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  1. RIP My Dog Winter

    Tears I am also so sorry to hear about Benny. I loved your stories about him, he seemed so funny, and loving, and it was obvious how much you loved him. My most heart felt condolences.
  2. RIP My Dog Winter

    Drawk I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I loved stories of Winter on the Dog thread. She sounds like her personality was as beautiful as she was. I have nothing to say except that she was so lucky to have a human who loved her so much. So incredibly sorry that she died so young.
  3. Agent Carter

    I am sad that the rating has been falling as the episodes have been incredibly enjoyable. Personally I love this show.
  4. Alan Rickman RIP

    This hurts worse then Bowie, and I did not think I would be saying that so soon. Seriously the man was legend. I do not think we will get another one like him for a long time if ever.
  5. Someone Trying to Scam Me!!! Requesting Advice

    It wouldn't surprise me if you nephew had his phone either stolen or cloned. Scammer saw "Uncle Dra" on the phone and decided to call it. I would let my nephew know what happened, then send out an email to other family members to make sure they are aware if they receive similar calls. Sorry you had to go through this. I had some asshats call from India stating they worked at Microsoft and my computer had been infect with a virus I needed to talk with them and give them information, and money to fix it. Total scam. The first time I took down their number and googled it, it's a scam. Second time I told them they where terrible people. Third time I told them they where terrible people. Fourth time I told them no one by that name lived at this number. Fifth time I told them I didn't have a computer. After that it finally stopped. But yeah it sucks.
  6. David Bowie... reported deceased.

    So sad to hear about the passing of David Bowie. He had a long, and legendary career, but as a child of the 80's, what he will always, always be for me is the Goblin King. My sister and I spent hours, (likely months if you added all the hours together), during our childhood watching Labyrinth. We would watch it, and then rewind it and watch again, and again. Jareth was the perfect antagonist, wicked, but charming, sinister with out crossing the line to scary. I loved him, my sister loved him more, and he was as much a part our childhood as Buttercup, and Ariel. As an adult finding his music was amazing. I'd like to think that somewhere out there Freddie Mercury just handed him a microphone and the most killer version of Under Pressure is being preformed.
  7. Captain America 3: Civil War -- Hang onto your Underoos

    Wasn't Wakanda (on my phone so can't check spelling) where Hulk went Crazy and fought Veronica (Tony as the suped up Ironman)?
  8. I think part of it maybe that most millenals have grown up using social media as a main form of communication. Social media is hosted by private companies, and most social media has some kind of censorship or rules of content that can be shared. Despite these rules it's still feels very open and free. So I think many millennial's coming of age in the age of Facebook. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal.
  9. Terrorist incident in Colorado Springs

    Wording is important. In adds dignity, or disrespect to a conversation. No one is saying that you can say that Planned Parenthood is 'selling baby parts'; what people are saying is that it's not an accurate way to describe what is actually going on. The same way you don't say that someone was "scrapped for parts" when their organs are donated when they die. The same way you don't say that a hospital "sold grandma" to a medical school for a cadaver lab, even though in all these case money, and a lot of it, was moved around in order for tissue donation to happen.
  10. Terrorist incident in Colorado Springs

    Nestor I have been trying to understand what point you are trying to make on this thread is. You seem to in lawyer mode, where you enjoy tearing down other's arguments with out actually adding much to the conversation other then the obvious. "If someone views abortion as murder then they are working with a fame work they think is moral to try to kill people who are providing abortions." Perhaps I have not read this thread carefully enough but I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you. I think they are disagreeing with the idea that abortions are murder; or that murdering people in order to stop abortions is wrong.
  11. Terrorist incident in Colorado Springs

    Out of curiosity Polly what are your thoughts on organ donation. Especially when the choice to donate falls to the families and not the person themselves? Honestly I have not watched all the videos, but what I have seen seems to fall pretty squarely with in the regular discourse of talking about acquiring human tissue, whether for medical treatment or study. It's creepy, but not immoral. (I used to work in an ICU, I saw a few people prepped for organ donation after they where declared brain dead, it was very, very, very creepy. But it served a greater good, and I am still an organ donor.) Huge, gigantic amounts of money are spent on organ donation every year. The cost of acquiring, storing, transporting, and transplanting organs is intense. Even acquiring something for study is hugely expensive. Bodies that where donated to science where treated like gold. I once had a medical school administrator say that every human cadaver that was used in medical schools was insured for over $100,000. I am not sure if that is true, but it wouldn't surprise me. The point is we don't take about selling or buying when it comes to organ donation, or acquiring tissue, whether for study or medical use, unless we are talking about the black market. So using the term 'selling baby parts' is not accurate, and is a pretty inflammatory thing to say.
  12. Outrage Over Transgender Character in Zoolander 2

    Okay I am going to admit I haven't read this whole thread. I have however watched both the first Zoolander and the trailer for this film. I am not going to say that people shouldn't be offended, or shouldn't boycott the movie, that is their right, and to do so with however much or little information they feel is necessary to justify their reaction. Outrage is something that is profoundly personal, and I know things outrage me that do not outrage other, others are outraged by things I am not. If someone is outraged by this trailer, then that is totally a logical reaction for them. However I will say that I would be a little surprised if, when the movie comes out, All (Benedict Cumberbatch's character) is the butt of the joke. Don't get me wrong, I think All will likely be a ridiculous character, because Zoolander resides in a universe of ridiculous characters, but I don't think All will be the butt of this joke. I think this joke will likely play into showing that Zoolander and Hansel are in fact old, out of touch, and threatened by the next generation. Zoolander, the original movie, played a lot with gender stereotypes. Derek is the pretty, vapid, air head, with a heart of good. Matilda is not only the more grounded character, but she also never has a "makeover scene", (though she does learn how to let her hair down.) we never see her trade in her respectable attire for a ball gown, or a mini skirt, she's not monogamous to Derek and that's not viewed as a bad thing. Derek is initially suspicious of Hansel, in part because Hansel lives a very different kind of life style then him, but they over come their differences learn to respect each other, and become allies. Probably the one scene in the original Zoolander that makes me think All will not be butt of the joke though is the scene with Derek and his father. In the scene a commercial that Derek stars in plays while Derek is with his coal mining father. Derek's father is humiliated that his son is on tv wearing make up, and dressed in a mere person's tail; he states that he's glad that Zoolander's mother died before she could see her son dressed up as a "mermaid"; Derek gets very emotional and states that he's a "mereMAN", before storming out. That is the last scene in that Derek's family is in the movie. Zoolander goes on to save the day, and start the institute for "kid's that don't read so good"; but you never see a reconciliation with is family. The moral of the story seems to play out that accepting people for how they are, even when you don't understand them leads to friendship and success. Lashing out at people because you don't understand them only lessens you. They used that scene to show how out of touch Larry Zoolander was with his son. It wouldn't surprise me if they are using the All scene to show how out of touch Derek and Hansel are with the modern world.
  13. I'm an Ass

    Trust me I usually follow that. This particular store was 10 items or less. I just went to the cashier closest to the exit where I was parked, there was no line, I didn't realize I was in the express lane until I'd already loaded all my groceries and the cashier had started checking, at that point I felt like it would be even more awkward to have her stop checking load everything back in the cart, and transfer line. I did apologize for it though.
  14. I'm an Ass

    So I thought we had a thread like this a while ago. But searches pulled nothing up. If there is another "I made an ass out of myself" thread out there please merge away. This thread is to share those cringe worthy moments when you just suddenly realized you where the ass in a situation... What is prompting this. This morning I went to the grocery store to buy all the things I need for Thanksgiving. I buy turkey, potatoes, the whole nine yard. An older lady is who is my cashier. First thing I did wrong was get into the express lane by mistake. (This was a store that I hadn't been too in a long time and didn't realized the set up until I was at the cashier.) The one thing that made this less awkward was that there wasn't many shoppers yet, my mistake didn't hold up the line. I'd also forgot my bags in the car, so she needed to bag my stuff. Next thing that was problematic was that I put the wrong number on a bulk item. It was supposed to be a 6 but I wrote it like a 0. Finally I looked at her and smiled "Any plans for Thanksgiving?" Her face was an immovable piece of granite when she said "No. You?" And suddenly I realized what a personal question that is. It's asking about her family, her friends, and other personal things in one fowl swoop. It's not really the right thing to ask of a total stranger who's just trying to get through their work day. So yeah I'm a jackass. How about you?
  15. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    My theory for Whispers [spoiler] I don't think the current Whispers is the original Whispers. I think we will find out that Whispers has harnessed some kind of immortality, where he jumps from host to host. [/spoiler]