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  1. If Aerys had the right to stop the marriages, why didn't he try? Granted said marriages weren't thought out very well, with Robert and Lyanna being the clearest example (until Jon married Lysa that is).
  2. Is that what it was? I thought it was "Robert's Rebellion was built on a lie".
  3. I don't like the idea... but I could see it happening.
  4. After 287 AC since Trystane is a boy of 13 in AFFC.
  5. In that case, why didn't Hoster terminate the agreement? As you say he was well within his rights to break everything off, seek mercy, etc.
  6. I thought Obara was the spearwoman and Nym was the knife expert.
  7. My hope is that they'll leave most of the civilians alive like the 47 ronin, but given Martin's track record with hope it's likely a vain one.
  8. First Night... wasn't that how Orys Baratheon was conceived, by Aegon the Conqueror's father Aerion?
  9. On the other hand the 20-something Ramsay rapes his wife "Arya", who, if we're going by the real Arya's age, is 11. We know Jeyne is 13 but since she's pretending to be Arya...
  10. Wasn't Ned marrying Catelyn already part of that price? Littlefinger's spent his life with the ideal of the plucky underdog using his wits to win; if there's anyone who could worm his way back it's him.
  11. By marrying Lysa to Jon Arryn, Lord of the Vale, Warden of the East, he put her in proximity to Littlefinger, a man who Hoster knew was a bad influence on her. Surely there were other options around.
  12. My main controversial opinion is that everything disliked about the show are the books' flaws writ large.
  13. The man broke the law as a deserter. Wouldn't your precious King Aerys have done the same?... oh wait. He would have burned him alive and cackled.
  14. Would you prefer Slynt or Marsh as the LC? They'll give you more enemies that can't be reasoned with.
  15. Not to mention the Lannisters were willing to play politics with the Watch.
  16. Hoster may have been stupid, but that doesn't make him insane.
  17. Knowing Littlefinger he'd probably marry Sansa off to somebody else because he doesn't care about the rules.
  18. Well the show doesn't skimp on the psychological aspect with Daenerys and Drogo.
  19. The Hound would also fall in the not age-appropriate bracket; he's older than Tyrion. Though, since Sansa's own mind is making stuff up to ship herself with him...
  20. Is it possible that King Aerys has bastards running around we don't know about (aside from the theoretical ones like Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion)? Aerys was known as a philanderer for some time after becoming king.
  21. Well in Robert's case he just so happened to be the closest living relation to Aerys outside of the minors (Aegon and Rhaenys (both killed in the Sack), Viserys). Aerys and Rhaella had no other siblings. Of Aegon's children Duncan's children were excluded from the line of succession (and that's if he had any), Daeron was a bachelor, leaving only Rhaelle who married to Ormund Baratheon and bore Steffon... who sired Robert, Stannis, and Renly.
  22. So I guess what happens to her in the show is closer than what we thought?
  23. Impulsiveness and stupidity, yes, but not necessarily madness.
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