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  1. LordBluetiger

    GRRM / Mountain Minions

    @Legitimate_Bastard May I ask why you shared my essay in this thread? Were you referring to some specific section from The Tolkienic Song of Ice and Fire? As its author, I'm simply curious why you decided that it's relevant here...
  2. LordBluetiger

    References and Homages

    dân = fire Therefore, Dan + nerys = Daenerys, The Lady of Fire This explains Queen Naerys' name as well. Fits too well to be a coincidence, especially when we know that GRRM often uses Welsh as source of inspiration (Tyrion, Gwen from Dying of the Light etc.)
  3. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Do we know who those brothers are? Or did Pycelle mean Mace's 'brothers in law' - Alerie Hightower's brothers? (Baelor Brightsmile, Garth Greysteel and Humfrey). Taking the connections between House Hightower and The Citadel into consideration, Pycelle might be trying hard not to paint his patrons in a bad light - there can't be even a shadow of a hint that they're not loyal to King Joffrey.
  4. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    The World of Ice and Fire provides such table, but if you don't have it, The Wiki of Ice and Fire provides such list as well: you can find it here, under section 'Targaryen Family Tree'. Here is a thread listing many known errors in The World of Ice and Fire: I'm certain similar threads about ASOIAF exist, but the only ones I found are in Polish, so that won't help you much. But googling or using the search option on this forum should bring something on this topic. And welcome to the forums Lady Cerwyn!
  5. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Maybe she feared that someone will find it and even without understanding the content start wondering why Catelyn Stark receives encrypted letters from the Eyrie?
  6. LordBluetiger

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    I just wanted to thank you for this awesome atlas. Good luck!
  7. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Maybe Illyria and Illyrian Wars?
  8. LordBluetiger

    Errors in the WOIAF

    You're welcome, but I wasn't the one to notice Corn King references in ASOIAF.
  9. LordBluetiger

    Errors in the WOIAF

    First of all, Westeros isn't medieval Europe, so even if it had maize, tomatoes and potatoes it woudn't be an 'oversight'. GRRM can choose to add anything he wants to his world. It seems that GRRM knows which plants did and which didn't grow in medieval Europe - Westeros has no potatoes and tomatoes, but he chose to include corn for some reason. On the other hand , 'corn' simply means grain. For example there is mythical figure named Corn King which is often referenced in ASOIAF. From Wiktionary: However, corn in American English meaning of this word is mentioned in ASOIAF: Turkeys live in Westeros as well:
  10. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Some have speculated it's Septon Barth's 'Unnatural History' - Baelor had all copies he could find burned, but Dorne wasn't part of the Seven Kingdoms back then.
  11. LordBluetiger

    Puns and Wordplay

    That's House Bolling - their sigil is 'Vairy orange and blue, upon a black canton, a golden stag beneath an orange bend sinister' (Vairy tenné and azure, on a canton sable a stag or debruised by a bend sinister of the first). But they might be a branch of House Durrandon, not of Baratheons... There's another house with Durrandon/Baratheon stags - House Wensington (Two golden trumpets crossed on a blue field, beneath a gold chief with three black stags).
  12. Quote

    I'm happy that my thread was like an egg which cracked from the sweetsunray's heat and gave birth to a thousand thousand ravenous blue tigers.   



  13. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    It seems that the state-owned warships have green sails:
  14. LordBluetiger

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Just put @ before starting typing some name. A list of posters will appear. Find and choose the one you need. Test: @Clegane'sPup
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