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  1. Westeros is supposed to be about the size of South America, but just think of the dialects in just the US like different words for soda (soda, pop, cola, etc.) or sandwiches (heroes, hoagies, etc).
  2. Is anybody even there? Andalos just happens to fade out of history after the Andals head to Westeros.
  3. Maybe the soil in the Crownlands isn't that good?
  4. I don't imagine Daenerys being reasonable with the Starks, she already shouted down Barristan's attempt to reason with her on that score.
  5. Not to mention Waymar apparently got his command post because Lord Commander Mormont feared pissing off Yohn.
  6. The sheer size of King's Landing should be impossible; a city of 500,000 requires a vast bureaucracy to feed it yet the rulers are somewhat hands-off . Unless the entire population is feeding off bowls of brown... https://acoup.blog/2019/06/12/new-acquisitions-how-it-wasnt-game-of-thrones-and-the-middle-ages-part-iii/
  7. I'd say Doran was worse; Ned didn't know what Sansa was getting into with Joffrey, while Doran knew what Viserys was like and betrothed Arianne anyway.
  8. Is Myrcella in the line of succession? And would Robb's bannermen allow him to sue for peace?
  9. So in ACOK, a riot breaks out in King's Landing the day Princess Myrcella is sent to Dorne after Prince Joffrey starts shouting for someone who threw dung at him. We all know the story, etc. But what would be the series of events if, to give an example, one of the rioters throws a stone at Joffrey and it sinks into his head Goliath-style, killing him? Everything else happens as if canon: The Hound rescues Sansa, the High Septon, Ser Preston, Ser Aron are killed, Tyrek is missing, Lady Lollys is raped, etc. Now what? Tommen has to be crowned, there's a couple armies (the Tyrells who are responsible for the food shortage though they might be headed home after Renly's assassination, Stannis Baratheon) bearing down on the capitol, Lord Tywin is preoccupied with Robb Stark in the Riverlands and Westerlands north of the capitol. Alliances, hostage exchanges are on the table.
  10. I had a thread sometime ago asking why Aegon's kids were born relatively late and why there were only two, with Aenys being born in 7 AC when Aegon was 34 and Maegor when he was 39; in contrast Ned Stark had five legitimate children (six counting Jon as illegitimate) by a similar age or other Targaryens like Viserys II who sired all three of his kids by the time he was 16.
  11. There's also a theory that Cersei is Gendry's mother and she hid him away so that only her children with Jaime would inherit. https://screenrant.com/game-thrones-cersei-gendry-mother-theory-explained/
  12. Perhaps. I just don't see Jaime leaving Lady Stoneheart's presence alive, given his liking for realistic consequences.
  13. Plenty here don't trust the show. It would be like Martin to just give the royal authority to a non-character.
  14. I found a drawing of Sam unmasking a White Walker as Craster.
  15. So taking the concept of for want of a nail, how would the show have progressed if Tommen and Margaery had conceived a child on their wedding night during "High Sparrow" (Season 5), ala Ned and Catelyn and the child is born early Season 6? Cersei naturally wouldn't like it since she considers Margaery the "younger and more beautiful queen", but from then onward? Assuming good writing of course.
  16. He's still dumb in the books, he's just built up as this cautious schemer and what we see out of him is... quite pathetic. A bit like how informed attributes became the norm in the show.
  17. As far as the Tyrells and Martells were concerned, who was available? From what I'm aware, Arianne was seven at the time and the only known legitimate female Martell, while maybe Janna was available (Mina was already married to Paxter Redwyne since Horror and Slobber were born at that point). The "who was available" tends to come up as to why Lysa married Jon Arryn.
  18. Without going into the show with logistics, just look at King's Landing: A city of 500,000 people, which is stretching it by medieval standards (about the size of Constantinople c. 500 C.E.), primarily fed by food from the Reach no less than 500 miles away (Highgarden is 900 miles away), making it a big deal when Renly besieges King's Landing. This would require a rather large bureaucracy to organize, funding, distribution, as well as control over neighboring kingdoms, would it not? And yet it's shown that the Crown is rather hands-off in ruling. Unless most of the population subsists on each other...
  19. Everything that people complain about in the show (logistics, subverting expectations, sudden bad things happening out of nowhere, unpleasant shifts in characters) is present in the books, just on a larger scale.
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