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Disappointing Revival?


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Disappointing ? 

When the fan base uses the first three weeks to spoil it, it will never make the upcoming event anything but disappointing. Really! Look what happened after season 5 ended? There were major website posting things like.. Why Jon snow is not dead. Hell, other  websites were even out right posting theories on their predication. To name a few website was, ign, screen rant, even the show talking thrones of whatever had one of the hosts say, there is no way Jon snow will die. The host even "predicted" the entire thing saying Meli will bring him back

the Internet and even HBO threw these things in everyone's faces. Fans curiosity did the rest. My friend called him after season 5 ended to tel me about a theory on Jon. I wonder how he knew that despite not reading the books 



so disappointing ?Nah! It was very well done considering the events that came before it

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6 hours ago, Airemyn said:

Back on topic - as mentioned everything surrounding the resurrection didn't make sense including Davos' motivation. I don't know why Mel didn't simply do the same spell as Thoros did back in season 3, I'll have to watch it again to compare. 

She never actually heard the exact words Thoros used to bring Beric back to life. She only received a vague outline from Thoros, which was that he only said a prayer. 

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On May 6, 2016 at 3:16 PM, kissdbyfire said:

Well, if Davos knows about and understands the threat of an army of zombies risen from death, it makes even less sense that he's so keen on doing just that. 

What do you mean "if"? There is no question davos understands the threat from the white walkers. It was made very clear Stannis understood the threat, and Davos was his hand. They spent time at the wall doing nothing but waiting. I'm pretty sure the topic came up.

And I'm pretty sure he was smart enough to realize being brought back by the red woman isn't the same as being brought back as a wight by the night's King.

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On 03/05/2016 at 5:10 AM, Hackforth said:

Was anyone else really disappointed by Jon's revival?

I guess I was kind of expecting a little more pomp and circumstance.  I wanted to see them try to burn his body on a pyre, only to have his body absorb the flames instead of be consumed by them.  I wanted a battle to rage outside the door, with his friends expecting a quick death by his side, only to have him rise and put an end to the fighting.  I wanted Melissandre to breath fire into him, or I wanted pulses of light and heat to come from her hands as they touched his body.  I wanted some kind of visible sign that he was Azor Ahai, rather than just another guy (like Dondarrion) brought back to life by a Red Priest.

Do you think it will be this subtle in the books, too?  I sure hope not.

I understand your thoughts… I had the same thoughts…

But then I remember that Jon is not a dragon like Viserys… Because back to season 1 episode 8 I think, Jon saved Lord Commaner Mormont by throwing a lamp to the blue-eyed dead dude… He couldn’t hold that lamp because it was too hot! So he’s not fireproof…

And I kind of wanted it to be later on. Not just one episode but like the whole season (episode 8? or even next season...) 

Maybe when Edd left Castleblack to call wildings, he leaves with Jon’s body (if possible) and bring it somewhere to bury it. And time has passed away and they are finally facing the WW. And someone reads some old books to try to find a solution and discovers that a certain Jon Snow is their only power…That he was buried 'somewhere' … And when they find the body they are trying hard to bring him back to life … That would be better. Not just in front of a bunch of rappers, murderers, and thieves and so on…

So as it has already happened it came to my mind that this resurrection is akin to Daenery’s first fire. In front of a bunch of dothrakis… Then came her secong fire, in front of thousands of people… I don’t mean that Jon will be resurrected again, but something really big has to happen so that people will trust him and give him the credit he deserves…

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