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  1. The return of the Blackfyres / Targaryens .
  2. It is a cat . Once upon a time it may have housed the soul of princess Rhaaenys ,but now it is only a cat .
  3. In a way it's decline makes sense , before the arrival of the Andals joining the watch was honorable after that it became a prison . Then second sons decided they could do better by crossing the Narrow Seas and becoming mercenaries . Fewer and fewer see it as being honorable , while others are willing to desert .
  4. Yes . Cercei intended to cheat on Rhaegar with Jaime , whom she compare Jaime to as being a callow boy .
  5. Some were bought Brightroarer (Lannisters) . Others were war prize Red Rain (Drumm) and Lady Fornlorn ( Corbray) . While still others were gifts Longclaw (Snow) and possible Ice (Stark) .
  6. Tyrion sympathized with Sansa and to stick it to his family .
  7. Pregnancy and death , She had no place to go .
  8. Don't know ? One line said" That if she would have another child it would kill her." , while another line says " The maester (Pycelle I suppose ) says that she could not have anymore children ."
  9. Robert still would have killed Rhaegar ,but the war may last a little longer . Three competent battle commanders the sack of King's Landing may be either the siege or the Burning of King's Landing .
  10. No , In Westeros he is a man , He was also ordered by her superior ride with the Wildlings . Jon willing performed that act on her .
  11. The Kingsguard serves until death .but they also serves at the discretion of the king , After the death of King Robert , Barrie was made to retire .
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