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The Gremlin Returns

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In his latest “Not a Blog” post, George R.R. Martin has posted a cryptic message featuring Froggy the Gremlin, which means he’s having fun presenting a puzzle to fans. Given the television tag in the post, and the reference to the dragon having three heads, thoughts certainly turn to his presenting some new information regarding HBO’s follow-ups to Game of Thrones.

As we know, originally four concepts were being developed by Max Borenstein, Jane Goldman, Carly Wray, and Brian Helgeland—but early on George hinted at a 5th pitch, which came to pass when HBO announced that Game of Thrones writer and producer Bryan Cogman was also working on a proposal with George.

That seems to easily explain the first two sets of images: Four series became five. As to the rest?

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Assuming each statement describes one of the potential spin offs:

1) One for all and all for one: Show taking place with the Night's Watch?

2) The dragon has three heads: Show covering the invasion of Westeros? 

3) Plunk your magic twangers: Not a clue.

4) I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you: Show focus on Faceless men?

Too obvious to be right.

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Most certainly about the successor shows, indeed. And I subscribe to the hypothesis that two were cut (Helgeland's and some other), and afterwards another was added.

"Plunk your magic twangers" is no clue about one of the successor shows. It's a phrase associated with Froggy the Gremlin, who GRRM uses as avatar (along with the phrase) on the Not a Blog when dropping hints and riddles about new cast members in Game of Thrones.

The "one for all and all for one" and "the dragon has three heads" quotes may be hints. The first one is obviously most associated with the Three Musketeers. Now, some wild speculation: I'd say that it's either that someone on this new show has history with the Three Musketeers, or that it'll be about the Conquest (which may be why GRRM got so excited about it). It can even be both things.

Assuming the Three Musketeers thing is the case, I'd put my money on Andrew Davies being the writer. He's a Welsh screenwriter who penned the 2011 film adaptation, and has history with other period films and shows: Pride and Prejudice, Vanity Fair, Sense and Sensibility, BBC's 2016 War and Peace and others.

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Rather than each set of images representing one thing or another, I think they all are basically saying the same thing: HBO is working on some spin-off shows, and George is pumped about it. I think there is a possibility that they may do more than one show, as the article suggest, but I also think they could do an anthology show, with a different period of history being the focus of each season. Either way, I hope we get an update soon.

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