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  1. robasp2

    Best lines of 707

    I lost a dragon for this? (Yes Daenerys.. I understand you too find the story pathetic)
  2. True... But those leaks came little after production and shooting started. That is when the scripts are distributed out and a higher chance of leak. Currently the season 8 scripts will be with a select few members of HBO. All of them will lose $$ if the plot is leaked. It will take time for the scripts to reach some person who has got nothing to lose from leaking it. ANYWAY.. I hear rumors that season 8 will be delayed by two years. If that is true. I'll just read the spoilers, get a rough idea and not bother watching season 8 at all. At least I won't have to hear all that cringeworthy dialogue and terrible adaptations. Any epic cinematography like Hardhome or BoB will make it to fb and I'll just watch those.
  3. Bran told them everything off air. When you hear every single fucking thing wrong that happened to you and your family was because of this scheming bitch.... Everyone would do the same.
  4. True... Cock jokes. No one bats an eye. Woman jokes.. the people are all pissed.
  5. Agree.. Give this person a medal already.. In the past too, for all episodes that had a very poor script yet showed a lot of fan service was rated high...very high. Based on the nonsense that happened in the last few episodes the plotlines (of which were shown today) were pathetic.. 1. Knock knock.. im horny. Lets have sex. 2. The vale army giving zero fucks to "accused" LF. Have they forgotten Robbyn Arryn. 3. Yes. The same question Dany asked. "What the hell was the wight hunt for?" Seriously? Just so that you decided a dragon should burn the wall and show how Cercei is suddenly an all powerful god, you made up this crappy story line? I would have loved it if the wight hunt failed, Dany retreated and things directly went to season 8. Ww battle. The things leading to the plots should have happened long ago. OR we must have been given longer seasons. 10/10!? The level of stupidity!! As if it was "flawless"
  6. robasp2

    so did tormound and beric survive

    Yes.. They moved to the uncollapsed section of the wall. The scene where tormund and beric run and a random dude falls below was put there to let us know.
  7. I lost a dragon.. for what? .. this? Well this sums up everything wrong with this season.
  8. Didn't get you... Ice dragon was a fan fiction favorite. Considering how much fan fiction D&D added in the last season I hope this was just ff playing out. The horn in the books would make much more sense than an Olympic javelin throw gold medalist.
  9. All the shit that happened in the previous 6 episodes just because D&D wanted a dragon to bring down the wall.. It won't be this stupid in the books. NK Playing with Bran's visions would have been better. Since he is marked. Horrible season. Just because an episode was better doesn't warrant a 10. Too many 10s... Definitely not a 10.
  10. Given more time, it would have been more believable... A whole episode where dany is angry, sad.. she refuses to eat. She doent sleep. Jon hears about this..tries to get up. But falls back. Davos helps him... Next day daavos OR jorah talks to daenerys. That she needs to take revenge.. Then somebody mentions Jon. Then Daenerys thinks "oh i forgot about him" then goes to him. She tears up again when dragons are mentioned. Exactly as they showed in the episode.. Sounds good? D&D wanted only 7 episodes. Thanks a lot cunts.. Then in the nex
  11. Lol.. the ratings (for quality) in this poll is pathetic compared to the previous years. I believe thus is more than enough reason to believe that the shows quality has reached a new low.. No matter how loud the show "loyalists" shout and justify the nonsense shown.
  12. Exactly !!! They couldnt swim through water to get to the fellowship (7 good men), yet they dived in, attached the chains and came back to the surface.
  13. The CGI and presentation was good. But if you go to a restaurant, the ambiance is good, the place is clean there is a good soothing music in the background... And then they serve you shit..SHIT on a gold plate with gold forks and knives. NO.. You do not eat it regardless of how good it was presented.. This is the show now. All looks and no substance. 4/10. The penultimate episode is supposed to be the best.. this was the weakest second last episode.
  14. robasp2

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    DANY This word alone is the single most stupidest shit in this episode.
  15. robasp2

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Apart from the awesome CGI..... Nothing. Nothing at all