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  1. I will claw my face if Daenerys kills Aegon because girl has already gigantic pr issues without being a king and kin slayer, I also think Aegon is a great choice as a ruler - I can see him going to the Reach after taking Storm's End to fight against Euron and I am not ready to loose my favorite character :(
  2. I was thinking if Tyrell gold paid for the tourney of HH along with Lannister gold. Do you really think he is fake? I think Aegon is real and even if you don't I prefer if he was referred as Young Griff, actually Kevan says Tywin said the babe was Aegon and everyone believed but the moment Aegon lands the suspicion begins.
  3. Jova Snow

    An Interesting Tidbit Project

    Is it okay if I post some interesting quotes/facts from the AGOT prologue? Will is from the Riverlands - since we don't know who are Mallisters at first I didn't realize where Will was originally from. "Dead men don't sing." And "Don't believe anything the woman who suckled you said, there are things you can learn from the dead." made me curious what Jon's wetnurse knows about his origins and if she ever told him about the mother he didn't have? Will saw a greenseer who was dead along with the group of Wildlings. Was that greenseer human like BR and Bran or a CofF? I must admit rereading while focusing on interesting parts is really fun :)
  4. I sometimes think characters like Ned/Olenna/JonCon hates Varys but depended on him for their plots and plans too - Varys has no hint about Jon not being Ned's bastard but discuss Daenerys' situation with Ned - Ned in return thinks about working with people he hates, Olenna says Varys is a man without the useless bit but still has ties to Varys, Jon Con hates the eunuch too yet Varys is the reason Aegon is safe. Would Aegon being at the Reach would explain why Robert attacked Ashford? Robert's moves at the beginning are Rhaegar focused since he starts his campaign with Summerhall where Rhaegar would visit, he knows the Prince has only few people with him and an easy target later turns to Ashford? Maybe he thinks the Reach is involved in some way? That would explain crown of Lyanna and the thorns underneath ;)
  5. I was really sceptical of Bael and Hardhome being related and them having ties to Valyrians at first but I recently learned Baelfyr means funeral pyre and interestingly only Free Folk and Valyrians cremate their death, it is possible Free Folk originally had barrows of their own but after Hardhome/Valyrian they began to hurry their death too?
  6. Well Eugene is Rugen a victim of autocorrect I am not making up characters - Qyburn tells Cercei Rugen had a Gardner coin and Taena tells Cersei Olenna has a chest of these gold in her wheelhouse. I was also thinking if coins are used by members of the Order of the Greenhand and that's why Olenna - a lady of First Men house - has them?
  7. Jova Snow

    Heresy 217 Dreams and Dust

    I think it will be interesting if Gilly chose the save her own baby considering no one will care about the Monster and could still be sad because she was selfish, Val wouldn't say anything since she will have her nephew with her and as someone who believes Val will left NW with Monster and the flat cheated wetnurse not-a-baby-swap don't affect me much. But maybe Gilly really changed the babies. If we are discussing Bael's name baelfyr in Irish/Scottish (?) means funeral pyre from bael (funeral) + fyr (fire) though it later changed meaning to bonfire. It was also a paganist rituals to protect herds by Scottish people.
  8. Jova Snow

    Heresy 217 Dreams and Dust

    Sweetness is also associated with death in the books so there is a dead flower filling the air with sweetness maybe a bad odor in truth? Is it possible Jaffer Flowers is the reason Wall will weaken? I think Jon put him in Ice Cells? Btw I was thinking if Gilly really changed the babies or not? Both Jon and Sam comments about how two babies look same though Sam Jr is older but Aemon is bigger, so is it possible Gilly actually chose to save her son in the end? Did Val noticed? Is that why she overreacted when she saw Shireen?
  9. Jova Snow

    Heresy 217 Dreams and Dust

    Is it possible Gilly is the blue flower from HotU vision? She is named after a flower and not any flower but a wallflower, her son is brothers to Others and was going to be given to them, to protect him she crossed the Blackgate and later left the baby at the Wall. Gillyflowers are related to stock and carnations - and carnations are funeral flowers in Turkey. I know the general opinion is about RLJ and Jon being a blue rose but is there any possibility Gilly/Samwell Jr is the blue flower?
  10. @Sly Wren since you mentioned Aegon being saved - is it possible he was taken to the Reach as a baby? Last night I was thinking if Olenna was plotting with Varys instead of Littlefinger - Greenhand coins Olenna carries and the fact Rugen has one is certainly eye catching. And one of the biggest clues to find Sansa, her love for lemon cakes, is told to Tyrells by the eunuch. Olenna acts like the information isn't important at the time but when you hear rumors about Littlefinger spending every lemon in the Vale for a giant cake for his bastard daughter, you will know where to find Sansa. Maybe the reason Illyrio has Redwyne baby clothes is because Olenna smuggled baby Aegon with vine barrels?
  11. Jova Snow

    SotM Davos Dayne + Nymeria

    I do think High Hermitage descents from them, it's perfect irony Gerold hates the Rhoynar but I think general opinion of the fandom is that HH was founded by sibling or maybe uncle of Arthur and Ashara.
  12. I really meant that Steffon finding a bride will make more sense for Southern ambitious but if Aerys juts wanted an Essosi bride why he would bother with sending Steffon to Essos?
  13. I don't think she was kept in dark because she wanted to be buried with Rickard and Brandon.
  14. Makes sense, I would say Aerys didn't do a good job with his outmaneuver - when you want to fight against lions you best have roses - was it the quote from the books? I think having the Reach by his side and marrying Rhaegar to a Hightower would be okay too. But if Steffon was to be Hand after his successful return, wouldn't it make more sense for him to find a bride considering "Southern Ambitious" how could Steffon not be part of it.
  15. I wonder what would happen if Steffon managed to find an Essosi bride for Rhaegar? It is weird he wasn't able to find one when F&B talks about Saera having three sons, there are possible children of Duncan and Jenny, children of Daella and Rhae, Brightflame etc. Do you think Steffon also thought Rhaegar and Cersei was a nice match and didn't think he should find a bride? What made Aerys thought Rhaegar needed a Valyrian bride? I think Velaryons/Celtigars were supporters of Aerys and they may have a daughter - hell there is Rennifer Longwaters whose ancestors are Valyrians. Why it was such a hard task for Aerys and Steffon?