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  1. Started good, ended worse than the show. It makes me realize there's no perfect ending apart from what you have in mind. Boy, now I'm liking D&De ending. Confused 0_o
  2. Lol, that is true. He did say that about LotR
  3. Ooh that's good. First Dany captures KL, Jon is disgusted but needs her for the WW. Dany also agrees to help because her reign is in threat, not because of 'love'
  4. GRRM confirmed it's a bitter sweet ending. I'd like to hear your version of a bitter sweet ending.
  5. Everything was fine, EXCEPT Jon living. Since the show was already cheesy, I'd have it end with Jon stabbing Dany just in front of the throne, then laying her on the throne. He should have taken a deep breath and closed his eyes before Dragon fire burns everything. A pissed Drogon flies away. A civil war breaks out. The starks are least interested and retreat north proclaiming their independence. That way the cringey court failure could have been avoided I'd love to have it end with a voice over.
  6. Effective rating of 3.25 based on the current poll.
  7. How anyone can give it a perfect 10, is beyond me
  8. The selection of the new King in KL is the most tragic scene. Stupidity on another level. I'd love it if anyone gave any logical explanation for the following. People of the realm follow stories? Is that all required to be king? Can a jester or orator become king? Haven't several stories spread in the past. Specifically about Jamie's sons? Why didn't the whole world oppose and select a new king? Why didn't Cercei's forces defect after they heard the story (bcoz that's all it takes), if a story is all that is needed? Does loyalty mean nothing? The council just elects the leader of a house as king. However, The house still continues as a monarchy. In time, one house grows too powerful, and the "wheel" reconstructs. How is this smart? Grey worm was itching to eliminate Dany's enemies he was willing to keep no Lannister prisoners, yet he let Jon snow live as a prisoner for long. The greatest fighting force who are afraid of nothing, He's suddenly scared of northern men. Why does GW even want peace? Didn't he himself say he needs justice? Didn't he state several times he was not afraid to die.Did he just forget about his queen so easily? Wouldn't they have gone all out, dying to get revenge? To "traitors" (perspective) who betrayed their liberator? There is no need for any nights watch, why send "cripples bastards and broken things" there anymore? With the wall not mentioned as reconstructed, couldn't they just circle back into the realm? Dany's forces are sailing to Essos. Why can't Jon reach the "independent" north and decide to stay? Who would stop him? Why does Arya become Magellan all of a sudden. Of the thousands of ships and sailors, none thought of exploring what's west of westeros? No one thought free lands, resources and possibly gold could exist west? She was the fucking first one in the whole world to think so? So many questions, so few answers, no consistency. 1/10
  9. Like you, many will now skip GRRMs books because of the show. Didn't he realize that? Couldn't he have overseen the scripts?
  10. Pathetic episode. A joke of a small council. Logic thrown out of the window
  11. Tamzin Merchant looks like a Daenerys from our imagination. But you have to remember this is TV. People who never read the books will tune in. TV works by casting for looks. Why? Profits. When you think of it, it's weird but many viewers tune in for the nudity. More appealing actors are needed to force such people to stick with the show. When each episode costs 6m$ it's easy to see why a team would decide the casting on several criteria with cost being a major driver. Don't consider this sexist. I think men like Kit , Richard and Nikolaj look too hot.
  12. Even I was not convinced by Sandor's speech. Wonder how Arya suddenly had a change of plans.
  13. So true. A few passes with the dragon, and a few burnt soldiers would have sent the message. The show goes on to show her sweeping road after road. AND then coming back to the same roads for 1 hour
  14. A spectacle to behold, no doubt. But Beyond logic as usual.
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