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  1. StarkofWinterfell

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    It is said that Jon has a bit of the wolf's blood. I forget where it's mentioned, but he seriously goes on some blood-crazed rampages whenever he's in harms way.
  2. StarkofWinterfell

    The Regional Cuisine

    Do you mind starting with your own list?
  3. StarkofWinterfell

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    People dislike him because he's Stannis the Mannis.
  4. StarkofWinterfell

    Meereen and the Great Skahazadhan

    Your posting style is almost identical to the user Agent Orange. Are you both the same person? Case in point, though not as wordy:
  5. StarkofWinterfell

    Defiance of Duskendale: Who else could have done it?

    What were these "atrocities after atrocities" that Aerys committed, not including the events leading up to the rebellion such as having Rickard burn while Brandon strangles himself to try to free him. Was he committing mass genocide or anything of the sort?
  6. Perhaps if we're looking for places where we don't know the full picture in the book as analogs to the King in Yellow, we can also include the origins of the White Walkers, where whores go, who is the 3EC, what happened between Ned and Ashara, and more. Those have certainly driven readers insane over the years.
  7. StarkofWinterfell

    Claimants for Azor Ahai

    You forgot Loras and Davos Loras For Loras, he still has a part to play and is a potential Azor Ahai. If he did take Dragonstone and was doused in burning oil, it could be said that he has been reborn. I imagine that for a supposedly attractive male to be scarred deeply by burns would undergo a catharsis similar to that of Jaime’s redemption arc of finding that he’ll need to adapt himself to his new disfigured look. Of course, this is all second-hand knowledge and we only know what Cersei has been told. He could have taken Dragonstone in single combat and not been injured at all. Let’s leave it as maybe. Davos After the Battle of the Blackwater, it can be said that Davos was reborn amidst salt (the sea) and smoke (burning ships) when he’s found lying near death on a rock by Salladhor Saan. He also lost all of his sons in the battle.
  8. StarkofWinterfell

    Is Tommen being poisoned?

    He’s just eating too much.
  9. StarkofWinterfell

    They should have taken Rhaegar captive

    There are problems associated with taking him captive but I do agree it would have been better in a way. By taking Rhaegar captive, Aerys probably loses his shit and ignites the wildfire before Jaime knows what's going on. You're left with a wasteland that used to be King's Landing. However, by taking Rhaegar captive, you give yourself the opportunity to do a very public execution and solidify your reign. This is all just speculation though. Naturally, many events would play out differently.
  10. StarkofWinterfell

    Secret Targ - possibly crackpot

    Wait why are joke posts like this allowed?
  11. StarkofWinterfell

    How big is an endorsement for a book by GRRM for you?

    The rant was much appreciated to get your insight. These perspectives are always interesting to hear about from other people. If you’re into American SFF, have you ever read any of the Expanse series? (There’s also a show apprarently but I’ve never seen it)
  12. StarkofWinterfell

    How big is an endorsement for a book by GRRM for you?

    I started reading The Expanse series after I saw GRRM had endorsed it. And man is that a really kickass space opera series
  13. StarkofWinterfell

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    Who says it was during the same time? You still haven't acknowledged any of the points I proved you wrong on. Using your logic from a few posts of yours above, just because it looks like an Ironborn fleet, doesn't mean it is. You don't see any Ironborn during that scene so it could've been anyone! Jokes aside, onto the next point. The pictures I linked clearly show the distinction between ships. I don't think you took the time to look at them. In one, you see Dany's fleet with a mix of square sails and triangular sails. In the other, you see Silence take on a portion of Dany's fleet, emblazoned with the Targaryen sigil at Caster Rock. Your own link specifically states that Euron's ship is distinctively his. So that would mean there are no other ships like Silence in his fleet since its made up of support ships, outside of his own that is. And what was it that you said above? Guess that's been proven wrong.
  14. StarkofWinterfell

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    Prove that he wasn't there, other than "it's just another ship that looks like his." A captain does not relent command of his ship. He is the captain, after all. This is normal in any maritime society, especially the Ironborn. And why is he sinking his own ships? You could ask the same thing for when he attacks Yara's fleet. Since he's king of the Ironborn, they'd be his ships too. Dany's fleet was made of many different kinds of ships hodgepodged together. You can clearly see in this pic that the "triangular" and "square" sails made up Dany's fleet: https://static.independent.co.uk/s3fs-public/thumbnails/image/2016/06/27/04/GoT-ships.jpg Are you just being contrarian? In addition, Silence is the only ship to have Euron's personal sigil on its sails. That is, it has the standard Greyjoy kraken with a red eye in the middle. None of the other ships under his command have this. You can clearly see Silence at Casterly Rock: http://watchersonthewall.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/703_euron_attacks-0.jpg How does it feel to be so utterly defeated?
  15. StarkofWinterfell

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    There is only one Silence. (That is Euron's ship in case you didn't know) And we saw that ship at Casterly Rock. If Silence was at Casterly Rock, then that means Euron was there too.