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  1. I'm one of them. I never cared for the show and cancelled my subscription. I don't think the two are related storywise. I never cared for the Starks since my reading of the books. It has nothing to do with the show.
  2. Jeeves

    An Evil Name

    The white walkers will raise Jon from the dead. He will have remnants of his human self because part of him will have avoided the degradation that would normally happen after death because of his link with ghost. He won't come back human. Not wholly. He will come back a wight with an intact mind. Imagine an angry, unkillable, undead Jon coming back for the Boltons. His will to take his sister from the Boltons will survive death. He becomes a walking wight set on a mission to attack the Boltons and the Nights Watch. Jon and Arya are being prepared to become the alphas of two large wolf packs. Jon's warg skills will remain intact with his body.
  3. Plus the Starks do not have enough funds to hire skilled agents to do this type of job.
  4. Jeeves

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance? Otto Hightower Criston Cole
  5. Jeeves

    Gender relations in Westeros

    That is the Andal culture. Valyrian culture is a lot different. Targaryen women are warriors. A Valyrian woman who can ride a dragon is higher up their rankings than a male who cannot.
  6. Jeeves

    An Evil Name

    Jon is another baby resulting from a wildling man taking a winterfell maiden to bed. Mance Rayder got Lyanna with child.
  7. Jeeves

    What if elia and children survive

    The difference will be little to none. Their titles would be taken away for sure. They will live as prisoners at best. Robert will still have the throne.
  8. He had no reason to. Catelyn is what, pushing 35 now. She could choose to stay unmarried.
  9. Jeeves

    Strangest Possible Ending

    I think you're seeing that on the show. It's pretty damn awful. Jon should never have come back from death.
  10. Jeeves

    Boltons vs Manderlys'

    I hope the Boltons. That cannibal needs to lose and die.
  11. Jeeves

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    A Game of Thrones Best POV has to go to Daenerys Targaryen. Her wedding to Drogo, getting the silver horse to jump over the flames, waking the dragons from stones. Awesome. Worst POV is Sansa Stark's. A Clash of Kings Best POV award again goes to Daenerys Targaryen. Leading her khalasar with courage, house of the undying, Arstan and Belwas. Worst POV is Arya. Too much wandering around and I'm not interested in Arya. A Storm of Swords Best POV award goes to Daenerys Targaryen. The strategy she used on Kraznys, Selmy's reveal. Worst POV goes to Jon Snow. A Feast for Crows Best POV goes to Cersei Worst POV might be Samwell. I like fat boy but he's not mr. excitement. A Dance with Dragons Best POVs are Daenerys Targaryen's. Flying her dragon was an awesome read. Worst POV is Arya Stark's. She did not belong in this book. I would have preferred if she was not in this book.
  12. Jeeves

    The House with the Red Door

    The significance of seeing Rhaegar in armor, lifting the visor, and seeing herself is the proof that Rhaegar was a dud. Rhaegar was not a dragon and he was not the heir to the throne. Rhaegar was not the promised prince and for sure he was not Azor Ahai. Daenerys is.
  13. Jeeves

    Percentage Poll on various theories

    75% 100% 75% 50% 100% 100% 50% 75% 100% 25%
  14. Jeeves

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.