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  1. Seventh Pup

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Its crazy how finding out about your past can change your relationship to it. I've always assumed that I had ancestors that owned slaves. Both sides of my family can be traced back before independence in this country. Some ancestors where quite well off, but slaving is not really something that is pasted down in family knowledge the same way noteworthy uncles are. While I don't know for certain, I just kind of assumed that someone, somewhere back there, probably was slave owner. Now I know I have ancestors that also experienced the other side of that. I wonder how they would view me, a white woman who has no real knowledge of them. It makes me very curious to find out who they where. Ormond we also had a family myth, that I think no one but my grandmother and great uncle really believed that their great great grandfather had taken "an Indian wife" (that part of my family has a pretty extensive family tree but know one really knew anything about this suppose Native American ancestor), no Native American heritage was found in the DNA results. ETA Lany that is very interesting!
  2. Ormond you articles are always fascinating. Great article on Collum.
  3. Seventh Pup

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    My mother took the 23 and Me test over the holidays. While she knows a lot about her mother's side of the family (we can trace our line back to the Mayflower through my grandmother), her father's side of the family was a complete mystery. My grandparents divorced when she was young, and my grandfather had been very abusive, and after the divorce stopped all contact with his children. His family which was from the South, was never really in contact with my mother or grandmother (who grew up in California and then Washington State). However there was a long standing family belief that he was of mixed race descent. While my mother is very, very white, she has had a fair amount of African American people ask her if she has African American heritage. This is likely because of her hair, which while a kind of auburn in color, has many of the same characteristics of African American hair. My mother has had a salon refuse to do her hair before because "they don't do black hair". My mother also has very full lips, more then one lady at a make up counter has told her she can't wear bold colors with lips like hers. Anyway flash forward to last month when she got her results back. It turns out she does have a West African Ancestor, that dates back about 6 generations ago. Which would have been around 1800. It was pretty emotional for her to find out. It doesn't change anything, my mother, and myself are still white with all the privileges that go with that, but I've thought a lot about that ancestor since finding out.