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    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    Once Viserys died his whole plan went down before it was even put in motion.
  2. Arthur Peres

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    The only mention of taking more time to gather it's strenght is about the north. Also the north is much bigger. For a umber to reach Moat Caillin would take much more time than any distance in Dorne. Doran also had much more time to gather his force than Robb had. Robb went south in a hurry, Doran sit in Dorne during the whole war and then only send 10k with Rhaegar after Aerys threat his sister. Yeah, but it happened and he failed to read her and realize that she was trying to gain his attention. He never told her anything and let things get worse and worse. Please show me the quote that points out such plan. Everything we know so far, the only plan he had was Viserys and that wasn't even put in pratice when ended.
  3. Arthur Peres

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    When Robb calls the Northern Banners he gathers a host of about 18 thousand men. How do Dorne and the Vale compare to this (I don't expect numbers, just general feeling) I'd say these three kingdoms were roughly equal in the force they could assemble... but the north is much bigger, so it takes longer for an army to gather. And life is harsher there as well, so lords and smallfolk both need to think carefully before beating those plowshares into swords. Viserys got killed in the end. From where do you get that this is his plan? If Oberyn tried anything was by his own account, Doran even when he reveal himself does not says anything about it. She found out a letter of her father trying to pass her over in the sucession line, Doran reject proposal of bethrothal with Edmure, but then paired her with old man after old man. As lady she should keep her maidenhood, but even when she lost it to a bastard, trying to get a reaction from him he did nothing... If she grew to be unstable is his fault, another one to add to the list of his failures. Hoster tried to marry off Brynden. I doubt he would try to force it upon his brother if he hadn't the authoritive. Doran was the head of his family, he should be able to control them. Instead he let him run wild and cause even more trouble. Oberyn still being single should also be saw as a mistake.
  4. Arthur Peres

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    I always saw the whole Targeryen restoration, more as a path to get his revenge then his end goal. I agree with you that he see Robert as responsable for Elia, but Robert already was dead when the WoT5K started.
  5. Arthur Peres

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    Oberyn still wanted to keep fighting after KL fall, so they still had strenght. GRRM also says that Dorne has the same strenght of the north and the vale. Dorne needed much less time to gather their strenght than the north, and even there, Doran had the entire war to do it... Lord Darry died and let Viserys alone with his baby sister to live for themselfs, the guy gained the nickname of beggar... if he isn't needing support in this situation, when would he ? Things got so bad he had to sell everything of value he had. No it wasn't. he never had any plan during this period and got content with whatever bone the Lannisters threw at him. And he wasn't trying to kill Tywin as he says himself. “You mistake patience for forbearance. I have worked at the downfall of Tywin Lannister since the day they told me of Elia and her children. It was my hope to strip him of all that he held most dear before I killed him, but it would seem his dwarf son has robbed me of that pleasure. I take some small solace in knowing that he died a cruel death at the hands of the monster that he himself begot. I doubt that he could strip Tywin of all he held without getting in a war. She is his heir. She should have be told of what was happening, just like Manderly is doing with his grandaughter. The fact that he let the situation get to a point where she tries a coup is enough to show that he is incompetent. He wasn't trying to kill Tywin, as mentioned already. If he does not have control of his daughter, he does not have control of his young brother and he does not have control of his bannerman, than he is a terrible lord. He does not have any big sucess so far. He talk a lot but hasn't done anything that is worth note yet. He says he is caution, but I hear craven.
  6. Arthur Peres

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    Doran has nothing but failures in his resume... it's not just about his kids. During Robert's Rebellion he only sends 10k with Rhaegar. If he had send all his troops he may have changed the trident and saved his sister... he choosed "caution" and let the rebels won. His plan of revenge was to support a begger king, but he never send him any real support, I doubt that even Viserys new of such deal, then Viserys died and Doran was left with nothing. When the war of the 5 king broke out, once again he had the chance to get his revenge, his target was fighting the whole realm, it was the perfect time to get his revenge, instead he once again choose caution(cowardice) and let the Lannisters win the war and grew even more strong. He never trusted his heir with his plans, and ambition to the point he alienated her so much she tried a coup against him. His wife abandoned him, his brother went to KL got involved in a kingslayer trial and got killed, he send his son into a suicide mission in Essos, and now he is sending Arianne into another mission. As a lord he let his brother piss of his strongest bannerman, and had to send his son as hostage in compensation. One of his bannerman almost killed his daughter in law, his heir tried a coup against him. Doran seems a complete failure and until he shows something, it's hard to take him seriously.
  7. Arthur Peres

    Why do you all love Sansa Stark?

    I do not like or dislike her character... In the first book she is very anoying, not just because the whole "inocent girl" thing, but because she is too dumb. After joffrey swinging his sword at Arya and Cersei asking for Lady's head she still was using the evil queen as a crying shoulder and in love with "her handsome prince".
  8. Arthur Peres

    You’re Ned Stark: make marriage pacts for your kids

    Robb Stark - Wynafryd Manderly Daughter of the richest and more powerfull bannerman, this is a easy pick. Jon Snow- as a bastard Jon would be much more free to choose what to do with his life, but I would't let him marry into a powerfull family, this could bring trouble in the future. Meera Reed could be a good option. Sansa Stark - Loras Tyrell Famous Knight, right family, handsome, pretty much the wet dream of Sansa in the beggining of the series. The Tyrells were interested in this match, and I don't see a reason to refuse it. Arya Stark - Edric Dayne Dorne is the only place where I can picture Arya living the way she wanted. Edric is the right age and a lord of his own right. Bran Stark - Erena Glover Bran still close to the sucession, so he also need a good match. Don't know the age of the daugthers of Greatjon, Alys is not avaible, the next name to come in mind are the Glovers. Rickon Stark - Too young to tell, his future wife probably isn't even born yet, and if I'm Ned I do not expect him to heir Winterfell, as a third son he would be much more free to choose his bride.
  9. Arthur Peres

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I dont think so. If he had it went down together with Viserys... and any plan involving Viserys does not seem to be a master plan.
  10. Arthur Peres

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    The Martells could use a therapy. Arianne seems to have some problems with Doran and Quentyn but nothing that big to turn them into psychos trying to kill each other like the Lannisters or Bolton. The Tully could also use a little help when dealing with Lysa... but I don't belive it would work.
  11. Like others says the best reason is "the plot demands it." The Lannisters pretty much provoked the Vale lords into war. Jaime held the title that was historical their. Tywin started the war with the Riverlands their allys. Joffrey beheaded Eddard personal friend of them. Tyrion was acused in front of them all of murdering Jon Arryn. Tyrion also went far enough to arm the mountain claims. Even Tywin considered them hostile to him... Ser Kevan did as he was bid. Lord Tywin unrolled the leather, smoothing it flat. “Jaime has left us in a bad way. Roose Bolton and the remnants of his host are north of us. Our enemies hold the Twins and Moat Cailin. Robb Stark sits to the west, so we cannot retreat to Lannisport and the Rock unless we choose to give battle. Jaime is taken, and his army for all purposes has ceased to exist. Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion continue to plague our foraging parties. To our east we have the Arryns, Stannis Baratheon sits on Dragonstone, and in the south Highgarden and Storm’s End are calling their banners.”
  12. Arthur Peres

    Diferent POV for a big event

    Which event in the books do you think another pov could bring more emotion, more information or more context ? Just to give a exemple. The death of Joffrey with Cersei’s Pov instead of Tyrion. This could make us question more if Tyrion was involved in the murder, bringing more mystery about the culprit, could also bring more emotion, since she is probably the only person that ever loved him.
  13. Arthur Peres

    Diferent POV for a big event

    I would change Sansa III in a Clash of Kings to a Tyrion chapter. Tyrion was previously very confident that his father and Stafford would beat Robb as he tells Cleos Frey, seeing his thoughts on this matter would bring more information about Oxcross, and would be cool to see his reaction once his ideas are proven wrong. Seeing Theon taking winterfell through his eyes could also be interesting. If he felt proud or guilty.
  14. Arthur Peres

    Cersei meeting Dany

    honestly I can't imagine how it would happen, and I don't see it happening. Characters in diferent sides hardly meet in Asoaif. It's one of the reasons why is not my favorite book. Meeting like Doran and Tywin, or Robb and Tywin, Stannis and Roose do not happen. The big exeption I see to this is Renly and Stannis.
  15. No doubt they would Kill Aerys. Robert already had made clear his goals to take the throne by the time of the Trident, and he needed Aerys dead for it to work. Robert told Ned that he didn't care that Jaime killed Aerys because one of them would do it anyway. Ned problem with the murder of Aerys was that Jaime broke his oath. If Jon, Ned or Robert had reached KL and took the city they would kill Aerys without a second thought.
  16. Cat didn't know of the later, Ned and Cat had the idea that bringing Bran to KL would help cure the relationship between Robb and Joffrey(dumb ideai, I know) and Joffrey was the heir to the IT, can't get a better match than this. My biggest problem with Sansa and her feelings for Joffrey is that nothing change even after Lady gets killed by Cersei orders... she still trusted the Lannisters after that.
  17. Yes. Robert is a shit husband, but no one could deal with Cersei. She cheated on him on the wedding day, refused to bed him, aborted his son, made no attempt to make the marriage work, keep cheating him, denied Robert to even see his daughter and threat her, even tough she hated him she sold one of his lovers in slavery and killed her babies. I doubt Robert would be a loyal husband, but without Cersei he wouldn't be a fat depressed drunk that he become.
  18. Arthur Peres

    Was Robb more Tully or Stark?

    Brienne lied to Jaime about Sandor having kidnaped Sansa.
  19. Arthur Peres

    Was Robb more Tully or Stark?

    I don't think such think as a standart Stark or a standart Tully. What Robert, Stannis and Renly have in common? What Doran, Oberyn and Arianne have in common? What about Lisa, Catelyn and Edmure?
  20. Arthur Peres

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    He had no bound with his "father", he cared nothig for his brother and sister, he had no friend of his age, no pet animals, the only bond he had was with Cersei and this is worse than no bonding at all. He had no conexion to his family, no friends, his position as prince heir made him untochable by common folks, he was spoiled, cruel and anti-social. He was a psycho from the start. I doubt anyone could change him. Roose or Tywin may teach him how to hide it, but he already does that when needed.
  21. Arthur Peres

    Robb Stark

    So you agree of me that Robb not being married is not strange right?
  22. Yes I am. One of the reasons why I discarded Jonos Bracken was because of hindsight, otherwise he would be the clear winner. But with hindsight once Renly get's killed Robb will probably be butchered by Tarly once he would probably want's to join Stannis. Balon and Theon also never considered the Golden Tooth as a big barrier that would stop Robb, they even took for granted that the castle would fall. GRRM himself says that the castle is small. "That's much too big a garrison for a small castle like the Tooth, " And the Lannister camp let's cleat that they can march on Casterly Rock. "What can we do? Jaime’s host is all slaughtered or taken or put to flight, and the Starks and the Tullys sit squarely across our line of supply. We are cut off from the west! They can march on Casterly Rock if they so choose, and what’s to stop them? My lords, we are beaten. We must sue for peace.” And as I mentioned Robb does not need to stay put on CR. He can raise hell on the westerlands like he did. As long as he draw Tywin out of Harenhall he can put his canon plan into action but without Edmure to ruin it and with a much bigger army to fight Tywin if needed.
  23. In Tywin's army we already see signs of rable: "the vanguard was made up of the sweepings of the west: mounted archers in leather jerkins, a swarming mass of undisciplined freeriders and sellswords, fieldhands on plow horses armed with scythes and their fathers’ rusted swords, half-trained boys from the stews of Lannisport. . ." Tyrion description of Stafford's army is not very powerfull either. "His host was raw—apprentice boys, miners, field hands, fisherfolk, the sweepings of Lannisport." I doubt Tywin could draw any signifcant reinforcements in the west. Once Robb draw Tywin out of HH, he had the superiority in numbers and in quality. Also Robb does not need to stay only in CR, if he realizes he can't take it, he can always pillage the lands around and capture other castles like he did in canon. How much damage could he make? Good point, but he is the best man to defend the land, he plays safe and diferent from Edmure he won't spread his army trying to defend every smallfolk. If Robb raises hell in the west, is Tywin that looks weak and Roose will have no reason to jump ship. Just his presence would be enough for Tywin know that he can't jus rampage the Riverlands freely like Robb did in the West. In HH Tywin can retreat back to the castle and stay safe. If the fight happens in the West Robb can even choose the field where it will happen. Tywin rushed back to the Westerlands after Robb early sucess in the canon, I don't see him ignoring his own castle under treat.
  24. Robb's forces wouldn't be scattered around, because the Riverlords are not spread like Edmure wanted. They are together with Robb in the west, If he could draw Tywin to the Westerlands with 6k imagine what he could do with at the very least 20k, and not having Edmure there to stop him. Also the Riverlands still have Roose and his 10k to defend then. Tywin is not that free. Grey wind can help a lot setting up ambushes like the WW or Oxcross, but in battle he is just a good moral boost. Tywin is safe in HH, even if he is beaten he can always withdraw safe to HH. They have to lure him out of there, sieging CR does that.
  25. Arthur Peres

    Robb Stark

    Brandon and Catelyn would get married in the early 20, so did Cersei and Robert. Robb still young. He still had a time and Ned and Catelyn would probably let him choose his bride as long as it was a suitable candidate. Edmure, Asha, Arianne, Wyllas, Oberyn, Renly, are all older than him and not even betrothed.