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is there anyone who doesn't believe this theory? If so, who do you believe are Jon Snows parents? Eddard and that girl from the sisters? Eddard and ashara dayne? i'd love to hear you guys theories/opinions about it c:

I take only Lyanna as Jon's mother as a fact, since the evidence there is compelling even a lot of show watchers suggest that she is his mother.

Rhaegar is the most logical candidate since its assumed he was with Lyanna after the abduction, but personally I don't take Rhaegar as Jon's father as a fact.

My personal reason is because he is the most obvious candidate for being a father for any child Lyanna had during the war, so he is kind of a possible red herring for me.

But I agree that he is the most logical choice but I wouldn't be shocked if its not him, since we were led to believe Cersei killed Jon Arryn for quite a long time and she actually didn't I hold my guard up on stories told by other POV's.

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