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  1. Agree.. Give this person a medal already.. In the past too, for all episodes that had a very poor script yet showed a lot of fan service was rated high...very high. Based on the nonsense that happened in the last few episodes the plotlines (of which were shown today) were pathetic.. 1. Knock knock.. im horny. Lets have sex. 2. The vale army giving zero fucks to "accused" LF. Have they forgotten Robbyn Arryn. 3. Yes. The same question Dany asked. "What the hell was the wight hunt for?" Seriously? Just so that you decided a dragon should burn the wall and show how Cercei is suddenly an all powerful god, you made up this crappy story line? I would have loved it if the wight hunt failed, Dany retreated and things directly went to season 8. Ww battle. The things leading to the plots should have happened long ago. OR we must have been given longer seasons. 10/10!? The level of stupidity!! As if it was "flawless"
  2. I lost a dragon.. for what? .. this? Well this sums up everything wrong with this season.
  3. Didn't get you... Ice dragon was a fan fiction favorite. Considering how much fan fiction D&D added in the last season I hope this was just ff playing out. The horn in the books would make much more sense than an Olympic javelin throw gold medalist.
  4. All the shit that happened in the previous 6 episodes just because D&D wanted a dragon to bring down the wall.. It won't be this stupid in the books. NK Playing with Bran's visions would have been better. Since he is marked. Horrible season. Just because an episode was better doesn't warrant a 10. Too many 10s... Definitely not a 10.
  5. Given more time, it would have been more believable... A whole episode where dany is angry, sad.. she refuses to eat. She doent sleep. Jon hears about this..tries to get up. But falls back. Davos helps him... Next day daavos OR jorah talks to daenerys. That she needs to take revenge.. Then somebody mentions Jon. Then Daenerys thinks "oh i forgot about him" then goes to him. She tears up again when dragons are mentioned. Exactly as they showed in the episode.. Sounds good? D&D wanted only 7 episodes. Thanks a lot cunts.. Then in the nex
  6. Lol.. the ratings (for quality) in this poll is pathetic compared to the previous years. I believe thus is more than enough reason to believe that the shows quality has reached a new low.. No matter how loud the show "loyalists" shout and justify the nonsense shown.
  7. The CGI and presentation was good. But if you go to a restaurant, the ambiance is good, the place is clean there is a good soothing music in the background... And then they serve you shit..SHIT on a gold plate with gold forks and knives. NO.. You do not eat it regardless of how good it was presented.. This is the show now. All looks and no substance. 4/10. The penultimate episode is supposed to be the best.. this was the weakest second last episode.
  8. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Lol.. Apparently EVERY shot is weeks apart. So we are asked to believe that the night king went on a search for sunken ships, retrived their anchor chains, came back and then pulled the dragon out. Too much off screen that everything seems ridiculous.
  9. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    There is nothing called hypothermia in the show. Apparently humans are cold blooded
  10. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    They were not even shivering goddamnit.. they just look tired. Lol. Poor acting.
  11. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Uber. The app gives your current location accurate to 5 meters. The dragon will arrive in 10 min. She could have travelled days searching for the dead in the vast icy north. Remember the story of how planes had to fly days and days to find the Japanese destroyers in WW2 ? Well that doesn't apply here.
  12. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Sure why didn't they show helicopters, F22s and a nuclear bomb in the war with the dead then? After all this is a show with dragons, resurrections, magic and zombies.
  13. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    With no fire.. they all will be dead. Yet they seem only mildly uncomfortable.. Lol.. this show.....
  14. robasp2

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Why doesn't EVERYONE have an obsidian dagger/arrow? What the fuck were they mining for this long? And seriously? Gendry is going to run several days journey in 10 min? Fancy CGI cant compensate for poor writing.
  15. robasp2

    How would you rate episode 701?

    Filler episode.. Meh..