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  1. lokisnow

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    No, because EV Motors are highly efficient using about 97% of energy it draws when in use. On the other hand a typical ICE engine is much less efficient, using only about 30% of the energy it draws when in use, meaning over two thirds of the gas you burn is waste, waste heat / unallocated energy generated from combustion, and it also means that 2/3 of the emissions from operating your car are from that inefficient waste combustion . (This is actually the basis of the MPGe calculation, btw.) Needless to say that power plants are vastly more efficient than an ICE engine and have vastly less waste combustion to generate the energy they produce from combusting fossil fuels. Power plants also employ emissions mitigation within their various exhaust stacks meaning the emissions are even lower for charging a car. most power plant energy waste is from baseline operations at night when demand is extremely low and the energy available goes unused. but cars charge at night, cars are actually reducing power plant waste by harvesting the previous unused energy. so charging from the grid is a win win: mile for mile, a grid powered EV results in less than twenty percent of the emissions that come out the exhaust pipe of an ICE car, and the EV is also harvesting waste plant energy at night which is offsetting emissions.
  2. lokisnow

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Iirc, The research im recalling found that success correlated the most with people who weighed themselves the most often, most successful were people who weighed themselves twice a day, morning and evening. Success declined proportionally with frequency of weigh in. Once a month least successful, once a week significantly less successful than a few times a week which was less successful than every day. however, people weighing themselves once or twice a day may well correlate with people who are the best informed about how weight varies and therefore the caveats of frequent weighing. If the downside risk of frequent weighing (too much variability in weight leading to discouragement and disengagement) is ameliorated with greater information, education or ability to track more granularly, then that’s a bridge that can be built. There’s also the suggestion that frequent (twice a day or daily) weigh ins cause people doing it to build neurologically stronger connections between their behavior and their weight which makes behavioral adjustments much more likely to occur, for example: “oh shit! that salty lunch made my weight go up! I’m not eating that again!” Or “fuck, I gained three pounds overnight? It was just two glassss of wine at dinner!” Or “i had salad and fish for lunch and dinner and didn’t gain any weight for the day! ” or “my diet was perfect yesterday and today I dropped half a pound!” So if variability is comprehended before hand, more frequent weigh ins can create much stronger associations between dietary choices and outcomes on the scale but it may be limited to how well informed the person in question is though the people most likely to weigh in most frequently are often the most well informed
  3. lokisnow

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    That’s exactly what the protein sellers want you to think. But you are just spilling the excess in your urine or breaking the excess protein down to glycerol molecules that can be stored in adipocytes as triglycerides. but if you’re experiencing a strong placebo effect as described, probably fine to lean into it.
  4. lokisnow

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    “Don’t weigh yourself daily” is advice from skinny diet journalists who have always been skinny independent of diet and exercise and thus to them a daily weight fluctuation is a purely mental exercise, and since their weight is and always has been homeostatic, long averages is a better measure than daily fluctuations. for heavy people trying to lose weight or maintain lost weight, research has shown that the daily accountability of weighing oneself is crucial to positive outcomes. Taking away the accountability, merely gives the genetic victims (whose weight has never been homeostatic) too much room. Weighing yourself once a week, if you are non homeostatic is like telling an smoker they only have to give up cigarettes one day a week and it is the same as quitting.
  5. lokisnow

    US Politics: Reaching the Tipping Point

    I am so delighted I am not the only one. https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-skelton-california-legislature-disapproval-rating-20190606-story.html californias do nothing coward legislature, a democratic supermajority, has a lower approval rating in California than president trump. this garbage legislature full of horrible humans, none of which deserve reeelection, have never met a crisis they couldn’t make worse with inaction or lately, with vanity plates. True senator Portantino suggested a new fee on vanity plates to solve the housing crisis after They killed or destroyed via amendment all the bills addressing the housing crisis. It has certainly been a victory for lobbyists who have succeeded in making the crisis worse with their total control of the legislature, but things are bad and getting worse because of these incompetent buffoons. and where is Ghost Gavin the nations worst governor? He’s nowhere to be seen, he wouldn’t want to do anything that might affect the 2024 presidential run he’s entitled to!
  6. lokisnow

    US Politics: Reaching the Tipping Point

    Iowa is even worse for him than wisconsin
  7. lokisnow

    US Politics: Reaching the Tipping Point

    A lot of very rich, powerful and political Americans lost a lot of property when their Cuban slave state was overthrown, and they’re still mad about losing their slaves, their playground, their money, and their “investments” and they want them ALL back.
  8. lokisnow

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    You are safe in assuming it is between 0.4532 grams per lb and the above mentioned 0.7 grams per lb. for a 200 lb adult male, the lower bound works out to 91 grams of protein per day. how many grams of dietary protein do you think your body can convert to growing new muscle mass per day? (hint it is not In a fixed ratio with increasing levels of dietary protein, it is very much a capped or severely diminishing returns scenario)
  9. lokisnow

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Iirc, grams per pound myth is because Americans are bad at the metric system. The research was naturally all done in metric— grams of protein per KILOgram of body weight—and Americans just did not do the conversion (and or ignored the units of measure) and “rounded” it to 1 gram per lb.... the protein industry was very happy about this development and has encouraged it. long story short, the research indicates it is less than 1 gram per lb.
  10. maybe. but most of the biggest tax theft corporations like walmart do is at the state and local and hyper local level, you can't fix all the tax theft they've strong armed negotiated for themselves at the federal level, most of the tax theft is happening local. And they leverage the benefit of the tax theft they negotiate themselves to harm those "mom and pops" not benefitting from similar levels of tax theft.
  11. Sigh. So many left leaning people view all policy through their anecdotal lens. If the only tipped wage people you encounter is a bartender, you are definitionally not interacting with the lived reality of this fucking monstrous and heinous system of normalized wage theft and institutionalized misogyny. I don't give a fuck about coastal big city white-rent-district bartenders and how they interact with the tipped wage, these are pretty much by definition the top 1% (or possibly even 0.1%) of tipped wage earning employees in the united states. I give a fuck about the people that are the 99%. The 55 year old waitress with three grand kids she's supporting, pulling a morning shift at a breakfast diner in Mexico, Missouri and getting excited by a two dollar tip on a thirty dollar ticket (in Missouri, where I grew up, 10% was often the max tipped). Or the kid working at a Cracker Barrel in Oklahoma City who has all their tips seized by management by order of corporate fiat. Or the Bartender in Billings Montana where the beers are all a dollar, and they might get a dollar tip per occasional pitcher of beer. there are at least 10,000 people getting fucked by the tipped wage system for every person succeeding in the tipped wage system with the $15-per-cocktail bar or the $100 a person three star restaurant.
  12. Split roll is having two wages, in this case normal minimum wage and tipped minimum wage. Just one minimum wage.
  13. Yeah maybe it’s not clear. I am saying we should end split roll minimum wage.
  14. I understood but it is also putting the rich kid cart before the poor kid horse. Benefits Such as you describe are indexed to per hour wages. Doing the benefits first is precisely and exactly backward and would create an even stronger financial incentive for capital to fight even harder against the wages side of the equation. also, snidely doing (in your mind) what “is best” for people because they don’t really “need more money” as was so horrifically stated above is some republican level bullshit rhetoric. also, if it were true it would mean universal basic income is a crock of shit. Hmmm...