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  1. The plaintiff was a former law professor, so at least I don't feel bad for him, he knew what he was getting into, but both he and his lawyer where ridiculous. He lawyer was treating this like a murder had been committed. He used words like "mutilation" when describing the pruning. The hedge was an English Ivy hedge, which is now listed as a noxious weed in the city where I live, because of this nurseries in the city don't sell it. But at one point one of 3 experts that the plaintiff had called, and paid to be there, was explaining this to the jury, and then the lawyer said "So your saying the hedge is irreplaceable!" to which the expert said "No, that is not what I am saying at all." His own experts where saying how the hedge was fine, and would completely recover and there was no need to replace it. It was a bit surreal.
  2. Last year I had to do jury duty. It was a civil case, that lasted 5 days, I lost 3 days of pay and tips. The case was about... One neighbor pruning another neighbors hedge without permission. :/ Both the plaintiff and defendant where well off and lived in an affluent neighborhood with a view. There was some miss communication, and a hedge was trimmed with out the owners ok. The plaintiff lost it. He wanted the defendants to pay for the removal and replanting of a new hedge (the hedge was fine and in fact had grown back to it's original size by the time of the trial). The defendant had offered to settle for $12,000 but the plaintiff wanted $45,000. He got about $5,000. It was such a waste of time for literally everyone.
  3. Back on the board after a long break, home sick and Facebook has become an inhospitable hellscape.
  4. Its crazy how finding out about your past can change your relationship to it. I've always assumed that I had ancestors that owned slaves. Both sides of my family can be traced back before independence in this country. Some ancestors where quite well off, but slaving is not really something that is pasted down in family knowledge the same way noteworthy uncles are. While I don't know for certain, I just kind of assumed that someone, somewhere back there, probably was slave owner. Now I know I have ancestors that also experienced the other side of that. I wonder how they would view me, a white woman who has no real knowledge of them. It makes me very curious to find out who they where. Ormond we also had a family myth, that I think no one but my grandmother and great uncle really believed that their great great grandfather had taken "an Indian wife" (that part of my family has a pretty extensive family tree but know one really knew anything about this suppose Native American ancestor), no Native American heritage was found in the DNA results. ETA Lany that is very interesting!
  5. Ormond you articles are always fascinating. Great article on Collum.
  6. My mother took the 23 and Me test over the holidays. While she knows a lot about her mother's side of the family (we can trace our line back to the Mayflower through my grandmother), her father's side of the family was a complete mystery. My grandparents divorced when she was young, and my grandfather had been very abusive, and after the divorce stopped all contact with his children. His family which was from the South, was never really in contact with my mother or grandmother (who grew up in California and then Washington State). However there was a long standing family belief that he was of mixed race descent. While my mother is very, very white, she has had a fair amount of African American people ask her if she has African American heritage. This is likely because of her hair, which while a kind of auburn in color, has many of the same characteristics of African American hair. My mother has had a salon refuse to do her hair before because "they don't do black hair". My mother also has very full lips, more then one lady at a make up counter has told her she can't wear bold colors with lips like hers. Anyway flash forward to last month when she got her results back. It turns out she does have a West African Ancestor, that dates back about 6 generations ago. Which would have been around 1800. It was pretty emotional for her to find out. It doesn't change anything, my mother, and myself are still white with all the privileges that go with that, but I've thought a lot about that ancestor since finding out.
  7. Link to a thoughtful piece by one of the students who protested for the change. Then found out Calhoun was an ancestor of his as well. Honestly I find it a bit outrageous that it took until 2017 to change this, and I also agree with the idea that somehow Calhoun's poisonous ideas is reserved for the distant past to be self serving for American's who believe racism is dead.
  8. Tears I am also so sorry to hear about Benny. I loved your stories about him, he seemed so funny, and loving, and it was obvious how much you loved him. My most heart felt condolences.
  9. Drawk I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I loved stories of Winter on the Dog thread. She sounds like her personality was as beautiful as she was. I have nothing to say except that she was so lucky to have a human who loved her so much. So incredibly sorry that she died so young.
  10. This hurts worse then Bowie, and I did not think I would be saying that so soon. Seriously the man was legend. I do not think we will get another one like him for a long time if ever.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if you nephew had his phone either stolen or cloned. Scammer saw "Uncle Dra" on the phone and decided to call it. I would let my nephew know what happened, then send out an email to other family members to make sure they are aware if they receive similar calls. Sorry you had to go through this. I had some asshats call from India stating they worked at Microsoft and my computer had been infect with a virus I needed to talk with them and give them information, and money to fix it. Total scam. The first time I took down their number and googled it, it's a scam. Second time I told them they where terrible people. Third time I told them they where terrible people. Fourth time I told them no one by that name lived at this number. Fifth time I told them I didn't have a computer. After that it finally stopped. But yeah it sucks.
  12. So sad to hear about the passing of David Bowie. He had a long, and legendary career, but as a child of the 80's, what he will always, always be for me is the Goblin King. My sister and I spent hours, (likely months if you added all the hours together), during our childhood watching Labyrinth. We would watch it, and then rewind it and watch again, and again. Jareth was the perfect antagonist, wicked, but charming, sinister with out crossing the line to scary. I loved him, my sister loved him more, and he was as much a part our childhood as Buttercup, and Ariel. As an adult finding his music was amazing. I'd like to think that somewhere out there Freddie Mercury just handed him a microphone and the most killer version of Under Pressure is being preformed.
  13. I think part of it maybe that most millenals have grown up using social media as a main form of communication. Social media is hosted by private companies, and most social media has some kind of censorship or rules of content that can be shared. Despite these rules it's still feels very open and free. So I think many millennial's coming of age in the age of Facebook. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal.
  14. Wording is important. In adds dignity, or disrespect to a conversation. No one is saying that you can say that Planned Parenthood is 'selling baby parts'; what people are saying is that it's not an accurate way to describe what is actually going on. The same way you don't say that someone was "scrapped for parts" when their organs are donated when they die. The same way you don't say that a hospital "sold grandma" to a medical school for a cadaver lab, even though in all these case money, and a lot of it, was moved around in order for tissue donation to happen.
  15. Nestor I have been trying to understand what point you are trying to make on this thread is. You seem to in lawyer mode, where you enjoy tearing down other's arguments with out actually adding much to the conversation other then the obvious. "If someone views abortion as murder then they are working with a fame work they think is moral to try to kill people who are providing abortions." Perhaps I have not read this thread carefully enough but I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you. I think they are disagreeing with the idea that abortions are murder; or that murdering people in order to stop abortions is wrong.