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  1. It would be beyond hilarious if Victarion was to capture Tyrion. With all the pesky monkeys that have been plaguing him,imagine what would the demon monkey do :lmao:
  2. How did Barristan learn about Balon? (Groleo,perhaps?) Can't remember right now.
  3. He is either battling or fearing Victarion will take all the glory - the muscles,not the brain :)
  4. Awesome. Thank you! God,that's sad,the thought Theon/Greyjoy could be acting in Starks' behalf.
  5. And Arianne arrives...where? Rainwood? In the vicinity?
  6. He seems a good man,remember he spoke to Davos when Stannis sent him before ACoK.
  7. it is more than just defence by men,it is in the way Storm's End is built,the spells.
  8. Melisandre does have to remind herself to eat... There is something about her,though not necessarily death.
  9. Coldhand is in the same category as Beric and Cat. Dead person functioning like a living one.
  10. We have no evidence as to what Thoros thinks about Gendry.
  11. No,she is a light to him. As long she lives (acts in order to help him restore his honour) so does he. So,she is instrumental.
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