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Will Brienne play a big role in TWOW?


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I've wondered what the "point" of Ser Hyle might be in Brienne's arc. I could see her ending up married to him by the end - but a political/rational match, not a love match. Maybe he would help her take back Tarth and fulfill her duties to her house? Maybe he will be a cover to the potential bastard she may have with Jaime?

GRRM has said many times that he expects the readers to find the ending to the books "bittersweet". I could definitely see that being the case with Jaime and Brienne's stories.

This is a popular theory. It seems plausible. It certainly would be bittersweet.

Well apparently LSH has been cut from the shows too. (I'm not sure how they are going to get around this)

So the shows just might be deviating more and more from the books

They cut Arianne and Aegon. They seem to be trimming down the story significantly. A character's omission from the show does not mean that they won't play a role in the books. It simply means that D&D didn't think it was significant enough, or they thought it would be too cumbersome to include.

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I have another possible interpretation of the dream Jaime had.

In his dream, he dies too, when his sword doesn't burn anymore. But Brienne walks on some time more, with hers lightened up.
I propose that Jaime will die, but Brienne would go on bringing his values and his memory and fulfilling his destiny in some way.
Not bringing some of him in her belly (a child) but in her earth, mind and sword.

I could see her succeed Loras as leader of the Royal Guard and in turn passing her light to Pod after that, if the order is still meaningful at the end of the books. She could write all that it is needed to be written on Jaime's page of the book, surely.

In any case, she and Jaime are tragic characters: I really fear for at least one of them in the confrontation with LSH. I believe that in no case they will be allowed to live their love in any phisical way, not for a night like Jon, not for a second.
No cave to remember for the one who survives.

I can't wait for TWOW to know how does it develop, and my cards on both characters survival (I like them!) are put on Jaime not being as stupid and as straightforward as he can be sometimes. The more characters appear, the more chances they have to survive. But LSH or the Blackfish are not going to listen to Jaime or to give him any chance of survival, if they put their hands on him.
"Jaime Lannister sends his regards"

Somewhat unrelated but does anybody get the impression that all those people LS is having the BWB hang will ultimately turn into wights once winter hits?

That would be cool!

EDIT: some typos

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Interesting ideas in this feed. Wouldn't be surprised if,

1. Jamie chooses trial by battle when brought before LSH, Brienne fights as his champion and saves him

2. They consummate their relationship at some point thereafter, Brienne for love, Jamie out of loyality? pity? love???

3. Back in KL at some point and the love triangle gets real interesting, Jamie + Cersi + Brienne which could end in Cersi murdering Brienne, then Jamie killing Cersi and himself in a murder suicide or some combination there of. Although I tend to think Tyrion will have a part to play in the end of his siblings.

Brienne is part of Jamie's salvation and contrasting Jamie will soil Brienne (breaking her vows for love or maybe a bastard in her belly?)

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I believe Brienne will lead Jaime to LSH but then decide her oath to her was completed and now she will have to do something to protect Jaime.I think she will suggest that he as a Lannister can be used as a way to help BwB enter and take Riverrun.But I too believe she will die in WoW.

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