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  1. Or Bran was supposed to know the wind was voice of Old Gods/Ghost calling to him? I know Jon and Ghost seems fated then Jon being sent to Wall becomes a problem.
  2. There seems to be talk of Starks claiming the wrong direwolf in this thread and I completely agree! Imagine Jon Snow having a black dire wolf since he wears all black and his wolf won't attract any attention during the night, and Bran having a white direwolf like the weirwood he wed, and his mentor Bloodraven. Robb and Rickon will have normal grey direwolves then. Pink Letter author could be Mance or Stannis, maybe Ramsay did write a letter but the contents were changed, I sometimes wonder if Mance and Stannis play Jon like fiddle, is it possible Northern and Riverland Lords used Robb in their plots and egged him on independence.
  3. I think GRRM planned one, maybe Willas since he is part of plot but away from KL, but writing about Dorne and Greyjoys were more important after news of Kingsmoot and Oberyn's death.
  4. I enjoy reading about the Tyrells and Young Griff a lot, Mance Rayder is another favorite of mine.
  5. @Melifeather I think Lemore is Rhaella top! I had entertained Lyanna before but I think Rhaella makes great sense. I also think if it is possible Daenerys is child of Elia and Rhaegar, would explain why her mother died in childbirth and the Dornish symbolizm. If Rhaella really had a child, I would say she had a stillborn like Barristan heard.
  6. For a moment I thought this will be an anti Blackfyre post and I was ready to fight. Daemon loving Daenerys and Aegor wanting to marry Calla are ridiculous stories to me tbh.
  7. Serra is actually based on a popular Eseosi tale Tyrion hears about before meeting Illyrio, and Illyrio's tale to Tyrion makes him think of Tysha, maybe Varys/Illyrio now about her and using a sob story so Tyrion won't be suspected of Illyrio. If Serra is real and not a woman based on tales and lies then she is more likely to be a descendant of Saera Targaryen, like Mysaria of Lys.
  8. He said Serra had grey plague, it starts in hands and feet like greyscale. Her hands were cut so the illness wouldn't spread not to keep them as relics. Illyrio is lying to Halfmaester.
  9. That's what I meant. Calla was only relevant related to Illyrio's comment about female Blackfyre line but ended up irrelevant once it was revealed there was no child(ren) of Aegor and Calla. Daemon having seven sons made more sense.
  10. I like to theorize he married a Dayne lady and that's why Ashara, Gerold and Ned has Targaryen features. We have no other Dayne's compared to Targaryen's before them, and Maekar's wife Dyanna Dayne seem to have common features like her son Daeron. More crazier theory is about Ashara and Gerold being children of Rhaella and Aerys.
  11. Son Daenerys shits on Mereen but it's Aegon who has to fix her mess? How about she stays there and let Aegon rule?
  12. My head is spinning, that's a post toplam make one go wow. I think the Doom of Valyria was a flood, now hear me out, in Qur'an, God warns Noah that the sign of flood is a volcanic eruption, when it happens they have to embark the ark. I think sending a giant flood to a nation related to fire makes sense to me. I also learned seahorses are called dragon's bastard child in Japanese, and Velaryon's are Valyrians with seahorse sigil, were their founder a bastard? Ironic they call themselves as the True. Maybe they are actually tied to Doom of Valyria? Bastard of Noah's wife died during the flood.
  13. I would say ACE - Qur'anic Esau is not the biblical one, he is nephew of Moses and son of Miriam, raised by his mother and uncles after Miriam's husband leaves them because he is sent to another city as a prophet. Qur'anic Jacob is an only child and has no sibling though I am aware of the Biblical tale. I think it is really interesting how Quran and Bible are said to be similar with significant differences.
  14. Well P Muhammad wasn't born in 571 AC that's what I meant with my original comment, your date is tied to hadiths which were created after prophet's death but Quran's information about him is different. He is tied to volcanic eruptions in 530 ads as well as Second Council of Constantinapole since Quran adresses Bible is being corrupted while he is alive rather than before his coming. There is no Quranic part with Muhammad and fishes bir there is one about Moses and his nephew that involves a fish becoming immortal and the nephew - whose name is given as Esau in Quran - witness it while Moses doesn't. I think that's supposed to happen during end of Age of Ram and start of Age of Pisces, Moses is old and will not witness a new age and his nephew is young and will witness the changes that will be long lasting. That's atleast how I understand the story.
  15. Was curious when P. Muhammad would live considering Moses is connected to Aries while Jesus is to Pisces - since only definite Qur'anic timeline for Muhammad comes from Surah Duhan and is about two volcanic eruptions experienced during 536 AD, thus earlier than Sunni Hadith claims of 571 AD as birth date.
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