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  1. Yes but the experts who advise the dems would tell her not to do that simple direct message because it’s complicated her state and district has a lot of veterans and industry dependent on steady paychecks from endless war and, “we can’t imply that they don’t deserve their paychecks from endless war. We are just opening ourselves to a gotcha attack or claims that we’re anti troops. So we should scrap this message and acknowledge the complexity of the issue and reccomend it for further study.” so in the process of being vetted by experts and hand wringing policy wonks her message is transformed from simple and effective into either “support our troops!” Or “I acknowledge the complex needs of the community I represent and the many wonderful workers and their families at our weapons factories and our troops overseas and I don’t want to defund these valued members of our community but I think of we can find a way to fund them we can also find a way to fund our schools and healthcare too.” Fear of a gotcha “yer gonna close our weapons factory and put us all out of work!” Is why democrats don’t message on this shit. Democrats got fucking killed in the polls for nearly thirty years now because they were in charge during the post Cold War de militarification drawdown in spending and a lot of now republicans will hate dems forever for implementing that and robbing their communities of their endless war paychecks.
  2. pfft, most of the problem is the democrat's experts have gotten in the way and put up continual roadblocks to action "We can't do anything about carbon emissions because cows fart! all our scientists say so, ergo any thing we do is not worth doing". with friends like that who needs republicans? When your side spends decades arguing about what the most efficient, most perfect, most market friendly policy and you get nothing because you're so busy compromising with yourself over diddly details, you never accomplished any actions in the first place, well you shot yourself in your own damn foot with your compromising and perfect policy paper of platitudes. Hammers work better than scalpels here, but democrats never even picked up either tool because they got sidetracked and stuck arguing the merits of chopsticks or forks for their baby kale salad at their climate fundraiser, and for half an hour before the cocktail hour there's supposed to be a panel on hammers or scalpels, but most people forgot to attend, because they wanted to pregame cocktail hour before the bar got busy.
  3. lokisnow

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    obviously if the three seas is now depopulated of the penis folk, there's going to be an epic vag war led by the ladies (now forced to be warriors) complete with pendulous breasts, sweaty crevices and the legendary honeyed anus. Duh, that's what he meant, he had to have all that misogyny to realistically fantasize to the women's warrior place he always intended (forgot about), duh. just think how many hot young warrior women are going to want to have sex with Akka now that he's one of the only powerful men around! And they'll be so sympathetic and gift him with sex when he whinges about how much the baby is irritating him.
  4. Obama also got a lot of non-voters to vote in 2008 and a lot of them showed up for him again in 2012. I would expect Trump to experience the same slightly diminished level of support from that cohort that Obama received his second time around. I think that means, fuck it, nominate Bernie, maybe the kids and the olds will vote for him? *** Or it means the software Russia developed to adjust vote totals precinct-by-precinct in the states Trump flipped was very good and identified non-voters and voted for them, and they never voted at all. I mean the software was good enough to make sure the states they targeted and flipped all had just barely enough of a margin of victory to make sure automatic recounts weren't triggered, so it was probably good enough to pick which non voters to create votes for, amiright? Another good strategy to build into the software would be to randomly flip about two percent of democrat votes to green votes. That way you inflate the third party numbers without suspicion but have to create way fewer votes to create your margin of victory.
  5. lokisnow

    U.S. Politics- This Is Us, Basically Fascists

    new thread::
  6. Continue this post was too good to pass up for thread title inspiration:
  7. lokisnow

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Consult dunyain actuaries do the math and decide that too many people will arrive at golgotterath if they don’t do the nuke. The nuke depletes the enemy forces, wrecks the food supply, forces cannibalism, and has beneficial radiation effects. im sure if they let the great ordeal keep going, mathematically it was probable that the army might be able to ascend all the steps into golgotterath itself. The nuke reduces them so that the wave would break without ever being endangered of actual invasion.
  8. lokisnow

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    he was birthed by the consult, it is known. no mother, just phallus fathers. *** sigh. Nobody else has said it, but if this _were_ a story written with Layers of revelation (and the author has ardently insisted he doesn't write that way), then there's a big obvious layer revealed by association at the end of TGO that we haven't really acknowledged. Kellhus is possessed by Ajokli which gives him double vision (he can see Kelmo, and Ajokli cannot) Mimara has double vision (she can see the sarcophagus, and she can see the hologram) This implies that Mimara is equally possessed by an agency, just as Kellhus was. Of course, you say, Mimara has the Judging Eye, duh. Ah, says I, but therein lies the problem, the Judging Eye has Mimara, not the other way around--at least if we use the Kellhus/Ajokli proxy to interpret it. Now, this is all fine and dandy because we've been told that she just sees with the eye of the whatevs, omnipotent-present-niscient, who cares. they're saying TJE is of the thinger of thingers that is tiered beyond thingers. Sure. Or it could just be another thinger on the level of Ajokli. In any event, TJE is controlled by an agency. Ajokli=an agency, and Mimara rather than being viewed as gifted, could be reinterpreted through the lens of being possessed. much as we can now reinterpret Kellhus as possessed. Because that is a great idea, let us take away agency from the only female character that appeared to have it. hah! Bakker.
  9. lokisnow

    U.S. Politics- This Is Us, Basically Fascists

    I'll go one step forward. Last year my mom eagerly did a DNA test because she figured it would finally PROVE that our family has the rumored Indian blood that she has believed in since she saw the film Billy Jack as an impressionable teenager. She was astonished that it was completely zero percent native american. She's believed it to be true for so long, her assumption is that perhaps the test was wrong, so she had her mom and uncle also do the test. also zero. shocking, right? She still would never ever vote for Elizabeth Warren and would probably hate her guts for being a dirty liar all her life about having Native American blood.
  10. lokisnow

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    yeah that was me, no idea what thread it is in though.
  11. lokisnow

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    This is a great post. It would be even more great if bakker has written some of it into the text. It would have been good if bakker had written the first two series as establishing a meta conflict between two constrained forces (consult vs the gods). And the opposition of two unconstrained forces being revealed by the climax of TUC would make it a much better book and it would set up a sequel better, the unconditioned ground of the opposition of two unconstrained forces. but bakker didn’t write any of that nor set up any of that, if that was his intent his execution was beyond abysmal. If that were the explanation it is more of a retcon than anything else. in any event forcing any meaning into the books is a fools errand take ajokli and Shae both consuming dunyain victims without their knowledge, that is the sort of thematic and structural parallel ones brain notices as a pattern and ascribes meaning to. For any other author, developing those kind of associations is a key part of the writing process. Bakker rejects all that. So although the idea of Shae taking over the dunyain FEELS right it only feels right because it fits a textual pattern our brain is primed to see. So it is probably nothing, just over active imagination.
  12. lokisnow

    U.S. Politics- This Is Us, Basically Fascists

    The fuck, do you not know what segregation was? Every time voter ID has been looked into, those most likely to be disenfranchised are elderly people of color because they don’t have birth certificates because their parents were banned from most hospitals and/or were otherwise systemically discriminated against in the bureaucratic dance to get birth certificates. Often times they don’t have drivers licenses either for the same or related reasons. Can you recite the names of every judge in the state? You can’t? Well no [insert government document here] for you.
  13. lokisnow

    U.S. Politics- This Is Us, Basically Fascists

    Do you need a birth certificate to get an id? What if you are of a race who was not allowed to be in a hospital and therefore never had access to birth certificate infrastructure because society forced your parents into dangerous alternatives? There are currently millions of citizens with no birth certificate because their race was deliberately and thoroughly excluded from normal functions of society. in California you need to be able to afford a notary to apply for a birth certificate, you also need to know what a notary is and where to find one. And if you are not part of a culture that uses high caste cultural signifiers like notaries, navigating these unusual to you bureaucratic obstacles can be rather burdensome.
  14. lokisnow

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    As best we can tell bakker finished the third and final Book of the aspect emperor trilogy but didn’t want it published without his ebook worthy glossary, instead he wanted a new four book contract in both the US and UK instead of his three book contract so he could get paid for an extra book. Bakker wanted to split the final book into the great ordeal and the unholy consult and his publishers refused the book split and renegotiation. Bakker and “madness” then started a campaign of lies that the publisher was refusing to publish his final book in order to create a “ fan led” pressure campaign on the publishers to force them to renegotiate with him. After the “fan” campaign the publishers did renegotiate, which led to another year of delays to great ordeal being published, but bakker did get his glossary published in unholy consult instead of it being released as an ebook. And since the final volume did not have enough content to constitute a novel he included two actual ebooks as add ons to the novel and he also added to the final book a hundred pages of cannibal rape chapters to pad out the book to novel length as he deemed that the section where he could add content without having rewrite anything else.
  15. lokisnow

    Uh Oh for Paleo

    Yeah everything in low carb paleo (insert any health/diet thing here) etc is a money making scam. Everything. Robb wolf remember when he was hired to do that intervention/study for police people? Yeah that went mysteriously quietly nowhere and then he started seriously hawking branded stuff. its all just chasing that magical belief lottery, and the cynical people cash in by claiming they’ve won and enriching themselves from the suckers that really want to believe in Magic.