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  1. Jova Snow

    You’re Ned Stark: make marriage pacts for your kids

    Robb Stark - Wylla Manderly ♥ Isn't she fifteen in ADWD? I think they will make a splendid couple as we know Manderlys are loyal to Starks and Wylla is a brave northern girl ~ Sansa Stark - Harry the Heir / Willas Tyrell I love both possibilities tbh Arya Stark - no idea Brandon Stark - Lyanna Mormont, Meera Reed is too old for Bran Rickon Stark - either daughter of Alysanne Mormont or daughter of Robert Glover
  2. Jova Snow

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thank you for answering!
  3. Jova Snow

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Do you guys think House Manderly is actually descendant of Hightowers? Dorian Hightower set aside his wife for an Andal princess and later House Hightower was passed to either his grandson or an infant heir by his Andal wife. Is it possible his wife and children by that first wife left Old Town and founded a new House at White Harbor?
  4. Jova Snow

    Name the Parents

    I am conflicted about Daenerys so bolded both Aerys + Rhaella and Rhaegar + Lyanna couples
  5. Jova Snow

    A Question about Skulls

    Thank you for the great response! Maybe I should have a reread focusing on skulls? Never knew how significant they could be. Do you think Melisandre's vision is about Richard Lonmouth (?)
  6. Jova Snow

    A Question about Skulls

    I am talking about skulls of Bittersteel and other leaders of Golden Company that are shown to be grinning in Jon Connington's POV. But we also have Brienne's encounter with Nimble Dick (?) and the legend of Wishpering Skulls so do you think Skull of Bittersteel can wishper as well? What would they say if they could talk? Who will be able to hear them? It is interesting none of Aegon's group seem to be interested in magical things yet they can't escape from weird encounters with a God and later the Bridge of Dreams so Wispering Skulls won't be too weird.
  7. Jova Snow

    The Others: Why Now?

    Because when Rhaenys born Rhaegar thought he was the Price that was Promised. Until the birth of Aegon he didn't think his son could be TPTWP and Rhaegar didn't have any pattern for child name and didn't want a Visenya sorry. There must be one more just means he thinks he needs one more child. And he didn't know Elia couldn't give him one before Harrenhall so he didn't choose Lyanna for a prophetic reason. Additionally we don't have to assume R+L=J even the fact Rhaegar and Lyanna having a child could trigger Others if it did and that child don't have to be Jon got this theory to work.
  8. Jova Snow

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. I don't know. 2. Ned Stark. There is no way 14 yo Lyanna was a knight of some sort, and she can't be confused with Jaime Lannister right? 3. Green Grace. 4. Ashara Dayne. 5. Son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Real Blackfyre is Daario. We have no proof of Saera and/or Illyrio being Blackfyres and them having a child. Stop with baseless "theories" just because you hate him. 6. Big Walder Frey. 7. Mance Rayder. 8. Night's King. 9. I don't know. 10. OG Azor Ahai was Brandon of the Bloody Blade. AA≠TPTWP
  9. Jova Snow

    So, what's your head canon?

    • Ned + Ashara = Jon. Hello? Ned asking why Gods frown at bastards when they fill men with lust? Jon being a Ned Stark 2.0 in every sense? • Jon is older than Robb. He was born during sack of KL while Robb - imo- was born when Ned lifted the Siege at Storm's End. ToJ baby will be born at least a month later than Robb. • R+L=Aegon. • Edric Storm will be legitimize by Aegon and will rule as Lord of Stormlands. • Aegon, Daenerys and Jon will be dragonriders. GRRM said third head of Dragon doesn't have to be Targaryen, and we know Jon is a powerful skinchanger to control a dragon of his own.
  10. Jova Snow

    Least favorite theory?

    Ashara + A man who is not Ned Stark = X - I am sorry but except that Ashara and Ned were an item of their time. Lyanna as KOTLT, there is no mention of KOTLT being a good rider instead we are told the Knight had the physical strength and Aerys thought he might be Jaime who is a Tall Lannister™ due to Marbrand genes. And since the Knight is always refered as male there isn't much mystery. RLJ annoys me because it is every where. People referring Aegon as fAegon is annoying too, call him Young Griff if you don't believe he is Rhaegar's son. Bloodraven being 3EC. Or Daemon being the brother he loved.
  11. Jova Snow

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    Barristan is an unnecessarily romantic man that thinks all sons of Aegon V had love marriages despite knowing Daeron never married and was gay. He also talks about Daemon I loving first Daenerys when Daemon and Rohanne had a fruitful marriage of twelve years until his death. So no I don't like seeing Ashara through his eyes. And if Brandon and Ashara had a thing then Ned wouldn't think Brandon was born to be a King's Hand and father to queens. And both Ned Dayne and Allyria Dayne believed Ned and Ashara fall in love. Harwin also talks about Ned and Ashara having a relationship and says Brandon was bethored to Catelyn so there is no such thing as being dishonored. Barristan is the only one to suggest Ashara was dishonored. Also Barristan was old enough to be Ashara's dad good God of course Ashara wouldn't look at him and he was a KG, he swore wows to take no wife.
  12. Jova Snow

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    I don't know how I put that spoiler thing in here and I don't how to get rid of so ignore :) @Lady Barbrey Ashara and Brandon didn't have any relationship we have no proof they were close except it was Brandon who asked Ashara if she could dance with Ned that's it. Brandon was also dead before Ashara and Ned conceived their child. Still no I don't think Ashara is Aegon's mother. If she is Septa Lemore which I agree she is, than she is there because she knows Aegon is Rhaegar's son and she was the one to nurse him and took him to Essos. Ashara stillborn daughter could be Allyria or she is really mother of Jon, which is a great possibility let's not be RLJ obsessed here. Brandon also has no ties to color blue like Lyanna and to some extent Brienne does. @Lollygag Aegon is Stark-ish because his mother is a Stark, let's not take the hard way here. Aegon's personality is also more reckless and blunt than Rhaegar and Elia. He is also more interested in swordfight than books. Varys just got lucky when Rhaegar's real son died but he knew where Lyanna was and he told Ned about it. We know Ned is used to work with men he dislikes who but our eunuch would be that man. And when Ned is stuck with a Valyrian looking baby they made a plan and Ned makes sure he has eyes on the boy, not only Lemore could be Ashara, I think Haldon Halfmaester is Walys Flowers, the WF maester who "died" at the end of the Rebellion. Since Walys was also son of Maester Walgrave and Malora Hightower that would explain why there are people who think Lemore is Malora and Haldon is Leyton, there is a Hightower connection to our Shy Maid. While Varys takes care of Aegon since he is a babe he doesn't think Jon to be anyone special, Jon is just Ned's bastard for him.
  13. Jova Snow

    Ideas or theories your personal good bad and ugly

    • Aegon Young Griff is son of Rhaegar and Lyanna • Daario Naharis is a Blackfyre • Jenny of Oldstones is a descendant of Aemond through his child with Alys Rivers • Gerold Dayne is a grandchild of Maegor son of Aerion and High Hermitage Daynes are descendants of Nymeria and Davos Dayne. Kinda ironic he hates his own ancestor? • Maege Mormont and Gerold Hightower had a thing and she aided Rhaegar and Lyanna when they eloped along with Benjen. Since women can't be sent to Wall, Ned punished Jeor that's why Jeor has a sour relationship with his sister. • Olenna Redwyne is a member of Order of the Greenhand, that's why she carries the coins the ones who has them has ties with the order. • Varys is a descendant of Bloodraven and Shiera Seastar. • Illyrio is Salador Saan
  14. Jova Snow

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    I don't know why most people thought a Lyseni bed slave and pig eyed Illyrio had a son who is a carbon copy of Rhaegar? Yeah his eyes are lighter than Rhaegar but that's it, Viserys has lilac eyes, Daenerys has violet eyes yet they are still siblings of Rhaegar. Also Calla is the only female Blackfyre that is named by George, Aegon descending from a nameless second daughter doesn't have the same affect? But *puts on tinfoil* what if Kiera of Tyrosh was daughter of Daemon and Rohanne? What if Aegon is descended from Vaella Targaryen? Still I myself believe Aegon is actually son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. I love how his blue hair is tied to his dead mother.
  15. Jova Snow

    What to ask GRRM?

    What are the names of Daemon I Blackfyre's unnamed sons and daughter(s)? Who was Haegon's wife? Will we have a more complete Blackfyre family tree?