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  1. also, fox news was in very dire shape with its advertisers this spring, and was actually nearer death than many realized. Democrat president candidates going on fox news has allowed the network to repair its relationships with its advertisers by demonstrating "see we are embraced by both sides, no reason for you to fear working with us" and said democrat candidates have more or less singlehandedly revived the network from near death. But was it worth it? did democrats that went on fox "reach the voters" Maybe, for the one to two hours that they were on live. But for the 144 hours immediately following an appearance (and beyond, but this is the highlight of hate peak period), their interview was chopped up, misrepresented, maligned, mocked and attacked, no rebuttal, all bandwagon, all red meat, all dogwhistles. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of continual hate and invective and character assassination directed at them, using the content they provided fox by participating with fox. so they helped the network's bottom line. Saved the network, maybe reached someone for a couple hours, so long as that someone also didn't watch any other fox news coverage of the event that told them what to think. and anyone that missed the actual live event has been expertly taught to deeply and profoundly hate and mistrust that candidate as a true and awful evil enemy of america who must be stopped at all costs. Now they are educated via a crash course about who the enemy is, thanks for going on fox and teaching them to hate you. These democrats that go on fox, they're worse than the oysters willingly going along with the walrus and the carpenter, eager to be eaten.
  2. Evangelicals are the best. Did you all know that in response to the changing American politics of abortion, Evangelicals changed the english translation of the bible--leviticus--so that it would mean the opposite of the original text, and now comport with contemporary anti-abortion american politics? https://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2012/03/22/mischief-follows-in-partisan-bible-translations/ if you need that clarified a bit more by someone who actually speaks hebrew: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1128864334678044672.html
  3. lokisnow

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    What are the chances Russia tampered with this election like they did in the U.S. and the brexit elections?
  4. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Every time I see a lead line like “polling is just name recognition” I get more irritated. That rhetorical framing is naked motivated reasoning. Reporters, wonks and analysts need a story so they take a conclusion that allows them to unilaterally invalidate the data so they can write their think pieces maybe Biden’s enduring majorities and pluralities in literally every fucking poll taken since November 2016 is not actually reflective of what “insert issue article here” and rando journalist wants to write that day, but maybe just maybe that consistent trove of data in fact shows exactly what it proports to show: people really want Biden. nothing more complicated, nothing less, if you think otherwise you’re just deluding yourself with what you already want to believe.
  5. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Democrats chose en masse not to vote in 2010 and this is the result, elections have consequences, especially that one. Rahm and Obama explicitly said they did not give a fuck about appointing judges in 2009, and this is the result. Dean said to campaign everywhere all the time and got a sixty seat senate in two years, Obama said “that’s fucking stupid! it’s not the most efficient use of resources” and all the wonks nodded sagely in mathematical agreement as Obama put a stop to it and this is the result. Democrats are only getting handed to them the obvious consequences of their leaderships major decisions, it just took a while for the chickens to come home to roost, but functionally this is what they’ve wanted. the best outcome for democrat leadership is perpetually open pockets of donors combined with no majorities in any chamber and no primary challengers. That is how you live the truly good life as a politician—it is what you are entitled to!
  6. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    so long as Pence is the first masturbator charged and jailed...
  7. lokisnow

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Indeed, the inflection point that is important is when the growth in the electric market more than covers the growth in the overall car market. Last year that was true, they're saying it's just a cyclic downtown in ICE car buying, and they're projecting a reversion to the mean for this year, with the inflection point being past the point of no return in 2020 or 2021, but if 2018 is not just a cyclic blip, it could be the beginning of a much faster decline of ICE than they're projecting. I don't think 2019 ICE car sales have given much indication that they're recovering from the 2018 global decline. If all the growth in car sales is going to be in non ICE cars, then manufacturers will race that direction, which is what they started doing seriously about eighteen months ago, with major rollouts of big manufacturers starting this fall and trickling out for the next eighteen months after that. Shoot, even the massive market of the tiny-penis-big-truck genre of vehicles is adding electric motors and hybrid technology to their trucks to improve performance and erection size, so "big" changes are coming even for the weakly endowed that have fought the technology.
  8. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Here's a moderate idea on climate change, make hybrids more or less mandatory and get a whole bunch of low hanging fruit as a result https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a22815325/2019-ram-1500-etorque-hybrid-pickup-drive/ The big trucks are getting electric motors and hybrid technology to improve their performance and power. Not to be eco, but as a result, they're seeing huge gains in fuel efficiency. So a moderate choice, don't mandate electric cars. Mandate this technology. or create a rebate for trims with this technology and a fee on all cars that don't have this technology. Require stair step improvements annually to the amount of storage and efficiency gains to qualify for rebates and avoid the penalty. When you've reached a state where all hybrids have x amount of storage, require they have a plug in component as well to charge the storage for all electric driving. In other words a simple policy tweak to make the high performance hybrids cheaper than the non hybrids and make the low performance non hybrids more expensive than the hybrids, let the market and manufacturers sort out the rest, it'd probably be a quite rapid turnover. Five years from now, you'd basically be in a state where every vehicle sold was a plug in hybrid with 50 miles of all electric range, and a new vehicle fleet mpg of 50+ Basically cutting gas consumption in half (or more) for the new vehicle fleet. That's a moderate choice that just tweaks incentives mildly but changes everything across the fleet without requiring an impossible scaling up in battery production that electrics will require.
  9. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Democrat leadership has completely given up on winning red state senate seats, which means republicans have a permanent majority in the senate. If Thomas retires in a month, they will have a permanent republican majority on the supreme court for the next twenty five years. A permanent red state majority in the senate, coupled with a permanent republican majority on the supreme court means all of these results are unable to be overturned. Given that they've computer engineer drawn all the state legislative district boundaries to resist the largest democrat waves in history so that they will have permanent majorities in all state legislatures (and will therefore maintain those majorites for each subsequent redistricting), it is not possible for them to ever lose a state legislature again. Wisconsin had what, 63% of the votes were for democrat state legislators, and they got 39% of the seats? That's the new normal, everywhere all the time. We can't undo this. they've won and they've written the rules to mean they can never lose.
  10. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Why bother. Democrats are unwilling to elect senators in red states. which means they will never have a majority. Even if democrats unexpectedly win red state senate seats or miraculously defeat Susan Collins, The only way to change any of this once the supreme court upholds alabama's laws, would be to kill the filibuster and expand the court, and a huge amount of democrats get the vapors at doing that. In other words, devotion to the way of operating a judiciary staffing scaled to 60 million people means that we are obligated to do nothing to scale the judiciary staff to operate justly for 320 million people. Ultimately, all democrat politicans, leaders and over half of the democrat electorate believe that upholding judicial staffing traditions ex-confederate states found convenient is more important than people, more important than rights, more important than women, more important than anything. We can elect more democrat senators--which democrat leaders are stridently opposed to, because they hate winning--we can add states for New Columbia and Puerto Rico, we can break up all the states with populations greater than 10 million (so long as all new states have at least 4.5 million in population and a strong GDP center=eight Californias, for example) in order to break the back of republican senate power. But none of this is really possible or plausible. We are stuck with everything Trump is doing, and it will not be undone because democrats have neither the spine nor vision to implement the changes necessary to undo it. Even if we won a ton of elections, killed the filibuster, passed the green new deal and a ton of other policy victories, if we leave judiciary staffing levels unchanged, Trump's court would strike down every democrat initiative. they will be nakedly and openly partisan, every bit the judicial equivalent of Mitch McConnell. If republicans suffer historic election losses, the Roberts court will dedicate itself to overturning the policy results of that election at every opportunity.
  11. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    20% of "small family farms" have zero annual sales, a tiny percent of that is because of weather related crop failures in any given years. The mega conglomerate corporate farms that account for 95% of food production are easily diversified so any given small local weather caused crop failure is mitigated by the hundreds of thousands of other acres they have in production that were not anywhere near that weather event. And the number with zero annual sales grows enormously every year because millionaire and billionaire white people have found that they are absolutely wonderful tax shelters and also qualify them for government welfare. Hail is obviously really bad for crops, probably the worst other than drought, but tornados don't cause a huge area of damage relative to the overall size of farmland in production. When the horrific and devastating EF5 tornado hit Joplin Missouri, the touchdown track was about six miles long of a half a mile wide funnel, which is 3 square miles. (obviously more devastation for a fairly wide radius around the actual funnel, but you get the idea of how it doesn't scale to impacting crops on a national scale). this storm system does look pretty intense--climate change--but the media is uninterested in covering this sort of thing, look at the collective shrug of Omaha drowning. Look at how no one whatsoever cares that the Mississippi has been flooding for 70+ days with levels higher than the catastrophic 93 floods. Sure, the evidence is in front of our eyes, but no one gives a fuck, which is frustrating.
  12. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Vote for who ever you want in any primary or run off election. But if you care about the planet, vote democrat, not republican, not third party, in the general election. It's a secret but third parties have enacted exactly zero policies in the united states, at the local, state, or federal government to combat climate change. But, the big secret is that places which elected democrats have enacted policies to combat climate change at the local and state levels, and when people elected democrats in 2006 and 2008, policies fighting climate change were also enacted at the federal level. By all means, vote in the early elections for those who align closest to you. But in the general election, vote for those who are the only possible choice for accomplishing policy implementation.
  13. lokisnow

    Going solar, going solar, going solar

    we have a political party that has actively sabotaged solar at every opportunity when in power.
  14. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Counter: Trump is Anti Family! Trump is making Immigration ANTI FAMILY! that did not seem difficult to counter.
  15. lokisnow

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    I aim to misbehave.