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Possible tWOW prologues.


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I've already posted this in another topic but I want it to be the Greatjon impersonating his sigil and breaking out of the Frey dungeons, then going on a rampage through the Twins. It'd suck to see him die but it'd be fun to read about him screaming as he throws Walder Frey off the top of the castle. Pretty random but it was would also provide one piece of comeuppance for that sorry brood.

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unlikely, since we had the Theon chapter already which is placed before the battle. So what could be the news there? It has to be something that isn't in the chapter since a) we'd be spoiled now and B) the chapter is pointless if we know there's something gamechanging already in Winterfell, makes all the suspense building of the chapter worthless.

The same applies btw to a Storm's End point of view. Arianne wouldn't be teasing us to the question of how Aegon did it if we already knew that...

GRRM wanted to read a Aeron chapter so that seems to point away from an Ironborn opener as well (thank god? ;-))

I personally hope to get a lowborn character again, can be in Volantis, Highgarden, King's Landing or even Braavos, doesn't matter that much. We just had a wildling, so even if Hardhome is also possible, I don't see it.

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Missandei? Qyburn is a fairly good guess as well though. With either of these, it would assume the previous pattern of the prologue being in a "place we haven't seen yet" is a coincidence. If it is not a coincidence- someone suggested Skagos which seems like a good guess. I don't see how Highgarden or Casterly Rock would factor in, since we don't have anyone there that we know of. The prologue is always a hint of something to come much, much later... Perhaps it will be Arya's first assignment outside of Braavos- and then her assassinny self will go dark for a while, only to pop back up when we have gotten so engrossed in other aspects that we forgot about what happened in the prologue. At least that's what usually happens to me...

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My best guess would be either in the BwB (Brienne vs Jaime?), on Skagos (Davos finds Rickon?), or someone in Casterly Rock (Jeyne Westerling?). If it does go to somewhere we have seen, im hoping for another look at Oldtown, or maybe the battle for Meereen.

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First of all i must say that this topic really rocks :cool4: :cool4: :cool4:

Now my opinion should be Darkstar at first point. Then Hizdahr is a man that deserves death (and that death is closing). Not just because he is one of the most irritating characters but because at least i take him as an obstacle to the on-going story. And at last some of the Freys GRRM has at least a big choice with them.

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I strongly believe that the POV character of the prologue will be Mago (bloodrider of Khal Jhaqo). Here are my reasons:

  • This follows the logic of previous prologues (Beyond the wall - not beyond the all), though I don't think that Martin would use such mechanism, in my opinion this is just coincidence.
  • He is a character that we already have seen in A Game of Thrones.
  • More important, George Martin said, when the tv series killed Mago, that he would be a rather important character in tWoW. As he also said that he doesn't plan on introducing new POV characters outside of the prologue/epilogue, Mago being the POV character of the prologue would make totally sense.

He would also have the key role of showing how Khal Jhaqo deals with Dany and Drogon, or even what happens when Drogon start bringing havoc to the kalasar.

This is not the prologue that I would like the most.. I would prefer a Jojen prologue (don't want him to die, but I sure want to know more of what is going on with Bran!!), or a prologue related to Arya, advancing more her story, or a Skagos prologue, showing us Rickon, Shaggydog and Osha!

Yeah.. I'm clear a Stark fan! hahaha

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A group of my friends are just coming up to date on the series and I thought to save me pestering them, I would write down all my theories and the widely speculated for discussion later on. One of the sections was for The Winds of Winter Information. These are my Prologue predictions and I do realise I went overboard!

  • Based on the pattern; Even Books have a Prologue in a location we haven’t visited before in Westeros and usually a secondary location of one of the nine regions (flexible on the Maester rule)"
    • The Hunt for Darkstar (Ser Balon Swann, Obara Sand or maybe even Ser Gerold Dayne himself)
      • New Locale: Starfall or High Hermitage
      • Known Peril: Obara has a temper, Gerold Dayne is already a fugitive for attempting to kill the heir to the Seven Kingdoms and Balon Swann is surrounded by people he cannot trust.

      [*]A Pirate’s Life (Aurane Waters or Salladhor Saan)

      • New Locale: The Narrow Sea
      • Known Peril: The Autumn Storms are said to be quite lethal.

      [*]The Moving City (Lord Howland Reed, Lady Maege Mormont, Galbart Glover or Hallis Mollen)

      • New Locale: Greywater Watch.
      • Known Peril: As the last remaining survivors of Robb Stark’s host who went south and are still for the King, there could be a traitor among them as people would pay handsomely to find the wandering city.

      [*]Westerly Motion (Ser Forley Prester, Sybell Spicer or Lord Edmure Tully)

      • New Locale: The Golden Tooth
      • Known Peril: Rescuing Edmure and Jeyne is high on the list of priorities for some speculators, but with Jaime’s last order to have them killed over rescued could have a tragic end to the Young Wolf’s family.

      [*]The Isles of Sapphires (Lord Selwyn Tarth)

      • New Locale: Tarth
      • Known Peril: The Golden Company could have landed here and they aren’t welcome guests!

      [*]Torrhen’s Square (Dagmer Cleftjaw)

      • New Locale: Torrhen’s Square
      • Known Peril: The last of the Ironborn in the North is likely to get bum-rushed!

      [*]Skagos (Osha)

      • New Locale: The Isles of Skagos
      • Known Peril: Cannibals and Unicorns, who wouldn’t be in danger!

    [*] Based on ignoring the pattern:

    • The Seven Kingdoms
      • Salting the Earth (Willas Tyrell or Garth “The Gross” Tyrell): Would Euron move his fleet against Highgarden? Highgarden is a new locale but it’s the principal location in the Reach.
        • Known Peril: The Ironborn.

        [*]The Voice of Oldtown (Lord Leyton Hightower): He has been cooped up in the Hightower for a decade. I wonder what he fears or what he is working on?

        • Known Peril: The Citadel.

        [*]Storm’s Ending (Lord Gilbert Farring, Ser Elwood Meadows, Ser Lomas Estermont or Maester Jurne): From what we know of the Arianne’s Winds chapter, Aegon VI has taken Storm’s End already, who betrayed Stannis?

        • Known Peril: Each other.

        [*]Dreadfort Captive (Old Nan): The Winterfell captives will not be allowed to leave the Dreadfort alive!

        • Known Peril: Bolton Men.

      [*]The Wall & Beyond

      • Ranging the North (Ser Alliser Thorne, Benjen Stark or Stonesnake): Maybe witnessing the Others and Wights finally moving on the Wall. Although this could be a rehash of the conclusion to Varamyr’s chapter.
        • Known Peril: The Others.

        [*]The Ides of Marsh (Bowen Marsh, Tormund or Selyse Florent): The glue that held the fragile alliance together has dissolved. BOOM!

        • Known Peril: Each other.

        [*]Things in the Water (Cotter Pyke or Mother Mole): What is actually happening at Hardhome? Melisandre mentioned that there was no saving them.

        • Known Peril: The Others.


      • Eclipsed Knights (Ser Gerris Drinkwater or Ser Archibald Yronwood): Barristan sent them to rescue Daario, Hero and Jhogo with the aid of the Windblown but if Tyrion and the Second Sons try the same thing, it may come to blows.
        • Known Peril: Yunkai.

        [*]YunCaptives (Daario Naharis, Hero or Jhogo): Will they get rescued in time?

        • Known Peril: Yunkai.

        [*]Blood of the Stallion (Jhaqo or Mago): Vengeance!

        • Known Peril: Dany & Drogon

        [*]Road to the Dragon (Archmaester Marwyn or the Cinnamon Wind Crew): We haven’t heard much from the Mage since he left Oldtown, could he and the crew have run a foul of pirates or Ironmen?

        • Known Peril: Ironborn.

Who wants to tear me apart first? :)

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