His natural destination must be the Stormlands, to fight with his ancestors subjects like a proper Baratheon. Plus it's close. I really just find it impossible for Stannis to assault Kingslanding while the storm knights simply pass around the popcorn
  10. I think he was acting up a bit, probably scared of the whole situation. But idk, she got those green eyes...
  11. But he can't. Davos is out in Renlys Stormlands attempting to poach his knights. This was unsuccessful because they already had a king, Renly, but if your what if was a thing, no king Renly, no Stormknights to stay neutral woth
  12. Its actually him looking at her hair I'm not knocking anything. Tyiron thinks he doesn't want to know her secrets he just wants to fuck her. There's GRRMs answer for you, a shame you don't find it reasonable.
  13. It takes half of The Hedge Knight for Dunk to realize Aegon has purple eyes, despite them hanging out like all day. Later it takes half of The Mystery Knight for Dunk to realize The Fiddlers eyes looks like Aegons, despite spending over a year with a purple eyed squire. Tyrion is checking her out constantly, memorizing that body so he can jerk off to her later. It's kinda funny that Tyrion doesn't look at Asharas eyes, little horn dog that he is. Besides, did Tyrion ever notice Ducks eyes?
  14. Woah! We could still bicker here Yea me too, I've never heard that before. What do people say are the similarities? Well, not immediately before. That was the whole issue, north was becoming overwhelming and Lincoln ran, and won (with 0 southern votes, not even on the ballot lol) on a no more slave state platform. And certainly not directly after, southern politicians were barred from like becoming senators and such (they kept not letting black people vote so Washington politically ignored them for like a decade) I guess? Union burned lots of it. And the islands got resources, hence the name Iron islands Well that just means theyre not profiting off the prosperity and wellbeing of their nation. (Because, you know, they pay the iron price) The Ironborn didn't even outlaw their thralls, but Westeros lets em rock. It helps the the children of thralls are freeborn citizens able to fully participant in their local government, something the south has a hard time of comparing itself with. I feel even worse for Dragonstone, their not even in the conversation Idk why any of them are still around
  15. Oh, that's fucking cool Jojen (and later Brynden I think) stresses the importance of remembering who's in charge, that Bran is Bran or else he's lost. It's really interesting to think about the other end of the receiver, and how important remembering your name is. Very cool about Hodor. (although Summer does know his name) Definitely a near death experience that changed him, but he's not really a priest like guy just kinda mentally lacking. Definitely weird though, and the fact that Mel is creeped out by him is weirder. But yea he might be easy to slip into, it'd be cool if someone was doing it now (kinda like the dusky woman, which is probably a false theory but might be true and once again, she's nameless) but probably no one is or else Jon woulda noticed. Side track a bit, she's amazing. So she's seeing through the cat while physically dodging the kindly mans attacks. Can Bran do that? Then she skinchanges across the narrow (presumably wargs into Nymeria) and is able to see things hundreds of miles away, can Bran do that? I like it when they hype up Bran, telling him he's one of a million and then one of a million on top of that. Cool story, but that doesnt mean Arya isn't too, or for all we know she should add another million
  16. Pretty sure its all Varys. Gendry was the key Ned used to realize Joffs illegitimate, good guy to keep around
  17. Word, like nuncle Aeron. Although he was physically drowning where as suicidal Theon is metaphorically drowning. Prophets love metaphors. I think the main guy to convert would be Stannis and then maybe some of his men will fall in line. Maybe. Not all and not Melisandre
  18. Asha meets lots of them, and there's enough of them to convince Stannis to burn the cannibals. I mean, they just took out Mance, they got muscle. What unified North? Bolton Manderly and Stannis are all in different camps. Of course he is, and does. I mean that's the whole point of Stannis, he doesn't compromise and he sees things through. It's not about calling the gods false, it's about burning them to a crisp. Perhaps this is Theons mission?
  19. Manderlys would be on the wrong side of the battle, so they wouldn't even be any help. But are the mountain clans and Karstark soldiers enough to outmatch Stannis' storm and florent folk? Not really sure what the numbers game looks like but it'll look different after the battle, and Stannis' core are pretty elite having fought in the two biggest battles (now three). It may be bloody and some more things may be put to the flame then an old tree, but when someone sacks a town, Id put my money on the sacker
  20. Historically kings have done a pretty bad job shutting up prophets. If Theon resurrects Bran it would be a miracle no shorter then Thoros and Catelyn. That's got practically the entire Riverlands unofficial army wearing red, I see a similar trend in Stannis' army (only the gods are reversed) When I speculate on Stannis vs Roose, I can't see Stannis winning for one reason, the weirwood. Stannis like hes done in Dragonstone and Stormsend will kill any god Rhloor is jealous of. (I'm at a cross if it's a big deal, I used to think Ice was special but now that it's not a thing I realize it was always just a piece of metal. Is the weirwood just a piece of wood? Probably not) But if Stannis chooses a new hawk, a three eyed hawk, well that'd put Stannis' entire northern campaign into a new light. Definitely
  21. That's without a doubt, and while speaking to Trees is pretty nifty, it's a bit cooler when the tree speaks back This is some real Damascus Road shit, except even scarier Yea my heart went to Theon in regards to Ned in acok, in adwd Ramsay nearly snapped it. Theon deserves more. A LC or king of Iron Born, defenders of the first men with three arrows vs the mad kings daughters children. It's all romantic and would construct a magnificent arc. But, I may have, and you and most of our fanbase, can forgive Theon for the millers children, but Bran won't. Not that Brans a vengeful Cersei like creature, but idk, this Theons road to Damascus, he sees the light (or doesn't? I'm not really comfortable with the story. Not Christian) so why's he justifying himself? Like deadass? This is the prophets takeaway? I think Theon needs a little more growing up to do, and should unlike Hodor but more like Aeron, accept his heinous past and fully dedicate himself (like fully submit, more hardcore then praying to Pyke five times a day) to the glory of God, basking in his skinchange (which is such a fucking depressing/beautiful arc) Nice pick up on Hodor not knowing his name and Ramsay referring to Theon as a dog!
  22. This is new to me too, but I've thought other similar things and making Theon Brans prophet fits nicely into my theories. First of all, let me just say this is great. Killing Bran only to bring him back to life is just fantastic. So Aeron and Meli, Thoros, maybe even the Sparrow they all deeply feel the presence of God, but Theons chatting with him, honestly it's not even a question of if Theons gonna be a prophet, it's what's he gonna do about it? Or really, what's Bran gonna do about, and what do Starks do? Skinchange. Summer was easier then the birds, puppies are naturally submissive and get trained to obey, that's why Hodor the loyal stableboy was possible to skinchange into. Now what on Brans green earth is more submissive then Reek? Yea so not only do I think Theons hearing the voice of Bran and will probably spread it, but it might be Bran directly speaking through Reek, more like an instrument then a human
  23. What do you want to read? Romeo O Romeo? Pete ain't like that. But the fact is he does react to the RW but like any other Sansa chapter he spits nothing but fire because the author is like that . "They have the Vale." "Oh, much of it, that's true. Not all, however. I am well loved in Gulltown, and have some lordly friends of mine own as well. Grafton, Lynderly, Lyonel Corbray . . . though I'll grant you, they are no match for the Lords Declarant. Still, where would you have us go, Alayne? Back to my mighty stronghold on the Fingers?" She had thought about that. "Joffrey gave you Harrenhal. You are lord in your own right there." "By title. I needed a great seat to marry Lysa, and the Lannisters were not about to grant me Casterly Rock." "Yes, but the castle is yours." "Ah, and what a castle it is. Cavernous halls and ruined towers, ghosts and draughts, ruinous to heat, impossible to garrison . . . and there's that small matter of a curse." "Curses are only in songs and stories." That seemed to amuse him. "Has someone made a song about Gregor Clegane dying of a poisoned spear thrust? Or about the sellsword before him, whose limbs Ser Gregor removed a joint at a time? That one took the castle from Ser Amory Lorch, who received it from Lord Tywin. A bear killed one, your dwarf the other. Lady Whent's died as well, I hear. Lothstons, Strongs, Harroways, Strongs . . . Harrenhal has withered every hand to touch it." user uploaded image "Then give it to Lord Frey." Petyr laughed. "Perhaps I shall. Or better still, to our sweet Cersei. Though I should not speak harshly of her, she is sending me some splendid tapestries. Isn't that kind of her?" The mention of the queen's name made her stiffen. "She's not kind. She scares me. If she should learn where I am—" "—I might have to remove her from the game sooner than I'd planned. Provided she does not remove herself first." Petyr teased her with a little smile. "In the game of thrones, even the humblest pieces can have wills of their own. Sometimes they refuse to make the moves you've planned for them. Mark that well, Alayne. It's a lesson that Cersei Lannister still has yet to learn
  24. But this isn't his first game, young Eddard had no problem with picking up his steel and crafting a better world. The strict Targaryen rules of succession meant nothing for him as he strived to end the madness of KL. Now his plan is to reject all assistance and give KL to Stannis. Ned liked to say Robert changed, it's probably true. But Ned changed as well. I think turning down Renly was one of his only correct decisions. I also think, despite Cerseis claim, that Sansa didn't really participate in the downfall of her father.
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