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  1. The First Bloodrider

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    Poor Bowen Marsh has a tough job because Jon Snow made a real mess of things. He could take these steps. Gather the remaining Watchmen. Seal the gates. Let the wildlings leave Castle Black to meet the Boltons. Don't bother blocking them. They are too many. Send a raven to Roose. Explain what happened and ask for help.
  2. The First Bloodrider

    What if?: Political Marriages if there was no Ribert’s Rebellion?

    She was destined to hatch the dragon eggs. Dany will jump ahead of her brothers because it's her destiny. She will hatch the remaining dragon eggs and those two boys will bend their knees. One of the boys will do something damaging to the family and Dany will have no choice but to offer them up to the fire. I think Aerys always favored Viserys. The action would be legit because Aerys commanded it. Until Dany hatches the family's stash of dragon eggs and then her brothers would bend their knees to the dragon queen. She who has dragons will always call the shots.
  3. The First Bloodrider

    Reznak mo Reznak

    Reznak Mo Reznak is trying to find his place in a sea of change. A person sometimes has to set their values aside in order to find a comfortable place after a big social change. I'm certain he's not for the liberation of slaves. He might be a former small scale slaver himself. He at least greatly profited from the slave trade. He now has to find a way to prosper in a Mereen without slavery. A bureaucrat in the new administration is not a bad place to be. He is in a position of comfort and some influence. He doesn't have to worry about food and shelter, etc.
  4. The First Bloodrider

    A Question about Skulls

    Skull used in one context will not necessarily have the same meaning in another totally different setting. The GC just used theirs as a macabre kind of mascot.
  5. The First Bloodrider

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Diagnosis is, this is one fucked up kid. Prescription, lock her up in a mental institution for the criminally insane.
  6. The First Bloodrider

    Craster, Mance, BR, Aemon, Rhaegar, and Harrenhal.

    Craster was a friend to the watch because they were providing him with useful things. He doesn't raid and steal like the other wildlings. The watch would have no trouble with the wildlings if they minded their own affairs and stayed on their side of the wall. The reason they are enemies is because the wildlings cross the wall and do mischief on the south side. They are the cause for the gift becoming fallow land. Mance was taken in as a child. His mother was a wildling. The watch gave him an education and raised him as one of theirs. He rose up the ranks. But this story is about the destructiveness of family loyalty. We are reading a story about families. The watch took the boy out of the wild. But they failed to take the wild out of the boy. The wild could not be taken from the boy. The boy remained wild. The pattern is there. Been there since Gared left the wall to warn his family. Jaime maimed an innocent boy for his family. It's not an adequate excuse but none of the following deeds done for the sake of family are. Theon chose his family over his friends. Tyrion chose to support his family over Stannis even though he probably suspected who Joffrey's real parents are. Jon betrayed his own men for the sake of his sister. The better choice to compare with Mance is Jon. They have more in common. Bloodraven saw and see a lot from his tree. He can send messages through dreams. But he can't force Bran to come to him. The receiver of the message may not accept. It may be too much to credit him with Harrenhal. The tourney at white walls was set for the benefit of the Blackfyre supporters. The one at Harrenhal was a kingdom-wide tourney for unknown motives. It was not a politically homogeneous crowd like it was at white walls. It looks to me like the first salvo from the Targaryen camp against the Stark conspiracy. The location was chosen because it was a reminder to what happened to the House of Hoare. It was a first strike at the heart of undecided opponent Hoster Tully. Rhaegar was supposed to win the contest as well as the hearts of the people. Instead he fucks up and crowns the Stark girl. I guess that could be considered an aggressive strategy against the Baratheon future husband. I have read recent theories that the man behind the helm was not really Rhaegar but an impostor. It was probably a hedge knight who admired Lyanna from afar and saw his chance to honor her. Look at it this way. Brandon had a woman who wanted him but couldn't have him because of Rickard's plans. Why not the same for Lyanna. What if she had an admirer who couldn't have her because her father promised her to Robert. Lyanna felt the same way for this man. He traveled to the south with the Stark escorts and brought the flowers with him from the Winterfell glass gardens.
  7. The First Bloodrider

    Craster, Mance, BR, Aemon, Rhaegar, and Harrenhal.

    Craster could have fathered Mance. The ages are very possible for this.
  8. The First Bloodrider

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Counseling in Westeros is talking to a septon. The Greyjoys answer to a different god. They are normal by his standards. Stealing is ok in his teachings.
  9. The First Bloodrider

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Yup 4. Tully. Hoster forced his daughter to abort. That's fucked up. 5. Manderly. Eating the dead and enjoying it. That's also fucked up.
  10. The First Bloodrider

    Craster, Mance, BR, Aemon, Rhaegar, and Harrenhal.

    Okay. My thoughts. You forgot an important figure. The Night's King. He was a Stark. The old lady who killed the man at the heart tree was a Stark. The Starks are devout to the Old Gods. So who are the cruel gods that Craster prays to? The Old Gods. The god of the Starks. The NK sacrificed his own children. Something was special about these kids. The NK and Craster are from the same family, Stark. How do you control the walking dead? Mind control through skinchanging. The Starks carry these abilities too. Mance Rayder was at Harrenhal. Anybody who was somebody was there. Excepting Lord Tywin. Maybe he deflowered a few girls. That's his style. Lyanna might have been one of them. Getting pregnant and birthing a bastard will end her marriage engagement to Robert. I do not see additional roles for Mance beyond this. His actions back at the wall is proof that that he valued his personal freedom more than he did his duties. That is not a man with a mission. He was always ditching his duties to sleep with the prostitutes. Craster was about sixty during the great ranging. Aemon was around 100 at the time. The maester was past his prime when Craster was conceived. I also doubt that a maester would venture too far on the other side of the wall. Banging a broad and leaving her to fend for herself is not like Aemon.
  11. The First Bloodrider

    Why do people love Dany?

    Jorah is not alone in liking beautiful young girls. That is common in that world. Robert was famous for banging underage girls and getting them pregnant. Then walking away and leaving her to deal with the aftermath. This is the man that the Starks fought to put on the throne. And Brandon Stark. One has to assume that he deflowered a lot of underage peasant girls. Lysa was underage when she was forced to marry Jon Arryn. Hoster was not above pushing his own daughter into underage sex.
  12. The First Bloodrider

    How come there are no slave revolts in the Free Cities?

    Fear. The slaves are beaten down. They have no real leaders. Dany is a breath of fresh air. The wind of change that these people need.
  13. The First Bloodrider

    The House of the Undying

    Let's just say the mounts are useful tools. Which is really also saying the three husbands are useful. Dany had an end goal in mind when she lit Drogo's fire. To hatch her dragon eggs. No doubt she will have goals when she lights the second and the third fire. The "for death" will be the goal of the second fire. The third fire will be "to bring back someone to love." Most probably Rhaego. The Burnt Offerings for fire #2 and fire #3 will be Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow. Like MMD, they will be guilty of treason. Hizdahr doesn't count because he and Dany are in a loveless marriage. The death of an unloved husband is not a big deal. The death of the husband has to mean something for Dany to burn the damned traitors to death.
  14. The First Bloodrider

    The House of the Undying

    The person who is exactly like Cersei are Catelyn and Sansa. Daenerys is nothing like Cersei. I don't think you and I are reading the same book. Daenerys woke those dragons herself. She earned her own khalasar. She rescued the Unsullied from their tormentors on her own. Those were not the work of the good 'ol boy network. Those accomplishments are Daenerys Targaryen's and hers alone. She is actually the most accomplished person in the novels.