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  1. I don't think so, I also don't think GC being led by non-Blackfyres is a proof, those who claim the IT should be more than mere Sell Swords imo, use them to your advantage but don't chose it over the crown. I actually don't believe Illyrio after Saera's hands fiasco, and I don't think Yandel has more information about Blackfyres than others, it is possible Yandel tried to make sure Blackfyre wasn't a thread to new Baratheon Dynasty. I think GRRM saying Daemon had a daughter he agree to marry Aegor before dying was a mistake because supposed children of Aegor never appeared in Rebellions and GRRM decided she wasn't needed for Blackfyre to continue. I think it would be better if Daemon had seven sons only.
  2. Jova Snow

    A Bittersweet ending?

    I actually think show ending is close to letter GRRM wrote before AGOT, king Bran was possible there but not now, not when he is stuck in a cave without any light. That's why I am speculating, and because Aegon is not part of the show and Daenerys losing her shit because of his popularity then because of Evil Named Bastard Snow is more likely for me.
  3. Jova Snow

    R+L=J v.166

    The only person who actually gives to shets about Evil named bastard's parentage is Bobby B BARAtheon, who learns about Daenis marrying Dothraki and immediately ends up asking Neddard about parentage of his bastard son. Other than that no one cares about evil named bastard snow.
  4. Jova Snow

    A Bittersweet ending?

    I would want Starks to go extinct too lmao not that bitter for me, but yes bittersweet depends on what fans may find bittersweet. I wouldn't mind dragons and Targaryens going extinct too. Ice and Fire being defeated by PTWP. @Megorova thank you for the new information, but who will live to see the new dawn? I would say Brienne and Sansa but who else?
  5. Jova Snow

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    It's 2am and I can't sleep due to hunger, so I would love to ask a question. Is it possible the song Last of the Giants aren't about giants like Wun Wun? When Ygritte and other Free Folk sing the song, she wheeps and Jon says there are giants beyond the Wall and asks why she is crying. What if giants of that song refers to giants like Titan of Braavos instead? Human men so tall and powerful that were seen as giants. And like giants in the song they will be connected to mountains - Gregor the Mountain, Andrik a mountain rose from the sea etc. Neither giants are said to smile. Maybe Argoth Stone Skin was a man of great size as well, maybe even Dunk? + I remember Winterfell's name being discussed in one of the Heresy threads, in Turkish Winterfell is translated as Kışyarı, which means Winter Cliff, is there a significance to that I wonder?
  6. Jova Snow

    A Bittersweet ending?

    As fans we are expecting a bittersweet ending to the series but how sweet the ending could be? And is sweetness a good thing after all? In ASOIAF novels death is associated with sweetness, and sour relationship among siblings, more about sisters. And bitter is related to exile, when Ned and Cersei talks about her incestuous relationship, when Robert learns he will surely kill her but Ned offers her exile, Cersei says it's a bitter cup. So could our bittersweet ending be about death and exile?
  7. Jova Snow

    A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Reread

    We actually don't know anything about Daena beside the fact she was in Maidenvault, we don't know how close Daemon and Baelor was born and who was born first, so most things are speculation, but I will say I agree Daemon and Baelor was raised as rivals. But I don't think Aegon ever supported or cared for Daena. If the father of child was married or let's say a KG then there is no way Daena could be with that man. Or maybe GRRM decided Daena could die during birth and be done with a it.
  8. Saera and Viserra I don't give much f for the rest.
  9. Jova Snow


    Now I have to get hyped for nothing...
  10. Jova Snow

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    Arianne isn't into pretty boys, she is into dangerous man like Oberyn and Darkstar. Aegon doesn't have to convince his own relatives and I don't think he will as I suspect he will turn his attention West before Arianne could meet him.
  11. Jova Snow

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    I don't know why and when this fandom decided Aegon should marry Arianne, ten years older than Aegon, Martell, like in Turkish I would say "Memlekette kız mı kalmadı??" Arianne is the worst choice for a Queen, they are cousins Arianne has to support Aegon, she doesn't offer anything to Aegon, he should have the support of Dorne without any marriage as son of Elia, he could have better marriages with let say Myrcella Baratheon, daughter of a deposed dynasty like the one between Aegon III and Jaehaera, a suicide at the hands of Peake will free him for Daenerys.
  12. Jova Snow

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    I do not know for sure, I am Quranist so how I read/interpret Qur'an is different, in Qur'an Maryam/Miriam sister of Aaron, and her son Isa/Esau the Messiah are part of a Trinity along with God according to Nasara, though Qur'anic Messiah predates Jesus of Xtinanity and shouldn't be confused with him, maybe God was in place of father again or Qur'anic Esau's father was part of the Trinity with them before the family were made into deities? My thoughts about asoiaf and religion can become a mess lol.
  13. Jova Snow

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    Maybe he will aim west to fight against Euron's Ironborn and make Reach Lords join his cause, like Stannis was the only claimant to care for the Wall/WF, Aegon will be the only claimant to care for the Reach? Jon Connington may want to visit there to remember Rhaegar and give us more information about Song of Ice and Fire.
  14. Jova Snow

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    It's in AFFC Arya chapter where kindly man theaches her about Faceless Men history with them being founded on Valyria and giving the first gift to slave miner, then he says gift was given to masters as well.
  15. Jova Snow

    Heresy 225 and the Snowflakes of Doom

    A question for you, you know how kindly man told Arya, a gift was given to masters as well? What if that gift was the prophetic ability of Daenys the Dreamer and her descendants?