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Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation ll


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22 minutes ago, Ran said:

Apparently Seth Rogen told folks at the Preacher panel that he'd happily answer Game of Thrones questions. Funny guy. 

So, how is Preacher holding up vis-a-vis the comic book? Is it worth watching? I heard some negative things about the first season and didn't bother.

I haven't watched past season 2, but to me it was like they identified every part that really worked in the comic book and then they decided to take all of that and throw it out and replace it with worse things.

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I've caught up on the show over the last week. I gave up after season 2 as I felt it became weak once they got off the road and stagnated in a town for the rest of the season. Season 3 is a big improvement though - largely because it adapts my favourite part of the comics which was angelville. There are other elements they have tinkered with that helps the show a lot though. There's a LOT less Hitler and Arseface, Herr Starr gets plenty of screentime and perhaps best of all they give Cassidy his own storyline. The latter helps a lot as i feel it prevented the show getting too bogged down in one location.

It's not really the comic but it's a great remix of it - better than the Walking Dead show has done. And the humour is genuinely funny especially if you like a little gutter humour. Season 4 episode 2 explains why God made dinosaurs extinct and it got a laugh out of me.

I'm interested to see how it all wraps up.

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