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R+L=J&M [Part III] - THE original inspiration for ASOIAF: Romulus/Remus, twin founders of Rome, children to 'Rhea Silvia', nursed by a 'she-wolf'. Rome = White Harbor

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1 hour ago, rustythesmith said:

It is just bothersome to have to dig through peoples essays to find what the essay is about so that I can decide whether I want to read it. I think all you have to do is explain what the M means because it isn't at all obvious who the M is supposed to be in the title. If there is ambiguity in the title people will be annoyed if you don't explain the title immediately, and then they won't bother investing time into reading your stuff because you didn't give them that basic courtesy. It's like those titles that go "Why did ____ do this thing?" and then you open it to find out which character goes in the blank. But instead you have to read for 20 minutes before the author will tell you the name. I think they think it creates interest or mystery but it does the opposite.

I apologize that this thread took a while to reveal that 'M' = Meera. But at the same time, this thread is Part 3 of 4. The very first sentence of this post is "Read Part I & Part II first", and I have web-linked each one.

Part I are all the in-book & off-book clues that proves why Meera may be the twin of R+L=J.
Part II theorizes J&M's super 'light-bringing' powers, and why Azor Ahai is not the TPTWP, Lightbringer is actually TPTWP
Part III suggests the origins of R+L=J&M is from a famous old Roman myth
Part IV suggests that GRRM hid a secret message in ADWD about not writing R+L=J&M anymore

Anyways, you can't go into a movie theater with your friends to watch (for example: Star Wars) Episode III, if you never saw I & II. No one wants to be asked in the middle of the movie "Who is that??" "What did he do in the last movie?" ...etc

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It just dawned on me.

Since Rhea Silvia = Rhaegar with silver hair ... every "ae" in the Targaryen name & lineage comes from the rearranging of letters in "Rhea" ... and they ALL have silver hair

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On 11/19/2018 at 5:33 AM, aryagonnakill#2 said:

Just have to point out that the origin on the theory is the actors looking alike, not anything to do with White Harbor.

Theory has been debunked by the actress who plays Meera anyway.

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But Meera and Jon do not look alike though. Meera has green eyes, the same as Jojen. Do we learn of any Starks or Targaryens with green eyes? How possible is it that the daughter of Rhaegar and Lyanna would share the same physical features as Jojen if they are not related?

Don't you think Bran would at least made some connection in his POV chapters? I'm not saying he has to say "boy when Meera smiles she looks a little like Jon." Even when Bran compares Arya to Meera he lists no similarities in looks. He does think to compare them though, so if there was a time to make a connection it would have been then, or in the very least Meera would have kept reminding Bran of Arya beyond his first meetings with her. In my opinion anyway. 

Jojen was so solemn that Old Nan called him "little grandfather," but Meera reminded Bran of his sister Arya. She wasn't scared to get dirty, and she could run and fight and throw as good as a boy. She was older than Arya, though; almost sixteen, a woman grown. -Bran ACoK

No similarities in looks or traits, just that Meera is trained in arts most noble boys are trained in, which Arya aspires to learn. Based on this this Arya and Meera have the same similarities with some of the women of Bear Island, Brienne or even some the Sand Snakes. 

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FYI ... GRRM was involved in the casting of actors in the earlier seasons of GoT.


Jon & Meera do not have to be identical twins. There are other types of twins there.

Also Meera is from Greywater Watch...the crannogmen do not have the same nutrition as the rest of Westeros.

Poor-nutrition > DNA, in human body growth since birth.

Plus, the crannogmen of Westeros are involved in magic.

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