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  1. Oh, I figure that was Grey Wind.
  2. I like it!
  3. One suggestion presented in the text (by Marwyn the Mage) is that the decline and demise of dragons was accomplished by the Citadel:
  4. The other day I was driving through a roundabout on my way to the bank, and I missed my turn. So I drove around the circle again. Said to my kids in the back seat, "Look guys! We could drive round and round this thing all day!" For some reason, this theory reminds me of that.
  5. K.
  6. Questions. Whose memories are absorbed by the weirwood? How is this absorption accomplished? What is the mechanism? When Bran sees his father standing before the Winterfell weirwood, praying that "they grow up as brothers," what is he seeing? Is it somebody's memory? Or is it simply an event that occurred before the weirwood... accessible because the weirwood itself operates like some kind of perpetual security camera?
  7. Hello, old friends. Just dropping in to say that I don't care about the show, and I think Jon's parentage is not "R+L" in GRRM's books. Also, that while I think I have a better idea who Jon's parents are, I have no plans to actually explain what that idea is. Anyway. Hope you're well. All the best.
  8. Maybe Stannis pulled HER out of a hat.
  9. But that would mean she's talking to the... "neverborn?"
  10. That was the main one I had in mind, as well.
  11. Good point. That one too. The man is rather oblivious. Nice pivot. And interesting questions. Gonna have to think that over some. Pale milkglass blade, alive with light... blue eyes of death... if I didn't know we were talking about Ned's dream, those images would take me straight back to AGOT prologue. Or Sam's encounter with the Other in ASOS. Though there are other lighted dream-swords in these books, too...
  12. Nah. I think the Bobert is pretty blind when it comes to sexual mores, or varying shades of male sexuality. There's no third person perspective-taking going on there. Thus he asks no questions when Ned claims a bastard. He seems not to recognize Loras Tyrell's interest in his own brother. And he imagines Rhaegar raping a woman "hundreds of times." He's got no clue.
  13. Might be interesting to consider the three instances where Martin uses the phrase "dreamed an old dream." Not sure there's anything in common between them, necessarily. But there might be. Actually, dreams in general might provide better material across these books. I don't know.
  14. Well, it first exists in Robert's imagination: Best I can tell, this is where the idea of R+L sexual contact originally comes from in the text... before we readers adopt it, build on it, and re-characterize the relationship to our satisfaction. The motive, clearly, was lust. The opportunity was... erm, sustained. Longer than a day or two, one would presume. At least, according to Robert Baratheon. Fourteen years later. History is written by the victors, etc.
  15. Lol. Nope, not really.