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  1. Or Bran was supposed to know the wind was voice of Old Gods/Ghost calling to him? I know Jon and Ghost seems fated then Jon being sent to Wall becomes a problem.
  2. There seems to be talk of Starks claiming the wrong direwolf in this thread and I completely agree! Imagine Jon Snow having a black dire wolf since he wears all black and his wolf won't attract any attention during the night, and Bran having a white direwolf like the weirwood he wed, and his mentor Bloodraven. Robb and Rickon will have normal grey direwolves then. Pink Letter author could be Mance or Stannis, maybe Ramsay did write a letter but the contents were changed, I sometimes wonder if Mance and Stannis play Jon like fiddle, is it possible Northern and Riverland Lords used Robb in their plots and egged him on independence.
  3. I think GRRM planned one, maybe Willas since he is part of plot but away from KL, but writing about Dorne and Greyjoys were more important after news of Kingsmoot and Oberyn's death.
  4. I enjoy reading about the Tyrells and Young Griff a lot, Mance Rayder is another favorite of mine.
  5. My head is spinning, that's a post toplam make one go wow. I think the Doom of Valyria was a flood, now hear me out, in Qur'an, God warns Noah that the sign of flood is a volcanic eruption, when it happens they have to embark the ark. I think sending a giant flood to a nation related to fire makes sense to me. I also learned seahorses are called dragon's bastard child in Japanese, and Velaryon's are Valyrians with seahorse sigil, were their founder a bastard? Ironic they call themselves as the True. Maybe they are actually tied to Doom of Valyria? Bastard of Noah's wife died during the flood.
  6. The only person who actually gives to shets about Evil named bastard's parentage is Bobby B BARAtheon, who learns about Daenis marrying Dothraki and immediately ends up asking Neddard about parentage of his bastard son. Other than that no one cares about evil named bastard snow.
  7. We actually don't know anything about Daena beside the fact she was in Maidenvault, we don't know how close Daemon and Baelor was born and who was born first, so most things are speculation, but I will say I agree Daemon and Baelor was raised as rivals. But I don't think Aegon ever supported or cared for Daena. If the father of child was married or let's say a KG then there is no way Daena could be with that man. Or maybe GRRM decided Daena could die during birth and be done with a it.
  8. @Megorova I don't think Daena needed a Promise from Aegon, he seemed to prefer his family members close to him wether or not the relationship was strained, we can see that with Manfred Lothson as well whom I suspect could be his son, but really a child will only ruin Daena's chances of support for ruling, she has no allies for being locked in Maidenvault and has a bastard she chose to keep, even though a virtuous queen would be liked more, I think for whatever reason Daena loved this man.
  9. @Seams I meant to ask if it is possible when Blackfyres escaped they couldn't save one child though we don't know if lady Blackfyre gave birth to post mortem child and how many children she had before the rebellion. @Megorova I am questioning the fact Daena had a thing with Aegon in the first place, not assuming she had relationship with the different Valyrian men
  10. @Seams I have a question, it was mentioned cutting braid is connected to Eleana, is it possible GRRM will retcon Blackfyre family tree in F&B and it will be revealed he actually married daughter of Eleana? Is it possible Dunk isn't illegimate but legimate son of Daemon? Do you have any candidate for Daemon's father if he wasn't Aegon IV? I think a Velaryon or Dragonknight are always possible.
  11. @Seams why do you think Aemon is father of Daeron and Aegon is father of Daemon? This will be something I will never understand since Daemon and Daeron don't take after their supposed fathers. Daemon is the Warrior himself and fathered by a glutton, while the other pot bellied one is fathered by THE Dragonknight? I think Daemon isn't son of Aegon and Daeron is trueborn, I may question legitimacy of Daenerys though.
  12. @Lord Varys I don't believe Daenerys is Blackfyre lol, I think Tattered Prince might be a descendant, I am just bitter with everyone calling Aegon a fake when we are told Varys and Illyrio become famous due to stealing things and then returning them, but accepting everything about Daenerys, even when that storm never said to happen by Stannis and Cressen or anyone really.
  13. Belki, ama Daenerys Fırtınada Doğan bana pek inandırıcı gelmiyor çünkü Westeros daki hiç kimse bu fırtınayı hatırlamıyor. Birde Barristan Daenerys in göz rengini Ashara'ya benzetiyor Rhaella'ya değil. Sadece Aegon'un göz rengi Rhaegar ile aynı iken herkesin Aegon'a fake demesine gıcık oluyorum, demeyin kardeşim işte çocuk indigo gözlü gümüş rengi saçlı, daha ne istiyorsun moduna giriyorum çok çabuk. Now that doesn't mean I actually believe Daenerys IS a Blackfyre, I don't. I think she is Rhaegar's daughter actually, and Tattered Prince is the Blackfyre for me. And I don't think the sword of Blackfyre or House of Blackfyre has any importance to our story. Except Tattered Prince Mummer's Dragon thing from Quaithe's warning.
  14. But not in the female line, or Illyrio would lead us to believe, I am just saying Daenerys' legitimacy is more questionable than Aegon's even with Viserys around.
  15. You can speak in Turkish, it's my mother tongue too. But let me remind you again. Both Rhaegar and Aegon has indigo eyes and silver hair. Viserys, and I suspect Aerys, has lilac eyes. Daenerys has said to have violet eyes at first but wears to purple to make them seem purple, she is also said to have amethyst eyes, like Daemon II Blackfyre. So Daenerys has better chance of being a Blackfyre than Aegon.
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