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The Judging Eye VI


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Cememketri of the Imperial Saik states as much to Xerius in TDTCB, though Moënghus never explicitly says so either here or in TTT:

Thank you. I didn't know if it had actually been stated outright in the text or if it was simply more of Nerdanel's speculation. However, I would qualify this by again mentioning that the Imperial Saik are by no means experts on the inner workings of the Cishaurim, and that Mallahet's reputation for power can be true without being based on strength in the Psukhe.

As for your other quotes, I think that the quote from Moenghus serves to support what I said. He needed Kellhus because he had crippled himself, just as Kellhus says, and was therefore unable to seize power himself.

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I wonder if the Zeumi are in contact with to Ishteribinth?

I don't think they are Ishterbinth is a long way from Zeum across Sranc infested wastes. That said Zeum is an interesting country being the last major nation not directly controlled by Kellhus I know they haave a treaty but the Zeumi don't worship Kellhus like the rest of the three sea's, and their more powerfull then any one three seas nation. I do see them playing a large role in the future espaicially since we were introduced to that Zeumi prince in the Judging eye. also there was one school listed in the appendice of the Judging Eye the Vokalati, I don't believe their a Three Seas school so could they be Zeumi?

As for Ishteribinth I wonder what the Nonmen will make of Kellhus, they'd make good allies against the consult but I doubt they'd go for his God thing and I'm not sure he could tolerate that.

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See I would expect Zeum to be seafaring (look at the natural awesome harbor their capital is in) in a "hug the coasts" manner of sea exploration. Even though the coast to the north is sranc infested lands I think expeditions north would be likely. Considering all the streams that flow west to the sea there's probably a lot of opportunities to set up minor harbors and exploit the areas for various possible riches (such as mining, and fishing, for example).

If any people were going to make contact with Ishterebinth it'd be the Zeumi.

I think the Zeumi prince is likely to stay with the outpost left in Sakarpus when the Ordeal moves north to Tryse, and I think when Akka and company reach Sakarpus, they'll find the prince examining the coffers they seek.

then after Akka and company leave Ishual near the end of the third book, the Zeumi prince will direct them towards Ishterebinth, where they can seek shelter and await a ship from his father.

of course, more likely is that Incariol will suggest they flee Ishual to Ishterebinth, though he may not much want to go himself (if he's one of NinJanjin's sons, or Nin himself.)

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