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  1. I guess it depends on your viewpoint. I wouldn't say the gap between Liberal and Conservative in Canada is anywhere near, say, the gap between the Tories and Labour in the UK or Liberal and Labor in Australia. @Ser Reptitious: I wasn't trying to diminish the importance of climate change (I'm a greens voter myself in my country of origin). Just trying to make the point that "deeply divided" might be an overreach if the policy divide is primarily in one area.
  2. I actually get the sense (though admit I'm a newcomer!) that there is not much separating the parties in this election. Apart from perhaps climate change, voters have to look pretty carefully at the major parties to spot the difference.
  3. This should be the Astros to lose but you never know what the Nats could do with that rotation and red hot form.
  4. Yanks bullpen has also been pretty dire. Ottavino again couldn’t get an out.
  5. That makes sense. Maybe it’s a new (and unlikely) fsociety of Elliot/Robot/Price/Darlene/Tyrell/Dom teaming up to defeat Deus in the end.
  6. Haha I’m not sure how I feel about this bromance DRIII. Let me finish the thing first! Half-Blood Prince is a little unusual so far...feels very much like a set-up novel. By contrast the other novels had a lot of rising tension - even Phoenix for all of its angsty flaws was quite gripping.
  7. Hard to say from my vantage point (as a newcomer to the country), but from what I can glean a Liberal majority is basically not going to happen. There seems to be enough of a mood for change that they will at least have to govern in coalition. Who does the Bloc usually align with in minority government negotiations? At the same time, I'm not sure the Conservatives can pick up enough seats themselves to force a Scheer premiership.
  8. Yeah I think there's a strong sense of "tying loose ends" from earlier seasons (e.g. Vera, Susan Jacobs) while still trying to do new and cool things with the final season (e.g. the insane ending to episode 2). One thing I am finding a little jarring though is the cast of characters this season. Obviously we have lost Angela, but there's also nothing from Irving (I assume he's completely dropped off the show) and nearly nothing from Wellick. It's basically just Elliot/Darlene/Price v WhiteRose as things stand.
  9. All done with the fifth installment of the Harry Potter series. The teenage angst was less tedious than I remembered and the Department of Mysteries ending was fantastic, so I really enjoyed this one in the end. Straight on to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince now, which I've never read before. I'm also about a third the way through The Night Circus, which I'm not vibing so far. Maybe it hasn't helped reading it alongside the charming Potter series, but it really feels lifeless to me.
  10. So Mitchell Marsh, incumbent Australian test allrounder and captain of his State, decides to punch the wall after a lame dismissal in the Shield game. He's now got a broken hand and is facing six weeks on the sidelines, which will rule him out for the Pakistan series. Maybe this is why Australia doesn't like you Mitch? Langer apparently called him and said he was an idiot.
  11. Ouch. Seven in the first for Washington as the Cards cop some of their own medicine from the Division Series. Bryce who?
  12. The usual suspects have performed well in the opening Shield round, with Harris, Pucovski and Warner notching hundreds. Marnus also chimed in with a half-century. In terms of standout performances, test discard Maddinson showed a lot of character to bounce back from injury with a big double ton. The Queensland boys need some runs though if they want to push for test selection: Usman and Burns both failed in the first innings against NSW.
  13. There is the usual speculation that she may not be gone (whenever did see that photo of the body, or maybe WhiteRose’s time machine could actually work?) Otherwise, yeah, that was a sad and abrupt ending for a character who has been so pivotal in this show.
  14. So we got the first episode of the new season this week...what did people think? Some good moments in there with the Freddy sub-plot, Elliot being lured into a honeypot and the creepy taxidermy lady at the end. The "Don't Worry Be Happy" scene was vintage Mr Robot. I'm not sure what they are going to do with Darlene and Tyrell this season. They both seem shattered by their respective traumas. And what's happened to Irving?
  15. Surely that one is squarely on Roberts. Kershaw was on a hiding to nowhere pitching in that situation against those bats. I'd love to see Tampa make it past Houston tonight, but in a way it would be better to see the Stros get through. Will make for a more interesting ALCS.
  16. And it's awesome to see Lanning more or less back to her best. Everyone raves about Perry's batting, but Lanning has the superior ODI record (striking at 93 with a higher average and many more centuries than Perry, who strikes at 77).
  17. At least some of our governing politicians had the right response to the incident. From Christian Porter:
  18. Haha oh Stubby. This one is right up your alley. In a nutshell: I think he is now back on air after getting some breathing space in LA for a couple weeks.
  19. Brave performance by South Africa in the first test against India. Elgar is a gem and it's good to see De Kock back amongst the runs. Pretty impressive opening debut from Rohit! Back in Australia, the Shield season starts on Wednesday. And given the post-Ashes holes in Australia's batting lineup (opener and number five are vacant), it's going to be a very high stakes start to the summer.
  20. This Kyle Sandilands thing. Shouldn't the people who supported Folau be demanding Kyle not be sacked? There seems to be some inconsistency here...
  21. We've been through five Prime Ministers in the last six years...Canada is actually a refreshing change!
  22. Newbie here (from Australia) ;). Arrived a few months ago and living here for a year. Will be an interested bystander in the October election.
  23. Surely something can be done on the phone front. I had 40gb for $40 on my old plan back in Australia, the guys at Telus laughed at me when I asked if I could get anything comparable here! Internet wise I have a relatively no-name provider but I get unlimited data at good speeds. Maybe that is only something you can get in the GTA?
  24. No cigar for the Giants, but at least abortion has now been decriminalised in our nation's most populous state. Not sure who to go for in the NRL final...I'm not a fan of Canberra generally but seeing the Roosters win two in a row is equally nauseating.
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