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Coolest nicknames(poll this time!)

jon tarkaryen

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Lord Piper,thanks for bumping topic again ;)

Oh, no need to thank for, it was just a simple marketing trick to get th Hound into the next round, but in tradition to the books a good calculated move turns against his initiator :bawl:

But I still have the Blackfish in, so here is my vote

B l a c k f i s h in a surprising attack leaves the SotM without trousers

Red Viper, after a brilliant faint action, laughs the last, by turning the LS into a "Coughing Worm"

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My favorite nicknames:

Knight of Flowers

The Laughing Storm

Sand Snakes

Ugh! That's hard, there are so many good ones. Following close behind:

The Red Viper

The Sword of the Morning



From the groups

Sword of the Morning

Laughing Storm

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