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  1. You're wrong about that. Jon was 100% wrong to murder Janos Slynt. Think of the following reasons. Jon is the lord commander of both Mance Rayder and Janos Slynt. Mance committed crimes that were far more serious and terrible compared to Janos Slynt. Jon killed Janos and let Mance walk. That is injustice. Jon failed in his duty as their commanding officer. Jon made his point towards the end of that exchange with Janos. Janos begged for mercy and was willing to do as instructed. There was no justification to kill him. Janos was a ruined man, humiliated in front of the other men. He was not going to lead people away from the wall. That was Jon inventing reasons in that long head of his to do what he wanted, kill Janos Slynt. Jon himself was guilty of attacking Ser Aliser Thorne. That makes Janos' insubordination mild by comparison. Jon was given some room and leniency. And Jon did not even show any sincere remorse. Janos made a public showing of remorse and was still killed over a minor offense. Jon should have been executed. It was not pragmatic to murder Janos Slynt. Jon turned the man's friends against him. Jon made himself a tyrant that day.
  2. Whoever he may be, Lyanna better like him. She seems like the type of girl who would be happy with a common person as long as they shared something in common. Horseback riding is one such passion. Rickard and her family would not go along with a common guy though. A hedge knight's life might attract her adventurous side. Though someone laid back like Duncan would never attract her. To me, the kind of men who would attract her are Mance, Daario, Oberyn, the rogue prince Daemon, and Aurane W. It is a pity she died. She would have had a good time with the Sand Snakes.
  3. Exactly. And some of the better business people are low ranking in the eyes of the aristocrats for daring to work. Frey, Bealish comes to mind. Though Manderly is savvy in that regard too. The Westerlings are not. They admire fisticuffs and swordplays. In our world, maybe that is the equivalent of hero worshipping athletes.
  4. Dany's many past lives may have began all the way back from the beginning. I am talking about her soul. Like she's the equivalent of Eve from the bible. The first female. She is a mother figure to humanity. George just upped the stakes when he crippled her and made her barren. Magic can cure that.
  5. A lot of looking down on the Freys is because they collected toll from everybody. I feel like most of the negative opinions towards the Freys are undeserved and coming from resentment.
  6. A triplet is a rare enough event. It would have been noted. Her life has been tracked and monitored since birth. That is a hard secret to contain. Possible but very hard to conceal something like that.
  7. Jon received a lot of leniency for offenses worse than Slynt's. He should have given the month some leniency but unfortunately his bloodlust for revenge was too much.
  8. Mance is a very bad man. His attacks on the Wall killed many of his brothers. Mance deserved death many times over. Janos is a different story. All of his crimes were forgiven after he took his vows. Not that Janos is a good man but he should not have been executed. Jon took this chance to kill a man who was his father's enemy. Bowen will die alright but it will be the wildlings who will murder him.
  9. Lady Stoneheart murdered an innocent simpleton. She, Jaime, and Cersei started the war of the five kings. Part of the responsibility for all the bad things that happened to her family is hers. And her son broke his oath to Lord Walder after the Freys have paid in blood to support him. Her revenge is not ethical. It is partly justice but she does not have the capacity to judge fairly anymore. I do not think Lady Stoneheart at this time is as bad as Arya. The people she hanged were at least minor players in the red wedding. Except for poor Aegon Frey. Jon failed to carry out justice in the sentencing of Janos Slynt because he let Mance Rayder get off for crimes much worse than insubordination. Jon cannot be trusted to lead because his ability to be fair is very poor. Daenerys is not the same as Lady Stoneheart. She is on a mission to help an enslaved people. Hers is a much bigger and greater mission that has the potential to help better the lives of millions. It's not simply about family. She will have to become more ruthless and harder because the slave masters are determined to resist freedom. Stoneheart is only looking at trees instead of the forest.
  10. Possibly the cradle of civilization. Humanity moved out and dispersed.
  11. If it is the result of contamination. I would not choose nuclear. Perhaps some magic test gone wrong. Although it would mean it happened in more than one area.
  12. Martin's proposal had Sansa choosing Joffrey over her own family and later regretting it. I recall a love triangle that had Jon, Arya, and Tyrion in it. The Lannisters destroyed Winterfell in that version. Jon was set up to betray his duties and get involved with Arya. Some version of this will happen. Say Arya and Jon meet up and say to hell with it. They leave all of their responsibilities behind and shack up in one of the castles on the wall. Boneheads like Dolorous Edd would follow Jon even if he abandons his post.
  13. I would summon her for an interview but she's not talking much these days. A person could lose faith after what she went through.
  14. Daenerys has no reason to marry Euron. Their goals are completely opposite of one another. If it happens, it will be because she had no choice. Like mind control stuff. If that is the case, then we really cannot hold her accountable. There is no sin, no crime, if the person had no choice.
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